Y-Word Vocabulary Definitions

yahoo. Crude or brutish person (from Gulliver's Travels).
Yahwist. The author of the earliest sources of the Hexatuech in which God is called Yahweh.
yakitori. Bite-sized marinated chicken on small skewers.
yamen. Office or home of Chinese official (Empire days).
yang. Active masculine principle
.yapok. Aquatic S. A. marsupial aquatic mammal. hind feet, dense fur, long tail.
Yaqui. Now living in Sonora.
yard arm. Either end of a yard of square sail.
yard of ale. Slender horn-shaped glass that is three feet tall and holds three pints.
yare. 1. Responding easily, maneuverable. 2. Bright, lively. 3. Prepared.
yarrow. Flower.
yashmak. Veil worn by Moslem women.
yataghan. Double-curved blade, eared pommel, no handle guard. Turkish.
yaupon. Holly, Medicinal.
yawl. 1. Two-masted fore-and-aft rigged. Like ketch but smaller jigger mast stepped abaft the rudder. 2. A ship's small boat manned by oarsmen.
yaws. An infectious tropical skin disease caused by a spirochete.
yeanling. A lamb or kid.
yegg. A thief.
yellow-bark. Calisaya.
yellow-dog contract. Contract requiring worker to eschew union membership (illegal).
yellow flu. organized student absence to protest busing.
yellowhammer. Woodpecker.
yellow jack. 1. Yellow fever. 2. Yellow flag hoisted to request pratique (ship clearance after quarantine) or to warn of contagion. 3. food fish.
yellow-legs. N. A. wading birds.
yellow-shafted flicker. Yellow-hammer.
yellow-tail. Marine game fish.
yellow-throat. Birds.
yenta. A gossipy woman, esp. one who pries.
yerba maté. The maté.
Yerkish. Geometric language for communicating with primates.
yeshivah. Study of the Talmud. 2. Grammar, high school where Jewish religion and culture is added to the three R's.
yé-yé. French rock.
YHWH. Hebrew Tetragammon representing the name of God.
Yiddish High German with many words borrowed from Hebrew and Slavic. Written in Hebrew characters. Spoken as vernacular in Eastern European Jewish communities and spoken by emigrees around the world.
ylang-ylang. Asian perfume tree.
yogh. The Middle English letter representing velar or partial fricative sound of w between vowels.
yohimbine. Aphrodisiac, local anesthetic, and mydriatic (Kickapoo Joy Juice?).
yoicks. Hunting cry to urge the hounds after the fox.
yokozuna. A champion sumo wrestler.
yonim Vulva in Indian and Tibetan religion.
Yorkshire pudding. Milk, flour, eggs, cooked in drippings of roast beef.
younker. 1. A young man. 2. A child.
Yquem. A sauterne wine.
yuan. Chinese money.
Yuga. Hindu: One of the four ages constituting the cycle of history.
yulan. A white-flowering tree.