U-Word Vocabulary Definitions

UBV Photometry. Comparing observed stellar magnitudes with standard sequence.
udo. Japanese plant - shoots are eaten.
ugli. Jamaican cross between tangerine and grapefruit.
Uhlan. Polish, and later, German lance cavalry.
ulema. Scholars trained in traditional Moslem religion and law. Moslem mufti.
ulexite. Rounded masses of very fine avicular crystals.
ulotrichous. Wiry or woolly hair.
ulster. Loose, long overcoat.
ultimo. In or of last month.
Ultraism. Extremism, radicalism.
ultramontane. tramontane; Supporting Pope over national or diocesan authority.
ultramontane. Beyond the limits of the world or of the universe.
umangite. Dark-red copper selenide.
unbel. Flat-topped or rounded flower cluster (like carrot).
umbellate. One of the smaller secondary clusters.
umbilicus. Navel; hollow at base of mollusk shell; opening in feather shaft.
umbo. Boss or knob at center of shield; knob-like protuberance
umbrageous. Affording shade; quick to take umbrage.
umiak. Large, open Eskimo boat made of skins stretched over wooden frame.
una corda. Soft pedal depressed.
unai. unau
unaneled. Not having received extreme unction.
unau. Two-toed sloth
una voce. With one voice, unanimously.
unbegotten. Not yet begotten; increate, eternal.
uncial. Somewhat rounded capital letters, 4th to 8th C.; the uncial style or hand.
unciform. Hook-shaped.
uncinaria. Hookworm..
uncinus. Hook-like structure like setae
unco. Unusual surprise; amazing person; stranger
uncus. Hook-shaped part or process.
undercroft. A crypt.
underfur. Dense, soft fur beneath coarse outer hairs.
underlet. To rent for less than the proper value..
underpin.  To corroborate.
undine. Female water sprite. Could own soul by marrying a mortal and bearing his child.
undulent fever. Persistent and recurrent fever.
ungual. Resembling nail, hoof, or claw.
unguiculate. Having nails or claws.
unguis. Nail, hoof or claw.
unhousled . arch.: Not having received the Eucharist.
Uniate Church. Eastern church that acknowledges Papal supremacy, but retains own liturgy.
unicostate. Having a single main costa or rib.
uniformitarianism. Geological doctrine that past geological mechanisms were like present.
unpick To undo by removing stitches.
unreeve  To withdraw a rope from an opening (e. g., a block).
Upanished. Theology of ancient Hinduism, elaborating upon the Vedas.
upas. Made poison arrows.
upset price. The striking price at an auction.
uraeus. Sacred serpent depicted on Egyptian rulers' headdresses.
Ural-Altaic. Ugric, Samovedic, and ? languages.
urania. Uranium dioxide.
Urania. Muse of astronomy.
uranic. Pertaining to the heavens, celestial; derived from uranium.
uraninite. Uranium ore.
urceolat. Urn-shaped.
Urdu. Indic. Used in Pakistan and by Moslems in India.
uredinium. A reddish, pustule-like structure formed on the tissue of a plant infected with rust fungus, and having hyphae that reproduce uredospores.
uredo. Burning itch; to burn.
ureide. Derivatives of urea.
uremia. Excess urea in the blood.
ureotelic. Eliminating unneeded nitrogen in the form of urea.
ureter. Tube from kidney to bladder.
urethra. Tube from bladder down.
uricosuric. Promoting the excretion of uric acid.
uricotelic. Eliminating excess nitrogen as uric acid.
Uriel. One of the archangels.
Urim and Thummin. Objects carried inside breastplates of the chief priests o ancient Israel and used as oracular media to determine the will of God.
urochrome. Gives yellow urine.
urokinase. Dissolves intravascular blood clots.
urolithiasis. Formation of kidney stones.
uropod. Posterior abdominal appendages of lobsters and shrimp.
uropygial gland. Oil-secreting gland at base of bird's tail.
uropygium. part of bird's body from which tail feathers grow.
urticant. Causing itching or stinging.
urticaria. Intensely itching welts. Caused by allergies, infections, or psychic factors.
urticate. To sting or whip, as with nettles.
urtication. A lashing with nettles of a paralyzed body region.
urus. Extinct bovine mammal.
usufruct. Right to utilize someone else's property as long as the property in not damaged or altered.
usurious. Practicing usury.
Uther Pendragon. Arthur's Dad.
utile. Useful.
utricle. A small, delicate, membranous sac connecting with the semicircular canals and functioning in bodily equilibrium and coordination.
uvea. Pigmented vascular layer of the eye, including the iris, ciliary body, and chorion.
uvula. Fleshy pendant in back of mouth.
uxorial. Befitting a wife.
uxorious. Milquetoast.