Q-Word Vocabulary Definitions

Q-fever. caused by a rickettsia
qoph. Hebrew letter
qua. in the capacity or character of, "The President, qua head of his party, .."
quad. quadrat (see below)
quadrant. quarter of a circle; navigation instrument
quadrat. piece of type metal lower than the raised type faces used as a space
quadrate. a square or cube; skull bone joining upper and lower jaws in birds, fishes, reptiles, and amphibians
quadrature. squaring up; constructing a square with same area as given surface; angular separation of two celestial bodies is 90, as seen from a third body.
quadrifid. four-part (as with a leaf)
quadriga. two-wheeled chariot drawn by four horses
quadrille. French square dance; music for same
quadrille. 40-card card game
quadrivium. geometry, astronomy, arithmetic, and music
quadrumanous. four feet, with opposable first digit (primates other than man)
quaestor. Roman finance and administration
quagga. extinct zebra-like African animal
quahog. edible clam
quai. quay
quaich. two-fisted Scottish drinking cup
Quaker ladies. bluets
quale. a property such as whiteness, considered independently from things having the property
quamash. camas
quantasome. granules on inner lamellar surface of chloroplast
quartan. every fourth day
quarter day.  1st day of new season
quartern. 1/4th of something
quarter-phase. two-phase
quarter sessions. British local court that sits quarterly; U. S. local court that sits quarterly
quarto. page size gotten by folding page into quarters
quash. to set aside or annul (legal)
quassia. tree; bitter medicine, insecticide
quaternion. four persons or items
quattrecento. 15th C. Renaissance Italian period
quean. disreputable woman, demimondine, cocotte; young woman
quebracho. hardwood S.A. tree
quechua. ruling class of Incan nation
queencup. plant
queen-of-the-prairie. plant
queen post. uprights on either side of the apex of a roof
queen regnant.. queen reigning in her own right (Elizabeth I, Victoria)
Queen's Bench. hears criminal and civil cases (when Queen is female)
Queen's counsel. a barrister appointed to serve female queen
Queen truss. has queen posts
quanelle. ball or dumpling of forcemeat (finely ground meat, fish, or poultry used in stuffing) bound with eggs and poached in stock or water.
quersitin. used to treat capillary fragility
quercitron. black oak; yellow dye
querist. one who queries
quern. primitive, hand-cranked mill
Quiche. Guatemalans
quiche Lorraine. cheese and bacon
quick time. 120 steps per minute
quid. a pound sterling
quiddity. the real nature of things
quidnunc. a busybody
quietism. Christian mysticism: passive contemplation and annihilation of will
quiff. tuft of hair 
quillback. fish
quincunx. arrangement with one at each corner of a rectangle and one at the center
quidecennial. every 15 years
quinella. must pick first two winners of a race but not necessarily in order
quinnat salmon. Chinook salmon
quinquagenarian. in fifties
quinquagesima. Shrove Sunday, 50 days before Easter
quinquennial. every five years
quinsy. tonsillitis
quint. 5 card sequence in same suit in one hand
quintain. post, or target on post at which infantrymen or mounted soldiers tilt 
quintal. 100 kgs.; a hundredweight
quintile. 72
quipu. colored and knotted cords used by Incas to calculate and record numbers
quire. 25 sheets, 1/20th of a ream
quitch grass. couch grass
qui vive. sentinel's challenge: "Long live .."; vigilant, on the alert, Argus-eyed
quod. prison
quodlibet. theo/philo issue presented for formal argument or debate; the disputation itself; humorous musical medley
quoin. exterior angle of wall or masonry; keystone; printer's wedge; gunner's wedge
quotha. surprise or sarcasm after quoting the phrase ("quoth he")
quotidian. recurring daily; everyday, commonplace