Z-Word Vocabulary Definitions

zabaglione. Egg yolks, sugar, and wine beaten until think and served hot or cold.
zaffer. Impure cobalt oxide used to produce blue enamel and to make smalt (deep blue paint and pigment made by pulverizing glass, cobalt oxide, and. ).
zaffig. 1. Full-bosomed. 2. Ample figure (Yiddish).
Zagreus. Son of Zeus and Persephone who was slain by the Titans and returned as Dionysius.
zaibatsu. A powerful, family-controlled Japanese combine.
zaikal. The commercial and financial community of Japan.
zaire. Zaire currency.
zamia. Cycads having thick, mostly underground trunk and palmy leaves.
zamindar. 1. An official in pre-colonial India assigned to collect land taxes for his district. 2. A native landholder in British colonial India responsible for collecting and paying to the government taxes on the land under his jurisdiction.
Zapata mustache. Curves down at the ends.
zapatedeo. 1. Heel-stamping in Spanish flamenco. 2. Heel-stamping flamenco.
Zapotec. Languages in southern Mexico.
zareba. 1. An enclosure of bushes or stakes protecting a campsite in N. W. Africa.2. A campsite or village so protected.
zarf. A chalice-like holder for hot coffee, typically made of ornamented metal (middle East).
zax. Hatchet-like tool for cutting and dressing roofing slates.
zazen. Zen meditation.
zebu. domesticated humped Asiatic bovine with large dewlap.
zecchino. A sequin.
zedoary. Dried rhizome of curcuma.
zein. Corn protein used in plastics, coatings and lacquers.
zec. Soviet labor camp inmate.
zemstvo. Elected local administrative council in Czarist Russia.
zenana. Part of the house in India and Pakistan reserved for the women.
Zend-Avesta. Entire body of Zoroastrian sacred writings.
Zethus. Amphion's twin brother.
zeugma. Construction in which a word is used to govern two or more words, often so that its use is grammatically correct with only one of them.
zibeline. Thick, lustrous fabric of wool and other animal hair. Has a silky nap.
zibet. A civet cat.
zill. One of a pair of metal cymbals attached to the fingers. Belly-dancing.
zingy. 1. Pleasantly stimulating. 2. A zingy gown.
zizith. The tassels of thread on the four corners of Jewish prayer gowns.
zoisite. Gray, brown, or pink, used in ornamental stonework.
zoochore. Plant dispersed by animals.
zooglea. Bacteria that form gelatinous colonies.
zooid. 1. A cell having independent movement within a living organism, such as a spermatozoan. 2.. A microscopic colony animal.
zoomorphisn. 1. Attribution of animal qualities to a god. 2. Use of animal forms in symbolism, literature, or graphic representation.
zoon. Sea anemone or sponge that remains attached to a surface and superficially resembles a plant.
zoonosis. A disease such as malaria or rabies that can be transmitted to man.
zooplasty. Surgical transfer of tissue from an animal to man.
zoosperm. A spermatozoan.
zoospore. A mobile, flagellated, asexual spore.
zootechnics. Breeding technology.
zori. Flat straw or leather sandal.
zorille. African mammal resembling the skunk.
zoster. 1. Belt or girdle. 2. Herpes zoster
Zouave. 1. French Algerian infantry unit. Colorful uniforms, precision drilling. 2. Civil War copy.
zucchetto. Catholic skullcap, like a biretta.
zwitterion. An ion carrying both a positive and a negative charge.
zydeco. Cajun music combining elements of French dance music, Caribbean music, and the blues. Played on a washboard, a guitar, and an accordion.
zygaphosis. One of two usually paired processes of a vertebrate that articulate with corresponding parts of adjacent vertebrae.
zygodactyl. Having two toes projecting forward and two toes projecting backward. A zygodactyl bird.
zygoma. 1. A zygomatic bone. 2. The zygomatic arch. 3. The zygomatic process.
zygomatic bon e.A small quadrangular bone forming part of the orbit and part of the zygomatic arch.
zygomatic arch. The bony arch that extends along the side of front of the skull beneath the orbit.
zygomatic process. Any of the three processes that articulate to make up the zygomatic arch.
zygomorphic. Bilaterally symmetric.
zymogen. The inactive protein precursor of an enzyme.
zyzzyva. Tropical weevil.