V-Word Vocabulary Definitions

vaccinia. Cowpox.
vacuole. Cellular cavity.
vade mecum. Guidebook, handbook.
vadose. Water in zone of aeration above ground water.
vagul. Pertaining to the vagus nerve.
vagillity. Tendency of an organism to become widely dispersed.
vagotonia. Pathological overactivity of the vagus nerve.
vagotropic. Affecting the vagus nerve.
vagus. Tenth and last of cranial nerves, going to larynx, pharynx, vocal cords, ear, and abdominal and thoracic viscera.
vair. Squirrel fur, much used in medieval times, to line and trim robes.
Valshnava. Worships Vishnu.
Vaisya. Hindu cast of herders and farmers, now merchants and businessmen.
Valenciennes. Fine lace, floral pattern, originating in Valenciennes.
valerian. Flower; roots used as sedative.
valet de chambre. Man's valet.
valgus. Knock-kneed person.
vallation. Earth rampart; the process of erecting earth fortifications.
vallecula. Shallow groove, depression, or furrow.
valonia. Tanning and dyeing extract from acorns.
valorize. To establish and maintain the price of commodity by governmental action.
valvate. Valve-like parts; meeting at the edges, like petals.
valvulitis. Inflammation of a valve, esp. a cardiac valve.
vambrace. Armor protecting the forearm.
vamp. Part of a shoe covering the instep and sometimes projecting over the sole; improvised musical accompaniment; to patch up rather than refurbish.
vamp. Seductress.
vang. Guy rope running from the peak of the gaff to the deck.
Vanir. An early race of Norse gods who dwelt with Aesir in Asgard.
vara. 89 to 101 cms. (Latino) Square vara.
varia. A miscellany.
variola. Smallpox.
variolate. Pock-marked.
varioloid. Mild smallpox in the vaccinated.
variometer. Variable inductor used to measure terrestrial magnetism.
variorum. Edition with scholarly notes made by others.
varix. abnormally dilated and twisted vein.
Varuna. Vedic god of skies and seas.
varus. Abnormal position of leg or foot bone.
varve..  A year's sediment; seasonal pair of annual layers; (like tree rings).
vascular bundle. Plant tissue: phloem and xylem.
vascular plants.  Ferns and seed-bearing plant.
vasculum. Plant specimen case.
vas deferens. Carries sperm.
vasoactive. Affecting blood vessels.
vatic. Oracular, prophetic.
vaticinate. Prophesy, foretell.
Vaudola. The Waldenses (sect).
vaunt-courier. Advance herald.
vavosor. Feudal tenant directly under a baron or peer.
Veda. Oldest sacred writings of Hinduism, including psalms, incantations, hymns, and formulas of worship, in four collections.
Vedanta. Hindu philosophy that further develops Upinshads: that all reality is a single principle, Brahman, and teaches that the believer's goal is to transcend his/her own identity and to realize his/her unity with Brahman.
Vedda. Small, dark-skinned, wavy-haired aborigines of Sri Lanka.
vedette. Mounted sentinel stationed in advance of an outpost; small scouting boat.
Vedic. Veda or Vedas, their language, and the culture from which they sprang.
veer. To let out an anchor chain.
veery. N. A. thrush.
veganism. Extreme vegetarianism
vegetal. Pertaining to plants or growth, as opposed to sexual reproduction.
veinstone. Gangue.
velamen. A membranous integument (covering); spongy outer covering of epiphytic plants (orchids) capable of absorbing moisture from the air.
velarize. To articulate a sound by retracting the tongue toward the soft palate.
velate. Covered by a velum or veil.
velum. Thin membrane (veil of a mushroom); 2. soft palate; 3. ciliated swimming organ.
veliger. Larval mollusk, with a ciliated velum.
velleity. Lowest level of volition. Wish unaccompanied by action.
veloce. Mus.: "rapidly".
velour. 1. Closely napped, velvet-like fabric; 2. felt.
velouté. White sauce made with butter, flour, and chicken or veal stock.
velure. 1. Velvet; 2. Velvet-like fabric.
velutinous. Velvety, covered with dense, soft, silky hairs.
velvet plant. Mullein.
vena cava. The two veins that enter into (inferior) return blood to (superior) the right atrium of the heart.
venatic. 1. Pertaining to hunting; 2. Hunting for a livelihood.
venation. Arrangement of veins.
vendue. Public sale, auction.
venery. 1. Pursuit of sexual activity; 2. Intercourse.
venery. Act, art, or sport of hunting.
venesection. Phlebotomy.
venge. To avenge.
venire. 1. Writ to sheriff to summon prospective jurors; 2. Panel from which jurors are selected.
Venn diagram. Circles and squares: set theory.
venogram.  Venal x-ray.
ventage. Vent.
ventail. Back of medieval helmet, fitting over neck.
venter. 1. Abdomen; 2. Uterus; 3. Wide, swelling portion of a muscle; Swollen structure; law: The womb as the source of offspring.
Venus's girdle. Ribbon-shaped marine animal.
Venus'-hair. Maidenhair fern of moist, warm regions.
Venus's-looking-glass. Flower
veratrine. Alkaloid mixture used as counterirritant.
vebena. Showy plants.
verd antique. Dull-green veined serpentine marble; 2. Verdigris.
verderer. Royal forester.
verdin. Small, grayish S. W. bird. Yellowish head and throat.
verditer. Copper carbonate.
verge. 1. Enclosing boundary; 2. Space so enclosed; 3. Edge of tiling that projects over a roof gable; 4. Rod or wand carried as an emblem of authority; 5. Rod held by feudal tenant swearing fealty to his lord; 6. Spindle of a balance wheel; Male organ of an invertebrate.
verge. To slope.
verger. 1. Person who carries the verge. 2. Someone in charge of church's interior.
veridical. Veracious.
verjuice. Acidic juice of unripe fruit.
vermeil. 1. Vermilion. Gilded metal such as bronze, silver, or copper.
ventricose. Inflated, swollen, or distended.
ventriculous. Gizzard, insect's stomach.
vermiculate. 1. To adorn with wormlike wavy or winding lines; 2. Having a wormlike motion; 3. Sinuous, tortuous; Infested with worms.
vermiculation. 1. worm-eaten; 2. Intestine, peristalsis; 3. Wormlike markings.
vermination. 1. Worm infestation; 2. Worm breeding.
vernalization.  Subjecting seeds to low temperatures to hasten plant development.
vernation. The arrangement of folded leaves in a bud.
Verner's Law. Proto-Germanic non-initial voiceless fricatives in voiced environments become voiced when the previous syllable was unvoiced in Proto-Indo-European.
veronal. Type of barbital.(sedative).
veronica. Plant.
veronica. 1. Jesus' face on handkerchief offered him St. Veronica on way to Calvary. 2. Representation of Jesus' face on any other textile (Shroud of Turin).
veronica. Bullfighting maneuver: matador stands still and waves cape in front of the bull.
veruca.. Wart-like projection on toad's back or on leaves.
verrucose.. Warty.
versed cosine. 1 - sin q .
versed sine. 1 - cos q
versicle. 1. Short verse. 2. Liturgical response.
versicolor. 1. Variety of colors; 2. Iridescent.
versine. Versed sine.
verse libre. Free verse.
verso. Left-hand page of a book, the reverse side of a leaf; the obverse side of a coin or medal.
verst. Russian mile (2/3rds of a mile).
vert. 1. Vegetation that can serve as cover for a deer; 2. The right to cut vert; 3. The color green (heraldry).
verticil Whorl.
vertillaster. An inflorescence resembling a whorl but arising from axils of opposite leaves.
verticillate. Resembling a whorl.
vervain. Flower.
vervet. Small, long-tailed African monkey.
vesica. Bladder, esp. urinary bladder.
vestiray. Pertaining to clothes; A dressing room, cloakroom, or vestry.
vestry. 1. Church storage and dressing room; 2. Church meeting room; 3. In Anglican and Episcopal churches, administration committee or meeting or meeting place.
vesture. 1. Clothing. 2. Something that covers or cloaks. "Hills in a vesture of mist."
vesuvius. Match for lighting cigars.
vet. To expertly examine.
vetchling. Small vetch.
vetiver. Grass whose roots are used in perfumery.
vetivert. Essential oil of the vetiver.
vexillary 1. A standard bearer; 2. Member of the oldest class of army veterans who served under a special standard in Rome
.vexillum Enlarged upper petal, web-like part of a feather.
viatic. Pertaining to a road.
viaticum. 1. Supplies for a journey; 2. Eucharist given to the dying or the mortally endangered.
vibraculum. Whip-like filament on a bryozoan.
vibratile. Vibration.
vibrio. S-shaped or comma-shaped bacilli causing cholera (from their vibratory motion).
vibrissa. Stiff hair or hair-like projection; nose hair, cat whisker, beak feather.
vibronic. Changes in molecular energy states due to vibration.
viburnum. Shrub, small white flowers.
vicar. 1. Salaried priest who doesn't receive tithes. 2. Episcopal: clergyman in charge of a chapel; 3. Anglican : acting in place of rector or bishop; 4. representative.
vicar apostolic. 1. Bishop administering a region that is not yet a diocese; 2. A titular bishop appointed to administer a vacant see in which the succession of bishops has been interrupted; 3. Bishop or archbishop appointed by the Pope to act in his stead.
vicar forane. A bishop-appointed priest who exercises limited diocesan jurisdiction.
vicenary. Consisting of or pertaining to; 2. Notation system based on 20.
vicennia.l  Every 20 years.
vicereine. Viceroy's wife or lady viceroy.
vichysoisse. Potato soup with leeks, onions, chicken stock, served cold.
victoria. 1. Low, light, four-wheeled carriage for two with folding top and driver's seat in front; 2. Touring car with folding top covering only the rear seat.
viola. Violets and pansies.
violaceous. Violet-colored; violets.
viola da braccio. Like a viol, approximately the same range as a viol.
viola da gamba. 1. Bass of the viol family, with cello's range; 2. organ stop of 8-foot pitch.
viola d'amore. Tenor of viol family, with 7 stopped strings and 7 sympathetic strings, producing a characteristic silvery tone.
violoncello. Cello.
violone. 16-foot organ stop, yielding tones like those of a cello.
viomycin. Used in treatment of TB.
viperous. 1. Venomous, malicious; 2. Suggestive of viper family.
viper's bugloss. Flower.
viraginity. Masculine mentality, psychology in a woman.
virago. 1. Noisy, domineering woman; 2. Strong and courageous woman.
virely. French verse and song forms. Each stanza has two themes, the end rhyme of one stanza serving as the first rhyme of the next stanza.
viremia. Viral particles in the blood.
vireo. Grayish or greenish small birds.
virgate. 1. Rod-shaped; 2. Early English land measure (~30 acres). 
virginal. Small, legless, 16th and 17th C. harp.
Virginia fence. A worm fence.
virgin's bower. Flower.
virgulate. Virgate.
virgule. /
viricide. Virus killer.
virid. Bright green.
viridescent. Green or slightly green.
viridian. Bluish-green pigment.
viridity. Verdancy, greenness.
virtu. 1. Fondness for fine objects; 2. A fine object (objet d'art).
viscacha. Gregarious burrowing S. A. rodents related to chinchilla.
Vishnu. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva ..
vis major. Overwhelming force of nature having unavoidable consequences that can sometimes exempt one from the obligations of a contract.
vitamer. One of two or more compounds that can fulfill the function of a vitamin.
vitellin. Egg protein.
viteline. 1. Associated with egg yolk; 2. Having egg yolk color; 3. An egg yolk.
vitellus. An egg yolk.
viticulture. Grape cultivation.
vitiligo. Whitish, non-pigmented area surrounded by hyper pigment areas.
vitrectomy. The surgical removal of the vitreous humor from the eyeball.
vitreous humor. Clear, gelatinous matter between retina and lens.
vitrescent. Tending to turn into glass; like glass; 2. Capable of being turned into glass.
vitta. 1. Streak or band of color; 2. Oil tube in carrots or parsley.
vivace. In a lively manner.
vivandięre. A woman who accompanies troops to sell them food, supplies, and liquor.
viva voce. Oral, by word of mouth.
viverine. Civets and mongooses.
voile. Sheer fabric used for making dresses and curtains.
voir dire. Preliminary examination determining the suitability of witnesses or jurors.
voix celeste. Organ stop producing gentle tremolo.
volant. 1. Flying, or capable of flying; 2. Agile, moving nimbly.
Volapük. Artificial English-based international language.
volar. Pertaining to the sole of the foot or the palm of the hand.
volauvent. Light pastry shell filled with huge ragout (meat & vegetable stew) of meat or fish..
vole. Rodents resembling rats or mice but with relatively short tails.
vole. A grand slam.
volitant. Volant.
volplane. To glide.
volte-face. About-face.
volutin. Basophilic granular substance thought to be nucleic acid.
volution. 1. To spiral, to turn or twist about an axis; 2. A spiral shell whorl.
volva. Cup-like structure around the base of the stalk of certain fungi.
volvox. Flagellate protozoans that form hollow, spherical, multi-cellular colonies.
volvulus. Obstruction in intestine caused by abnormal twisting.
vomica. Abnormal, pus-containing cavity in the lung caused by tissue deterioration.
vomituration. Forceful but futile attempts to vomit.
vorlage. Skier leans forward from the ankles without lifting heels.
vorticella. Bell-shaped, ciliated stalked protozoans.
votive Mass. Special Mass.
voussoir. Wedge-shaped stones tha form the curved part of an arch.
vox humana. Organ stop that produces human-sounding tone.
voyageur. Transports supplies between remote N. W. stations.
vrouw. Dutch frau.
Vulcan. Greek Hephaestus - god of fire and craftsmanship
vulgate. 1. Vernacular, common speech; 2. Widely accepted text; St. Jerome's 4th C. Latin translation of the Bible.
vulpine. Pertaining to a fox