P-Word Vocabulary Definitions

pac. moccasin or soft shoe to be worn inside a boot
paca. nocturnal, tropical rodent w. short tail
pace. with the permission of, in deference to "I have not, pace my instructors, entered into any deals"
pachisi. used cowry shells instead of dice
pachysandra. Japanese, evergreen leaves
Pacyion corpuscle. heavy pressure and touch sensor
packthread. strong two- or three ply thread
padauk. Burmese tree with mottled grain; wood from the tree
Padishah. shah of Iran; former Sultan of Turkey
padrone. owner or manager; man who exploits Italian immigrants
paduassoy. rich, heavy, ribbed silk fabric
paedogenesis. Reproduction in pre-adult insects (bugs).
paedomorphism. retention of juvenile characteristics in adult
paelia. saffron-flavored Spanish dish: rice and vegetable, meat, chicken, or seafood
pahlavi. gold Iranian coin
pahlavi. Iranian language used in Persia during Sassanids
pallaise. thin straw-filled mattress
paillette. piece of foil used in enamel painting; spangle
painted cup. Indian paintbrush
painted lady. butterfly
painter. mountain lion or lynx
painter. bow rope
pair of virginals. a virginal (small, legless, rectangular harpsichord)
palsa. Indian currency
pak choi. Chinese pseudo-cabbage, used as vegetable
palatine. palace guard after Diocletian; soldier in major division of Constantine's army; various administrator's in late Roman and Byzantine empires; feudal lord
palatine. fur cape and hood worn by women
palatine. pertaining to the palate (palatine arch).
palea. small chaff-like bract enclosing flower of a grass spikelet
Palearctic. Europe, northwestern Africa, and Asia north of Himalayans
paleography. study and interpretation of ancient written documents
paleontology. fossils
palestra. public place of wrestling and other athletics. (see "odeum").
pali. scriptural and liturgical language of Hinayana Buddhism
palingenesis. metempsychosis; recapitulation of phylogeny (ontogeny?) - Gr.: palin, (again).
palinode. poem that retracts something said in a previous poem
palisade parenchyma. leaf cell containing numerous chloroplasts
palladian. pertaining to Pallas Athene; wisdom or study
palladian. architectural style of Renaissance architect Andrea Plladio
palladic. tetravalent palladium compounds
palladium. sacred object having power to preserve a city; safeguard (Bill of Rights)
paladrous. bivalent palladium
Pallas. second-largest asteroid (300 miles d.)
palial. pertaining to cerebral cortex (cerebral); mantle of mollusk or brachiopod
pallium. cloak worn by Romans; vestment worn by Pope and conferred by him on archbishops and sometimes on bishops; pallial
pall mall. game like croquet; alley in which played
palmar. pertaining to palm or paw
palmar. worthy of the palm, outstanding
palmation. all or part of a palmate structure
palmer. Medieval pilgrim who carried a palm branch for visiting the Holy Land
palmerworm. leaf-eating caterpillar
palmette. stylized palm leaf
Palm Sunday. Sunday before Easter
palmy.  covered with palm trees
palmyra. tall palm
palomino.. golden or tan coat, white or cream neck
paloverde. spiny, yellow flowers - as in palo verde.
palp. elongated sense organ, usually near mouth, in insects, mollusks, crustaceans
palpebral. Pertaining to the eyelids - Lat.: palpebra, (eyelid); Gr.: blepharon, (eyelid).
palsgrave. A palatine - palix, (palatine) + grave, (count).
paludal. Pertaining to a swamp - Lat.: palas, (marsh). ("The ground was low and paludal, with scouring rushes and horsetails.") (See "pocosin"," calamite")
paludism. Malaria.
palynology. The scientific study of spores and pollen - Gr.: palus, (dust). ("He was a mycologist and palynologist.")
pampero. A strong, cold, southwest wind that blows across the pampas. (bise, mistral).
pan. 1. Betel nuts (for chewing). 2. A piece of drift ice that has broken off from an ice floe.
panache. 1. A plume, esp. on a helmet. 2. Dash, swagger, verve. ("his sallet bore a panache.")
panada. A paste of breadcrumbs, toast, or flour Lat.: panis, (bread) ("We breaded our veal with a panada.")
panagglutin. An agglutin capable of agglutinating hematocytes of every blood group.
panchax. Bright tropical fish.
Panchen Lama. The other Grand Lama.
panda car. A police cruiser.
pandanus. Palm, S. E. Asia. Used to weave mats.
Pandian Pipes. A panpipe.
pandect. 1. A comprehensive digest or complete treatise. 2. A legal code. 3. The Roman code.
pandore. A bandore.
pandurate. Resembling a violin. Used of leaves. Gr.: pandoura, (3-stringed instrument).
pangenesis. The now-discredited theory that every somatic cell generates self-representative hereditary materials that enter the bloodstream and eventually coalesce in reproductive cells, making possible the inheritance of acquired characteristics.
Panglossian. Blindly optimistic. Pollyanna. Conteism. (after Pangloss in Candide).
pangolin. scaly African ant-eater (tamanua).
panicle. flower cluster that is closely and irregularly branched
panmixis. random mating within a breeding population
panne. high luster finish for velvet and satin
pannier. one of pair of pack-animal baskets; framework of wire to expand a woman's skirt at the hips; a skirt or over skirt puffed out at the hips
panocha. Coarse grade of Mexican sugar; fudge (penush; see also jagger).
pantechnicon. furniture warehouse; furniture truck
pantile. overlapping, S-shaped roofing tile
pantoffle. a slipper
pantoum. quatrains. Second and fourth lines appear as first and third line of next quatrain. Last line repeats the first line.
pawpaw. tree with edible fruit
papeterie. box used to hold paper and other writing materials
papilote. frilled paper cover decorating end of cooked chop or cutlet
papovirus. animal viruses associated with warts or papillomas
pappus. tuft of bristles surmounting the achene of dandelions or thistles
papule. infected pimple
parabiosis. fusion of two organisms, like Siamese twins or animals joined for research
parablast. Yolk of meroblastic (undergoing partial cleavage - used of an egg with a large yolk.) egg.
Paraclete. The Holy Ghost; champion
paragenesis. successive order in which a formation of associated minerals is generated
paramatta. fine lightweight cotton-and-wool dress fabric
parament. ecclesiastical vestments and hangings
paralogism. faulty reasoning of which the reasoner is unaware
paramnesia. distortion of memory in which fantasy and experience are confused
paramo. high, treeless plain of tropical S. A. (llano, altiplano).
paramylum. reserve carbohydrate like starch found in protozoa and algae
parang. short, heavy, straight-edged Malaysian knife
paranthropus. Olduvai anthropoid ape.
paraph. Flourish made after or below signature to prevent forgery.
paraphrastic. explaining or translating more amply or clearly. ( vs. periphrastic).
paraphysis. sterile filament accompanying spore-carrying organs of cryptogamous..
parapodium. fleshy feet of worms that function in breathing and locomotion
Para rubber. rubber obtained from tropical S. A. trees
parasong. Persian, 3½ miles
paraselene. luminous spot on lunar halo
parasitosis. disease resulting from parasites
parataxis. coordination of grammatical phrases or clauses with out using conjunctions
paratyphoid. controls phosphorous and calcium metabolism
paratyphoid fever. acute intestinal disease similar to typhoid but less severe
paravane. towed alongside ship to cut mooring cables of submerged mines
parcenary. coparcenary
parcener. coparcener
parenchyma. tissue characteristic of an organ, as distinguished from connective tissue; plant tissue composed of soft, unspecialized, thin-walled cells
paresis. slight or partial paralysis
parasthesia. abnormal or impaired skin sensation
pareu. Polynesian wraparound skirt or loincloth
pareve, parve. Hebrew food that are prepared without meat, milk, or derivatives that may be eaten with meat or dairy dishes
parfleche. rawhide soaked in lye and water, then dried on a stretcher for shields
parget. plaster or roughcast to line chimneys; ornamental plasterwork; cement mixture for waterproofing outer walls
paries. the wall of an organ
parietal. forming the wall of a hollow structure; attached to a plant ovary wall; dwelling within or having authority within the walls of a college; rules governing visiting privileges of members of the opposite sex in university dormitories
parietal bones. between frontal and occipital bones (joining at coronal suture)
parietal cell. peripheral cells of gastric mucosa that secrete hydrochloric acid
parietal lobe. division of each cerebral hemisphere that lies beneath parietal bones
parimutual. bettors pool bets
pari passu. with equal pace, side by side
parity. having born offspring, number of children borne by one woman
parlando. Sung in a style suggestive of speech (Gilbert and Sullivan) (parlando).
parlous. perilous, dangerous (perdu, minatory)
Parnassian. 19th C. French poets. Detachment and emphasis on metrical form
parol. oral utterance, word of mouth
paranomasia. word play, a pun
paronychia. agnail: inflammation of a nail
paronymous. derived from the same root word: beautiful and beauteous
parotid gland. salivary gland
parotitis. inflammation of the parotids, as in mumps
Parousia. Chilead, Second Coming
paroxytone. acute accent on penultimate syllable
parquet. floor of theater between orchestra and parquet circle
parquet circle. under balcony
parr. young salmon, during its freshwater days (1st two years)
parrel. sliding loop of rope to which a running yard or gaff is fastened
Parsee. Zoroastrian religious sect in India; Iranina dialect used in Parsee literature
Parson's table. rectangular table: :straight legs form four corners
parterre. parquet circle; flower garden, beds and paths form a pattern
parthenocarpy. fruit production without fertilization
Parthian. shots fired by retreating archers (may be faking retreat) (parting shots).
partible. can be parted
participial. involves a participle
parte pris. A bias, prejudice (private part).
partita. Related instrumental pieces (variations on a theme).
partlet. 16th C. women cover for neck and shoulders, with ruffles at the neck
parton. Hypothetical elementary particle thought to be constituent of hadrons.
parturifacient. producing labor
parure. matched jewelry or other ornaments
parvis. Enclosed courtyard or space in front of palace or church, a bailey or garth.
parvovirus. DNA-containing animal virus
pas. ballet step or series of steps; ballet dance; the right to go before, precedence
pascal.  one newton per square meter
paschal. pertaining to Passover or Easter (See "Pesach")>
paschal lamb. eaten at Feast of Passover
pase. matador's presentation of cape to the bull
pasha. former honorific after names of Turkish military and civic officials
pasquinade. lampoon in a public place; satire
passant. beast facing and walking toward right with one raised front leg
passe mentarie. ornamental trimming for a garment: lace, braid, metallic beads (Pr.: pahs-mentree).
passe partout. master key, go-anywhere pass; picture mounting: colored tape forms the frame; mat used in mounting a picture (Pr.: pahs-partoo).
passerine. Perching birds, and songbirds: jays, warblers, finches, blackbirds, sparrows (see also insessile).
pas seul. Dance or ballet figure performed by one person (step solo).
passible. sensitive, capable of suffering
pastern. horse's hoof between fetlock and hoof
pasticcio. potpourri; a work, esp. musical, produced by borrowing fragments or motifs from various sources
pastiche dramatic, literary, or musical piece, often satirical, openly imitating another work (parody?); a hodgepodge, pasticcio
pastille. flavored or medicated troche; ignitable fumigant or deodorant tablet; pastel
pastina. tiny pieces of pasta cooked in soups or used as baby food
pastorium. parsonage.
patagium. bat and flying squirrel membrane
patchouli. Asiatic trees with fragrant perfume oil; the resulting perfume
pâte. paste used in making porcelain and pottery
paté. meat paste; small pastry filled with meat or fish
paté de foie gras. paste made from goose liver, with truffles
patelliform shaped like a pan, dish, or cup (see "acetabuliform")
patin plate used to hold Eucharist bread; thin metal disk
paternoster Lord's Prayer; large beads on a rosary on which the Lord's Prayer is said; sequence of words said as a prayer or a magic formula; weighted fishing line with jointed attachments for hooks connected by bead-like swivels
pathognomic characteristic of a certain disease or condition
patine to coat with a patina
patisserie a bakery specializing in French pastry
patriclinous derived from the male line
patrilineal tracing descent through the male line
patristic relating to the fathers of the early Christian Church or their writings
Patroclus Greek warrior, Achilles' friend
patronym name from male side, as in Johnson, son of John (affix)
patroon landholder in NY, NJ, granted proprietary & manorial powers under Dutch rule
patten a wooden sandal, shoe, or clog
patulous spreading or expanded
paulonia Oriental tree with heart-shaped leaves
pavane Slow, stately 16th C. dance ("Pavanne for a Dead Princess).
pavid timid.
pavior one who paves; paving material or tools
pavis. Medieval shield large enough to cover the entire body.
pavonine. pertaining to a peacock
paynim. non-Christian, esp, a Moslem; the pagan world.
peafowl. large pheasant
peag. wampum
pear haw. shrub or small tree
pearlite. ferrite and cementite showing distinct bands in slowly cooled carbon steels
pearmain. red-skinned apple
pease. a pea
peas-cod. pea pod
peavey. wooden lever, metal point, hinged hook near the end. Used by lumbermen.
peccant. Violating a rule or accepted practice, erring. Lat.: peccavi, (I have sinned.)
Pecksniffian. hypocritically benevolent, sanctimonious
pecten. body structure resembling a comb, such as ridged eyelids of reptiles and birds.
A scallop.   
pectinate. having teeth like a comb, comb-like. (cteno-)
pedaler. soil rich in alumina and iron and low in carbonates. Hot humid regions with forest cover.
pedate. having feet; resembling a foot; having radiating lobes with cleft lateral lobes
pederast. anal sex with a boy
pedicel. a small stalk serving as support; several small stalks bearing a single flower.
pediculate. angler fishes
pediculosis. infested with lice, lousy - phthiriasis.
pediment. wide, low-pitched gable surmounting the façade of a building
pedipalp. one of the 2nd pair of appendages of an arachnoid, modified for feel
pedocal. lime-rich soil of cool, arid and semi-arid regions
pedodontia. dentistry of children's teeth
pedogenesis. process of soil generation
pedology. behavior and development of children
peduncle. main stalk of an infloresence; stalk-like bundle of nerve fibers;
peel. baker's shovel-like tool for pulling bread out of oven; T-shaped printers' pole for hanging sheets to dry
peeler. a policeman (after Sir John Peel)
peepul. fig tree
peetweet. spotted sandpiper
pejoration. degeneration: "hector" has degenerated from "hero" to scourge
pekan. the fisher (carnivorous mammal with thick, brown fur)
pekin. striped or figured silk fabric; Pekin duck
pelage. coat of a mammal: hair, fur, wool, as distinguished from bare skin
Pelagianism. Irish monk who denied original sin, man could be righteous by exercise of free will
pelargonium. geraniums - Gr.: pelagos, (stork).
Pelasgian. lived in Aegean before Greeks
petecypod. lamellibranch (clams, mussels, and oysters)
pelerine. a woman's cape, usually short, with points in front - Gr.: pelegrinus, (pilgrim).
Peleus. Achille's dad
pelisse. Long cloak or robe, usually of fur; woman's loose, light cloak with arm openings - Gr,: Lat.: pellicus, (made of skin) < pellus, (skin).
pelite. fine-fragment rock.
pelicle. thin skin or film, e.g., organic membrane or liquid film - Gr.: pellus, 
pellitory. plant. Volatile oil once used for toothache and facial neuralgia - Lat.: pyrethrum.
Pelops. Tantalus' son, Atreus' dad
pelorus. Fixed compass card on which bearings relative to a ship's heading are taken. - Gr.: pellorus, (unusual regularity).
pelota. jai lai ball
pellate. leafstalk attached near center rather than margin
pelting. paltry, petty, contemptible
peltry. undressed pelts
pemphigus. acute or chronic skin diseases: groups of itching blisters
pen. A female swan.
pendentive. Overhanging, triangular section of vaulting between dome rim and supporting arches.
pendragon. Supreme war leader of post-Roman Celts of south Britain.
penetralia. Innermost or most secret parts.
penetrance. degree or frequency with which a gene manifests its effect
penna. larger feathers forming visible plumage of a bird, vs. down.
pennoncel. Streamer on a lance.
pencel. Flag steamer at top of lance.
penates. Tutelary (guardian) duties of the home and of the state.
pensile. Hanging down loosely, suspended; building a hanging nest.
pentaploid. Five haploid chromosomes in each nucleus.
pentastitch. 5-line poem. - Gr.: stikhos, (line).
pentatuech. first five books of Old Testament.
pentlandite. principal ore of nickel.
pentosan. complex carbohydrates found in cellulose
penush. Fudge-like confection: brown sugar, milk, chopped nuts
peplos. Loose outer robe worn by Greek women
peplum. Peplos; short overskirt or ruffle attached at waistline of jacket, blouse, dress
pepo. hard rind fruit such as melons, pumpkin, cucumber, or squash
peptidoglycan. polymer in cell walls of procaryocytes in a strong molecular network
peptize. to increase the dispersion; to liquefy (colloid) to form a gel
peradventure. perchance, perhaps
percept. impression of what is perceived. Basis of concept.
per contra. on the contrary, by contrast; as an offset
percurrent. midriff of leaf extending from stem to apex
perdu. soldier sent on dangerous mission
perdurable. Extremely durable, permanent - (permanently durable).
periera bark. used to treat malaria
perfecta. an exacta
perfoliate. leaf that completely clasps the stem and seems pierced by it
perianth. outer envelope of a flower, covering the anthers
periapt. amulet or charm worn to protect against mischief and disease.
pericarp. ripened fruit
perichondrium. fibrous membrane covering cartilage except at joints
periclase. isomeric crystals of MgO
pericline. albite
pericycle. growing layer of parenchymal cells between the endodermis and the conducting tissue in plant roots and stems
periderm. bark and Cambium layer
peridot. green olivine used as a gem
peridotite. igneous granite-like rock: olivine, pyroxenes, amphibole
perigynous. petals, sepals around ovary (daisy?)
perikaryon. cell body of neuron containing nucleus
perimorph. mineral enclosing different mineral
perimyseum. connective tissue enveloping muscle tissue
perineum. region of pelvis containing urogenital passage and rectum, bounded by pubic arch, coccyx, and hipbones; between scrotum and anus in males, between posterior vulva junction and anus in females - Gr.: peri, (around) + inan, (to excrete).
perineurium. Connective tissue enclosing a nerve bundle.
periodic acid. iodic acid used as oxidizer
perionychium. Tissue surrounding a nail - Gr.: anux, (nail).
peripetela. abrupt or unexpected change, especially in a literary work
periphrasis. circumlocution
periphrastic. circumlocuitous; using an extra word rather than an inflected form
peripteral. row of columns on all sides
perique. Strong, black, Louisiana tobacco.
peristoma. "Teeth" around moss mouth; area around an invertebrate's mouth
perithecium. A small fruiting body containing ascospores - Gr.: theke, (case).
peritrich. Campanulate microorganism, wide mouth surrounded by cilia - Gr.: peri (around) + thris, (hair).
periwig. wig or peruke
periwinkle. marine snail
periwinkle. Sarmentose evergreen (vinca).
perlite. pearly volcanic glass. Used as plaster and concrete filler
peroneal. pertaining to the fibula or outer portion of the leg - Gr.: perone, (fibula).
perorate. to recap a speech at the end; to harangue at length (grandiloquent)
Persephone. wife of Hades and queen of the underworld
Perseus. son of Zeus and Danai who slew Medusa and rescued Andromeda
pertinaceous. stubbornly or perversely persistent
pes. foot-like part esp., of a quadruped
Pesach. Passover. (See "paschal")
pesade. act or position of rearing horse
pessary. mechanical contraceptive
petechia. small spot on skin caused hemorrhaging, seen in typhus
petiole. leafstalk; slender connection between thorax and abdomen
petiolute. stalk of a leaflet in a compound leaf
petite marmite. broth made and served in a small, covered, earthenware casserole
petitio principii. begging the question: the fallacy of assuming in the premise of an argument that which one wishes to prove in the conclusion
petrolic. derived from petroleum
petrology. the study of rocks
petrosal. pertaining to that portion of the temporal bone that lies near the inner ear
petrous. hard, stony
petticoat narcissus. small Mediterranean daffodil
pettifogger. petty, quibbling, unscrupulous lawyer
pewee. small, olive-brown, woodland N A. birds
pewit. lapwing
Phaedra. Theseus wife, who fell in love with her stepson, Hippolytus
Phaëthon. Helios' son who was killed when he drove his father's chariot across the sky
phaeton. light, open, 4-wheeled carriage pulled by two horses
phalangeal. pertaining to a phalanx
phalanger. small, arborial marsupials, long tail, dense fur
phanerogam. produces flowers and true seeds
pharisaic. hypocritically self-righteous and condemnatory
Pharos. island near Alexandria
phellum. cork
phelloderm. soft green tissue inside phellogen in some trees
phellogen. tissue in woody plants from which cork and phelloderm develop
phenocopy. environmentally induced phenotypic variation that closely resembles a genetically determined character
phenocyst. large crystal embedded in porphyritic igneous rock
phenotype. observable appearance of an organism, esp. as considered with respect to all possible genetically influenced expressions of one specific character; group of organisms exhibiting a particular phenotype
philhellene. Greek-o-phile
philomel. nightingale
philomela. Athenian princess: raped, tongue cut out, turned into swallow or nightingale
phlebology. medical study of diseases and veins
phlebotomy. opening a vein to draw blood
phloem. food-conducting tissue of vascular plants
phlogistic. pertaining to inflammation and fever
phlogopite. mica used in insulation
phlyctena. blister - Gr.: phluzein, (to boil over).
phoebe. bird
Phoebe. goddess Artemis; the moon
Phoebus. sun-god
phonate. to vocalize
phoneme. "em", "tee"
phonocardiogram. heart sounds
phonolite. Volcanic. Orthoclase, nephreline (sodium silicate. Used for ceramics, enamels)
phonotypy. Transcribing words on basis of sounds (shades of George Bernard Shaw!)
phorate. Insecticide
phosphatide. Lipids such as lecithin and cephalin composed mainly of glycerol and phosphoric acid, and found in great abundance in living tissues with stored fat.
phosphorism. Chronic phosphorus poisoning.
phosphorite. fibrous apatite
phosphoylase. catalyzes production of phosphates from glucone.
photoautotrophic. light as energy source in the synthesis of food from inorganic matter
photobiotic. depending on light for continuance of life and growth
photoperiod. relative exposure of organism to daylight as a proportion of total daylight, esp. with regard to effect on growth and functioning.
photorespiration. respiration during photosynthesis
photopia. dark adaptation
photorespiration. respiration during photosynthesis
phaseogram. shorthand symbol
phraty. Greek: primitive - several patrilinear clans, classical: military and territorial subdivision of Athenian state; exogamous subdivision of a tribe: 2 or more clans
phreati. pertaining to ground water - Gr.: phreos, (well).
phrenic. Pertaining to the mind
phrenitis. Frenzy; inflammation of the diaphragm ("phrenitic")
Phrygian cap. Soft cap, forward-curving peak worn by ancient Phyrgians
phthalic. pertaining to naphthalene
phthiriasis. thi-ri-a-sis, lice infestation (pediculosis). (See 'pithyriasis")
phthisis. TB; wasting away
phycobilin. water-soluble pigments in some algae
phycology. study of seaweeds and algae
phycomycete. fungi resembling algae
phylactery. two small leather boxes containing Hebrew scripture, one strapped to forehead, one strapped to arm during morning service except on Sabbath and holidays; an amulet; a reminder
phyle. large Greek citizens org. based on kinship forming largest political subdiv.
phyletic. pertaining to phylogeny or phylogenetic development
phyllite. green, gray, or red metamorphic rock like slate, but wavy and shiny
phyllocade. Flattened branch or stem that photosynthesizes
phyllode. Flattened leafstalk that serves as a leaf. (See "cladode")
phylloid. resembling a leaf - Gr.: phloem, (food-conducting layer - sieve tubes).
phyllome. leaf or plant structure that functions as a leaf (See "cladophyll")
phyllopod. Crustaceans whose swimming and respiratory appendages resemble leaves
philotophagous. Leaf eater
phyllotaxy. arrangement of leaves on a stem
phylloxera. grape-eating bugs
phylogeny. Evolutionary development; historical development of tribe
physiatry. Physical therapy
physicalism. Everything can be explained in spatio-temporal terms. Any descriptive scientific statement can, in principle, be reduced to an empirically verifiable statement
physiography. Physical geography
physostigmine. Poison extracted from Calabar bean.
physostomous. Connecting tube between bladder and alimentary canal, as in fishes.
phytography. Descriptive botany.
phytol. Alcohol used to synthesize vitamins E and K.
phytology. Botany
phyton. Cutting that is able to grow.
phytosociology. Sociology of plants.
pi. Type thrown together at random
pia. Pia mater
piaffer. Horse high-steps in place.
pia mater. Fine vascular membrane between arachnoid membrane and dura mater.
piasava. fibrous palm used for brushes and brooms.
piaster. Pieces of eight
piazzah. Public square; colonnade; verandah
pibroch. Variations on a dirge or martial theme for bagpipes
pica. About 1/6th inch (12 points)
pica. Unnatural food craving, as in pregnancy. (See "polyphagia")
picador. Horseman who lances bull's neck muscles.
picara. Woman who behaves like a picador, an adventuress.
picorao. Bohemian adventurer, rogue.
picaroon. Pirate; pirate ship; a picaro.
piccalilli. Chopped vegetable pickle relish.
piccolo. Musical instrument considerably smaller than usual size.
pice. Hindu coin.
piceous. Pertaining to pitch; glossy black.- Gr.: pix, (pitch).
pichiciego. Small S.A. armadillo, pink shell, silky white hair; yellow-brown armor, whitish hair.
pictoram. Herbicide.
picoline. Industrial solvent.
picornavirus. Very small RNA viruses, including Cocksackle virus
picot. Embroidered loop edging on lace (tricot).
picotee. Two-toned carnation
picro. Picric acid.; bitter
picrotoxin. Barbiturate antitoxin.
picro. Bitter, picric acid
picrotoxin. Barbiturate antidote
Pict. Absorbed by invading Scots
piddock. mollusk that can bore wood, rock
pie. magpie
pie. Indian monetary unit.
pie. English service almanac before Reformation
pied. Past participle of pi.
pied-a-terre. Secondary or temporary lodging, townhouse. Pr.: pyay-day-tair
Pierian Spring. Myth.: Macedonian spring sacred to the Muses; source of inspiration. Pr.: Pie-ear-e-an.
pierrot. French pantomime, dressed in floppy white suit. Pr.: pee-a-ro'.
Pieta. Virgin Mary mourning over body of dead Christ.
pietism. Exaggerated piety. Movement striving to renew Protestant devotional ideal.
piffle. To talk in a feeble or futile way.; foolish or futile talk.
pigboat. Submarine.
pigeonwing. Jumping and clapping feet together.
piggin. Small wooden bucket with one stave projecting above the rim as a handle.
pigsney. A darling; an eye.
pika. Small, tailless, hare-like mammals.
pike. Turnpike; toll gate; toll paid
pike. Hill with pointed summit.
pilaster. Hemi-column molded into wall.
pilchard. Like a herring.
pileum. Top of bird's head, from beak to nape.
pileus. Umbrella cap of a mushroom or toadstool; skullcap worn by Romans
pilewort. Treats piles.
pillion. Cushion for second rider on horse or motorcycle. (postillion)
pilocarpine. Hidrotic agent from leaves of jaborandi tree
pilose. Covered with soft, downy hair (pile)
pilule. Small pill.
pilus. Hair or hair-like structure
pima cotton. Southwestern U.S.
piña cloth. Soft, sheer fabric made from pineapple leaves.
pinafore. Sleeveless garment like apron..
pinaster. Pine tree.
pinchbeck. Cheap imitation, spurious; orlulu from zinc and copper.
Pindaric ode. Triads, composed of strophe, antistrophe, and epode
pine finch. The pine siskin (small European birds)
pine mouse. N. A. voles
pine nut. Edible seed of certain pines such as the piñon nut
pinery. Pineapple, hothouse or plantation.
pinesap. Fleshy white sparophyte.
pine siskin. N. A. finch.
pinetum. Area planted with pine trees or related conifers.
pinite. Amorphous aluminum and potassium silicate.
pink. A sailing vessel.
pink-root. Root once used as vermifuge.
pink root. Fungal onion disease.
pinna. 1. Leaflets of a pinnate leaf. 2. Feather, wing, pin. 3. Ear, auricle. Gr.: pinna, (feather).
pinnatilid. Pnnately-cleft lobes (e. g., leaves)
pinnatisect. Divided nearly to the midrib.
pinniped. Walruses and similar animals.- "feather-foot".
pinnule. Leaflets of a pinnately-compound leaf; a feather-like or plume-like organ
pinocytosis. Cell takes on fluids by invaginating, forming vesicles.
pinote. Ground corn or wheat meal and mesquite beans.
pinta. Contagious spirochete skin disease caused by spirochetes, thickening, spots.
pintail. Duck.
pintano. Dark-banded fish.
pintle. Rudder, gun carriage pin.
Pinyin. system for translating Chinese ideograms into Roman alphabet (katakana, hiragana).
piolet. mountain-climbing ice axe.
piosity. Ostentatious or exaggerated devoutness.
pip. Fruit seed; something remarkable of its kind ("It's a pip!")
pip. To break through a shell (hatchling).
pip. Dot on dominoes (ace); rootstock of flowers; shoulderboard; radar signal.
pip. A bird disease.
pipit Songbird.
pipkin. Earthenware or metal cooking pot.
pippin. Apple; seed of fruit; admired person or thing. "She was a pippin!"
piracuru. Arapaima.
pirog. Russian pastry stuffed with meat, fish, eggs, or cabbage (like a pita).
piroshki. Small Russian pastry made with meat or cabbage filling.
pis aller. Last resort. (dernier)
piscary. Right to fish in someone else's waters; fishery. (See "terbary")
pisciculture. Fish-farming.
piscina. Stone basin for ablutions.
pishoge. Black magic, witchcraft,; evil spell.
pisiform. Pea-like; small bone at juncture of ulna and the wrist.
pisolite. A small, round, accretionary limestone mass.
pissant. A stickler for petty details.
pissoir. A public urinal on the streets of Paris.
pistareen. 18th C. African/West Indian silver coin.
pistole. Old European gold coin.
pita. Plant with strong fiber; fibrous pineapple; fiber thus obtained (paper)
pitchstone. Volcanic glass.
pituicyte. Modified neuroglia cell of the posterior lobe of the pituitary.
pituitous. Pertaining to mucus.
pithriasis. Epidermal shedding of flaky scales. - desquamation. (See "phthiriasis")
piu. "More" (mus.). (bise, de trop).
pix. Plural of pyx.
pizzle. Animal's penis, whip made from same.
placer. Glacial or alluvial deposit of gravel containing eroded particles of valuable minerals; place where a placer deposit is washed.
placket. Slit in a dress, blouse, or skirt to make it easier to put on; skirt pocket.
placoid. Plate-like (sharks, skates and rays hard, tooth-like scales).
plagal. Designating a medieval mode having a range from the fourth below to the fifth above its final tone; cadence with the subdominant chord preceding the tonic chord.
plagiotropism. Tendency to grow at an oblique or horizontal angle.
plaguy. Bothersome.
plaice. Flatfish.
plain-laid. Rope made with three strands, tied together with a right-hand twist.
Plain People. Mennonites, Amish, or Dunkers.
plainsong. Gregorian chant. bodies of medieval, a capella liturgical music sans meter
planarian. Flatworm
planation. Lateral erosion, as a valley, by a running stream.
planchette. Ouija board
plangent. Deep and reverberating; loud and resounding; plaintive, expressing sadness.
plankter. Individual in plankton.
plantigrade. Walking with entire bottom of foot on ground, like humans and bears.
planula. Free-swimming larva of a coelenterate.
plash. Light splash.
plasma cell. Produces immunoglobulins.
plasmagel. Near surface of amoeba.
plasmagene. A self-reproducing structure like the mitochondria.
plasmid. Genetic unit found outside nucleus in some bacteria.
plasmin. Dissolves fibrin and clotting factors in blood.
plasmodesma. Strand of living cytoplasm connecting two cells.
plasmodium. protozoan that causes malaria. Naked, multi-nucleate mass of protoplasm (slime molds).
plasmosome. Nucleolus.
plastid. Cytoplasmic structures in plant cells having various functions.
plastomer. Tough, hard polymers, such as acrylate resin.
plastron. Breastplate worn under suit of mail; fencers' breastplate; trimming on the front of a bodice;' front of a man's dress shirt; surface of turtle shell.
plat. To plait or braid.
platinoid. Alloy of copper, nickel, tungsten, and zinc used in electric coils; osmium, iridium, or palladium.
platy. Soils or minerals occurring in flaky layers.
platy. Colorful aquarium fish.
platyhelminth. Tapeworm or planarian.
platyrine. Having a broad, flat nose, as in certain monkeys. ("flat-yrene")
plausive. Applauding," plaudatory"..
playa.  Nearly level area at the bottom of a desert basin. May be inundated.
pleach. To plait, making a hedge or arbor.
pleasance. Pleasure or source of pleasure; secluded garden.
plecoptern. Stonefly. Gr.: plekein, (to braid).+ pteron, (wing).
plectognath. Triggerfishes, puffers, and trunkfishes. Gr.: plekto, (twisted).
plectrum. Guitar or lute pick.
pleiotaxy. Increase in number of whorls in an inflorescence Gr.: pleion, (more).
pleiotropism. Single gene controls or determines more than one characteristic function.
plenary indulgence. Remits full temporal punishment incurred by a sinner.
plench. Zero-G gripping, turning, and pulling hand tool.
pleochroism. Crystals that exhibit different colors when viewed along different axes.
pleomorphism. Polymorphism; occurrence of two or more structural forms during a life cycle.
pleonasm. Verbal redundancy
pleopod. A swimmeret (abdominal appendages of shrimps, lobsters, and isopods for locomotion or respiration).
plerocercoid. Infective larva of tapeworms - Gr.: pleres, (full) + kerkes, (tail).
plethysmograph. Measures size variations of organs based upon blood engorgement
pleura. Lung sac reducing friction. - Gr.: pleura, (side).
pleuron. External, lateral body part of arthropods.
pleuropneumonia. Pneumonia aggravated by pleurisy.
pleurotomy. Cutting into the Pleura.
pleuston. Floating plants.
plexiform. Shaped like a plexus.
plexor. Rubber reflex hammer.
plica. Fold or ridge; matted and encrusted state of the hair.
plimsoll. Sneaker.
plinth. slab at base of column; square where horizontal and vertical. moldings meet; continuous course of stone supporting a wall; square base for a vase.
plisse. Puckered cloth texture from caustic soda treatment; fabric so treated.
ploidy. Multiple set of chromosomes.
plosion. Articulation of a plosive sound such as p in lop or d in adorn.
plumbago. Graphite; leadwort
plumb rule. Narrow strip of wood with a plumb line and a plumb bob.
plum duff. Flour pudding with raisins, boiled in a cloth bag.
plummy. Filled with plums. choice, desirable.
plumose. Having plumes.
plumule. Rudimentary bud of plant embryo; down feather. (See "gemmule")
pluperfect. had been gone
pluralism. Numerous religious or cultural groups coexist within one nation; holding more than one office, especially ecclesiastical benefices, at a time; reality is composed of many ultimate substances; belief that no one explanatory system can describe it all.
pluralize. To hold more than one ecclesiastical benefice or position at a time.
plus fours. Loose knickers bagging below the knees (for sports)
plus ca change plus le meme chose. "The more things change, the more they remain the same."
pluvial. Pertaining to rain.
pneumothorax. Accumulation of air or gas in the pleural cavity.
pochard. European duck.
poco curante. Indifferent, apathetic.
pocosin. Swamp in a upland coastal region.
podite. Limb segment of an arthropod.
podzol. Leached soil formed in cool, humid climates.
podophilin. Cathartic from dried root of May-apple.
podzolization. Process by which soils are leached of bases and become acidic.
poetaster. Inferior poet.
pogonia. Terrestrial orchids.
pogonip. Dense fog of suspended ice particles. (Mountain valleys)
pogy. Menhaden. (See "porgy")
poi. Hawaiian food made of taro root, cooked pounded to a paste, and fermented.
poikilotherm. Cold-blooded.
poilu. French front-line soldier in WWI.
poise. Dynamic viscosity.
polder. Area of low-lying land reclaimed from a body of water (Netherlands).
polecat. Carnivorous Eurasian or African mammal with dark brown or black fur.
policlinic Outpatient department.
politesse. Courteous formality, politeness.
pollard. Tree pruned back to the trunk; de-horned animal.
pollex. The innermost forelimb digit, thumb. "hallux".
polliniferous. Producing pollen; adapted for carrying pollen.
pollineum. A mass of pollen grains, as in milkweed.
pollinosis. Allergic reaction to pollen.
pollock. Food fish.
polychaete. Marine worms with bristle locomotion.
polyconic projection. Equal distances between meridians along every parallel equal to those distances on a globe. Parallels are arcs of circles.
polydactyl. Having more than the normal number of fingers or toes.
polydipsia. Abnormal thirst.
polygala. Milkwort.
polygene. Set of cooperating genes, each producing a small effect.
polygenesis. Derivation of a species or type from more than one ancestor.
polygonum. Plants with knot-like joints.
polymastigote. Tuftlike arrangement of flagella - poly, (many) + mastigos, (whip).
polymorphism. Different forms, stages, or color types in an individual or the species; crystallization of a compound in at least two distinct forms.
polymyxin. Mainly toxic antibiotics.
Polynices. Son of Oedipus for whom an expedition against Thebes was raised.
polynya. Large open area of water surrounded by sea ice.
polypary. Framework and base of a polyp colony, esp. coral. - Lat.: parere, (to give birth).
polypeptide. Contains between 10 and 100 peptides.
polypetalous. Separate petals.
polyphagia. Pathological desire to eat.
polyphagous. Feeding on a variety of foods (See "polytrophic")
polyphone. Written character having two or more phonetic values, such as "a".
polyploid. Having more than twice the normal chromosome number
polypnea. Panting, very rapid breathing.
polypod. Having numerous feet.
polypody. Has creeping rootstocks. (See "tiller", "sarmentose", "stolon")
polypore. Pore fungus.
polyprotic. Acid with two or more replaceable H ions in each molecule.
polyptych. Decorated altarpiece or panel with 3 or more hinged sections that can be folded together. Gr.: ptuke, (fold). ("diptych", "triptych")
polysepalous. Separate sepals.
polysorbate. Emulsifier.
polystichous. Two or more rows or series. Gr.: stikhos, (row),
polysyndeton. Repetition of connectives or conjunctions for rhetorical effect.
polytocous. Producing many ova or offspring at a time. - Gr.: tokos, (offspring).
polytonality. Two or more tonalities in a composition.
polytrophic. Eating various types of organic material; Excessive nutrition.
polyuria. Excessive urination.
polyzoan. Bryozoan.
polyzoarium. Bryozoan colony or supporting structure.
polyzoic. Colony of zooids.
pomace. Pulp, esp., apple pulp.
pomander. Nosegay.
pomelo. Grapefruit. (See "tangelo")
Pompeian red. Grayish to moderate red.
pompelmous. The shaddock.
pongee. Chinese or Indian silk with knotty weave. (Congee is permission to depart).
poniard. Dagger.
pons asinorum. Problem that severely tests a rookie's skill.
pons varoli. The nerve band connecting medulla oblongata and mesencephalon below the cerebellum.
pontifex. Member of Pontifical College, headed by Pontifex Maximus.
pontil. Punty (glass rod used in glass-making).
Pont I'Eveque. Whole milk cheese.
pontonier. In charge of building pontoon bridges.
poori. A deep-fat-fried, light, flat wheat cake (Pakistan and N. India).
popple. Sound made by boiling water. ; to move in a tossing, bubbling, or rippling manner.
popple. Poplar.
porbeagle. Shark. (See "basking shark", "mako, "tope")
porgy. Marine fish. (See "pogy")
poriferous. Having pores.; sponge phylum. ("osculum")
poromeric. Tough leather substitute.
porphyria. Photosensitivity and excretion of porphyrins in urea.
porphyrin. nitrogenous compounds occurring in protoplasm. Basis for hemoglobins, chlorophyll, and certain enzymes.
porphyritic. Containing large, isolated crystals in a fine-textured rock.
porphyroid. Metamorphic rock having porphyritic texture.
porphyry. Same thing (feldspar in igneous matrix.).
porringer. shallow cup or bowl with a handle (for eating porridge?).
port. Carry weapon diagonally across the body.
portal vein. Carries blood from GI tract, spleen, pancreas, and gall bladder to the liver..
portamento. Smooth glide from one note to another, with the voice of a bowed, stringed instrument. (See "glissando").
portative. Portable.
Porte. Government of the Ottoman Empire.
portecochere. Carriage entrance leading into the courtyard of a town house; roofed entrance.
portiere. Heavy curtain across a doorway.
portmanteau word. Word formed by combining sound and meaning of two words: "slithy' from lithe and slimy, chortle from chuckle and snort.
Port Salut. Semi-hard fermented cheese (Trappist monks). (See "Port L'Eveque")
posigrade. Auxiliary rocket: thrust in direction of motion.
posset. spice drink of hot, sweetened milk, curdled with wine or ale.
postaxial. Behind an axis of the body, esp., posterior to the fibula or the ulna.
postcava. Inferior vena cava (right atrium of the heart).
poste restante. "Hold at Post Office until claimed by addressee".
postern. Small rear gate of fort or castle. (See "lich gate")
postexilian. Following Babylonian captivity (586 B. C.)
postiche. Hairpiece, toupee.
postilion. One who rides the near horse of the leaders to guide the coach. (See "pillion")
postobit. Taking effect after someone's death.
postorbital. Behind the eye.
potation. drinking; a drink, esp. alcoholic.
potatory. Bibulous.
potaufeu. Meat and vegetables.
poteen. Bootleg Irish whiskey.
potentilla. Garden valerian.
pother. Commotion , disturbance; nervous activity; choking smoke or dust.
potiche. Round or polygonal jar, tapering at neck, with removable cover.
potlatch. Ceremonial N. W. feast with gift-giving.
pottage. Thick soup or stew of vegetables and sometimes, meat.
potstone. Impure steatite used for cooking vessels.
potter wasp. Pot-shaped nests.
pottie. Two-quart pot or drinking mug.
potto. African primates, wooly hair.
Pott's disease. Tuberculosis-induced vertebral bone degeneration causing deformity.
potty. Trivial; slightly inebriated; addlebrained.
pouilly-fuisse. Dry, white Burgundy. Pr.: "poo-yee-fwah-say"
poulard. Spayed hen (for fattening). (See "capon")
poult. Young fowl, esp. a turkey.
poulterer. Poultry dealer.
poulter's measure. couplet: 12 syllables followed by 14. "Few extra eggs".
pounce. fine powder to smooth writing paper and to soak up ink; fine powder such as charcoal dusted over a surface to transfer a design to an underlying surface.
pounce. To ornament metal by perforating from the back with a pointed implement.
pouncel box. Small perfume box with perforated lid.
pouboire. Cumshaw.
pourparler. conversation preliminary to negotiation. Pr.: "poor-par-lay".
pour point. Lowest pourable temperature.
pousse-café. Drink with different-colored layers; postprandial brandy with coffee. Pr.: "poos-kah-fay".
poussette. Square dance figure in which two couples join hands and dance around the floor.
powdery mildew. 1. The fungus. 2. The plant disease.
pozzuolana. Siliceous volcanic ash used to make hydraulic cement.
pram. Flat-bottomed boat or barge; snub-nosed dinghy.
praedial. Land or its products; attached to land or landed property - "praedial serfs" - Lat.: praes, (surety).
preamuniere. Appealing to or obeying a foreign court, in defiance of the Crown.
praenomen. First or given name (as opposed to surname, cognomen or family name).
pragmatics. Branch of semiotics concerned with relations between signs or expressions and their users.
pragmatic sanction. Edict issued by sovereign that becomes part of the law of the land.
prajna. Enlightenment. Pure and unqualified knowledge.
priarie oyster. Raw egg swallowed whole (cure for hangover).
pralltriller. Trill.
prandial. Relating to a meal.
prank. To decorate ostentatiously. (See "prink", "titivate")
prat. The buttocks. "To fall on your prat."
pratincole. Old World fork-tailed bird.
pratique. Ship clearance after quarantine.
paxiology. Study of human conduct.
praxis. Practical application; common practice.
prebend. Clergyman's stipend, drawn from church endowment.
prebendary. Anglican churchman who receives title with the stipend.
precatory. Relating to entreaty or supplication.. to adjure (de-precatory).
precava. Superior vena cava.
precentor. Director of church choir.
preceptor. Teacher.
procession of the equinoxes. Slow westward precession of the equinoctial points along the plane of the ecliptic at rate of 50.27 seconds/year, (precession of earth's axis).
preciosity. Extreme meticulousness or over-refinement (as in language).
precipitin. Antibody that reacts with an antigen to cause a precipitate.
precipitinogen. Antigen that induces specific precipitin.
precis. Concise summary.
precisan. Puritan, punctilious person.
precocial. Birds covered with down and capable of moving around when first hatched.
preconcert. Agree in advance.
predicate nominative. Noun or pronoun that follows linking verb and refers to the same person or thing as the verb.
predicatory. Pertaining to preaching or a preacher.
preexilian. Jewish history before the Babylonian exile.
prefect. Roman magistrates or administrators; head of prefecture or chief of police; Jesuit dean; private school student officer.
preferment. Promotion; higher opening.
prefigure. To suggest by an antecedent form or model.
prelapsarian. Before the Fall of Man.
prelect. To lecture in public.
premaxilla. Between maxillary bones in upper jaw of vertebrates.
premillenialnism. Christ's second coming will be immediately followed by the Millenium.
premolar. One of 8 bicuspids behind canines and in front of molars.
premorse. Abruptly truncated, as though bitten or broken off.
premunition. Relative immunity to a severe infection as a result of inducing a low-grade.
prepense. Premeditated. "pre-pensive".
prepotent. Greater in power, influence , or importance; predominant.
prescind. To separate or divide in thought.
prescriptive. 1. Sanctioned by long-standing usage. 2. Making injunctions, laws, or rules. 3. Law: Acquired through uninterrupted possession. il comme faut.
present participle. infinitive + "ing".
present perfect.  
"He has spoken".  
presidio. Spanish fortress established in S. W. U. S.
press board. Heavy glazed paper or pasteboard covering platen or cylinder of printing press; a small ironing board.
pressmark. Mark showing Dewey Decimal category for a book; insignia of press.
press of sail. All the sail she can take.
pressor. Causing an increase in blood pressure.
pressure point. Where artery runs near bone.
Prester John. Legendary: Far East or Ethiopia.
pretissimo. As fast as she goes.
presto. In rapid tempo; suddenly, at once.
preterit. Verb tense, form, verb that expresses past or completed action or condition. as in "did", "have done".
preterition. Passing by, disregarding or omitting; neglecting to mention a legal heir in a will; Calvin: God neglected to mention those who would be permanently damned, positively determining only the elect.
pretermit. To intentionally disregard, or to allow to pass unnoticed or unmentioned; to fail to do or to omit; to interrupt or terminate.
prevenient. Antecedent; anticipatory.
priapic. Phallic.
Priapus. Roman god of procreation, guardian of gardens and vineyards, personification of an erect phallus; used as a scarecrow.
pricket. Small point or spike for holding candle erect; buck his 2nd year before his horns branch.
priedieu. Low desk with a book-space above and a foot-piece for kneeling in prayer.
primary atypical pneumonia. Virus-induced mild pneumonia.
primavera. S. A. tree used for cabinetwork. - as in "aloe vera".
primero. An Elizabethan card game.
primipara. A woman pregnant for the first time - Lat.: prima, (first) + parere (to give birth).
primo. Principal part in a duet or ensemble.
primordium. First recognizable, histologically differentiated stage in the development of an organ.
primum motile. The tenth and outermost sphere of the universe thought to revolve around the earth every 24 hours and to cause the other 9 spheres to revolve with it; a prime mover.
princess royal.  Eldest princess.
principal parts. Primary forms of a verb from which other forms may be derived: present infinitive (play, eat), past tense (played, ate), and the present participle (playing, eating).
prink. To adorn oneself in a showy manner. (See "prank, titivate").
printer's devil. Printer's apprentice.
prior. 1. In charge of a priory, ranking second to abbot. 2. Ruling magistrate of Florence.
prisere. The succession of vegetation that occurs in a previously unoccupied area as it passes from barren earth or water to a climax community. (See "sere")
prismoid. polygons with the same number of sides as bases, faces that are parallelograms or trapezoids.
prison fever. Typhus.
privatism. Noncommittal, or involved only in one's own interests. (See "realpolitik")
privet. shrub.
prix fie. Table d'hôte. Price of table d'hôte meal.
proa. Swift Malayan sailboat with triangular sail and one outrigger.
probang. Long flexible rod with a sponge on the end used to remove foreign bodies from the larynx or the esophagus.
procambium. Undifferentiated plant cells from which the vascular tissue is formed.
procephalic. Near front of head.
procéverbal. Detailed official record, e. g., of diplomatic proceedings.
proclitic. Forming an accentual unit with the following word, and thus having no independent accent.; a proclitic word.
Procne. Philomela's sister and betrayed wife of Tereus. Changed into nightingale before Tereus could kill her.
procryptic. Has natural camouflage. "apatetic".
proctitis. Guess!
procumbent. Trailing along the ground.
procurator. Has power of attorney; Emperor's financial agent or lesser governor.
prodrome. A symptom of the onset of a disease.
proem. Short introduction, preface. - prolegomenon
proglottid. Segment of a tapeworm.
prognathous. Projecting jaws.
projective geometry. Geometrical properties that are invariant under a projective transformation.
prokaryote. bacterium or blue-green algae whose nucleus lacks a limiting membrane.
prolamine. Simple proteins found in wheat and rye.
prolan. Gonadotropic hormone used to test for cyesis.
proleg. Stubby limbs on caterpillars.
prolegomenon. Critical introduction.
prolepsis. Anticipating and answering an objection before it has been voiced; use of a descriptive word in anticipation of circumstances that would make it applicable.
prolusion. Preliminary exercise; essay written as preface to a more detailed work.
pronate. To turn the palm downward or backward.
pronator. The forearm muscle that effects pronation.
pronephros. primitive kidney that disappears early in embryonic development.
pronucleus. Haploid nucleus of a gametosome prior to fusion.
propaedeutic Providing introductory instruction.
propend. To have a propensity toward.
properdin. Natural protein in blood that helps provide immunity to infectious disease.
prophage. noninfectious association between a bacterial virus and a bacterium in which the viral chromosomes link with bacterial chromosomes but don't cause bacterial cell disruption or promote replication of the virus.
prophase. First stage in cell division, during which chromosomes form the chromatin of the nucleus.
proplastid. Precursor of a cell plastid.
propositus. Person from whom one can trace one's immediate line of descent; Person immediately affected by an action.
proprioception. Inner sensory perception.
proptosis. Forward displacement of an organ, particularly the eyeball.
propylaeum. Entrance or vestibule to temple or group of buildings.
propylon. A propylaeum.
prosaism. Prosaic style. (straightforward).
prosciutto. Aged, dry-cured Italian ham. Ready to eat and usually sliced thin.
prosencephalon. Forebrain.
prosenchyma. Elongated, unspecialized cells, found in most flowering plants.
Proserpine. Pluto's wife, Ceres' daughter, and queen of the underworld.
prosimians. Lemurs, tarsiers, and lorises.
prosti. Drinking toast.
prosody. Study of metrical forms of verse; a particular system of verification.
prosoma. Anterior body of invertebrate when primitive segmentation is not evident.
prosopopeia. Impersonation of absent or imaginary speaker; Personification.
prostomium. Portion of mollusks and annelids heads' in front of their mouths.
prostyle. Row of columns only along the front.
protamine. a group of the simplest proteins that are highly basic, soluble in water, not coagulated by heat, and yield only amino acids, chiefly arginine.
protanopia. Color blindness in which red and bluish-green are confused with neural stimuli and with each other.
protasis. Subordinate clause, particularly in conditional sentence; The introductory part of a classical drama.
proteus. bacilliform gram-negative bacteria. Some can case enteritis.
prothalamion. Epithalamium. - Gr, epi, (upon) + thalamium, (bridal chamber).
prothallus. Small, flat mass of tissue produced by a generating spore. Eventually develops into a small plant.
prothesis. Addition of a phoneme at the beginning of a word to form a new word or to ease pronunciation of the word.
protonotary. Principle law clerk in certain courts of law; one of a college of 12 ecclesiastics who register important documents; a chief scribe. "First Notary"
prothonotary warbler. deep-yellow head and grayish wings.
protist. Protozoans, algae, bacteria, and other forms not readily classified as plant or animal.
protium. Hydrogen one.
protoderm. Dermatogen.
protolithic. Very beginning of the Stone Age.
protonema. Green' threadlike embryo that arises from a moss spore.
protopathic. Gross cutaneous sensory perception of pressure, pain, heat, or cold.
protoplast. Prototype.
protoporphyrin. Metal-free porphyrin derived from blood hemin.
prototrophic. Eats inorganics.
protozoology. Protozoans.
protrusile. Can stick it forward like the tongue.
provenance. Place of origin, derivation.
provenience. Source of something.
provetriculous. Stomach division in front of the gizzard in birds; same in insects
provisory. Depending on a proviso.
provitamin. Pre-vitamin.
provost court. Trial of minor offenses in occupied territory.
provost marshall. Head of M P's.; naval officer responsible for court martials.
pruinose. Having white powdery covering or bloom. - "pulverulent".
prunella. Strong, heavy fabric of worsted twill. Shoe uppers, clerical robes, academic gowns.
prunelle. Brownish, sloe-flavored French liqueur.
prurient. Obsessed with sex.
prurigo. Chronic skin eruption and severe itching.
pruritis. Severe itching, usually of undamaged skin.
prutah. Israeli currency.
pasimody. Singing psalms; composing/arranging psalms; Collection of psalms.
Psalter. Book of Psalms, musical setting for, or selection of.
psalterium. Th omasum.
psaltery. Ancient stringed instruments plucked by fingers or with plectrum.
psephology. Study of elections.
pseudepigrapha. spurious "Biblical" writings; Jewish religious texts spuriously attributed to Hebrew prophets and kings.
pseudocarp. An accessory fruit.
pseudocoel. Body cavity not formed by gastrulation and lacking a mesodermal lining.
pseudomonad. Virgate plant and animal pathogens.
pseudopodium. Amoeba.
psilocybin. Hallucinogen.
psittacine. Pertaining to parrots.
psychedelia. LSD subculture.
psychodrama. Therapeutic drama.
psychograph. Psychological profile; psychobiology.
psychotechnics. Practical applications of psychology.
psychomimetic. Inducing symptoms of a psychotic state; a psychomimetic agent.
psychrometer. Hygrometer.
psychrophilic. Thriving at temperatures below 15°
pteridology. Study of ferns.
pteridophyte. Ferns, club mosses and horsetails.
pterocercoid. Infective larva of tapeworms.
pteropod. Wing-like expanded lobes of the foot.
pterygoid. processes in skull attached like wings to the sphenoid bone (wedge-shaped bone at the base of the skull).
ptisan. A slightly medicated infusion, such as barley water.
ptosis. Abnormal lowering of organ: drooping of eyelid.
plyalin. Salivary enzyme converting starch into maltose and dextrins.
plyalism. Excessive salivation.
puberulent. Covered with minute hairs or very fine down.
pubis. Forward juncture of the pelvic bones forming the front arch of the pelvis.
publican. Innkeeper; Roman tax collector.
puccon. Dye-yielding plants.
puce. deep red to dark-grayish purple.
pudding stone. A conglomerate.
puddle duck. A dabbler.
pudency. Modesty.
puerpural. Connected with childbirth.
pug. Clay ground with water for forming bricks and pottery; machine for same.
pug. Animal footprint, track or trail.
puggree. Cloth band or scarf around hat or pith helmet.
puisne. Lower in rank, junior. Associate judge.
puissance. Force, power, might.
pukka. Genuine. First-class.
puli. Hungarian long-haired sheep dog.
pullorum disease. Severe contagious diarrhea of young chickens. caused by salmonella pullorum.
pullulate. To put forth sprouts, germinate; to swarm.
pulque. Fermented, milky Mexican beverage made from agave.
pulsatile. Pulsating, vibrating.
pulsometer. Raises water by pulsed condensation of steam.
pulverulant. Covered with fine powder or dust; Dusty, crumbly.
pulvillus. Soft, cushion-like pads between the claws of an insect's feet.
pulvinate. A swelling of the stem at the base of a leafstalk.
puncheon. Short, wooden upright used in framing.
puncheon. 18-gallon cask. "firkin".
punch-up . Fist fight.
punctate. Having tiny spots, points or depressions.
punctilio. Fine point of etiquette; Precise observance of formalities.
pung. A low box sleigh drawn by one horse.
punkah. Palm frond fan suspended from ceiling and moved by a servant.
punty. Molten-glass-handling rod.
pupierous. Producing young that are ready to pupate (parasitic flies).
Purim. Jewish holiday celebrating deliverance of Jews from Haman's massacre.
Purkinje cell. Nerve cells of cerebellar cortex with large, rounded cell bodies.
Purkinje fibers. Large, modified cardiac muscle fibers comprising cardiac impulse conducting system of the heart.
purl. To knit with purl stitch. Edge with lace or embroidery; inversion of a knit stitch; gold or silver used in embroidery.
purlieu. Outskirts; Neighboring area. Place that one frequents. "Exurbs".
purse seine. Purse-shaped fishing net.
purslane. Trailing weed sometimes used in salads.
pursuivant. Follower or attendant; officer ranking below a herald in College of Heralds.
pussley. Purslane.
putamen. Hard, shell-like covering like peach seed covering.
Potonghua. Mandarin.
put-out. batter/base runner is out.
puttee. Spiral-wound strip of cloth around calves.
puttyroot. N. A, orchid with sticky corm used for cement.
put-up. Planned or prearranged secretly. "a put-up job".
pycnidium. Spore-bearing, flask-shaped, asexual, fruiting body.
pycnometer. Measures density or specific gravity. Gr.: puknes, (thick).
pyelitis. Pyelonephritis.
pyelonephritis. Inflammation of both the kidney and its pelvis.- Gr.: puelas, (basin).
pygidium. Posterior body region of some arthropods.
pygmean. pygmy.
Pygmalion. A king of Cyprus who carved and then fell in love with a statue of Galatea.
pyknic. Endomorphic. Chubby.
pyo-. pus.
pyralids. Small or medium-sized moths.
Pyramus. Babylonian youth who committed suicide when he erroneously thought his lover was dead.
pyrargyrite. Deep-red to black silver ore - Gr.: pur, (fire) + arguros, (silver)
pyrene. Stone of certain fruits.
pyrethrum. Plants cultivated for showy flowers.
pyrexia. Fever.
pyric. Pertaining to burning.
pyriform. Pear-shaped - Lat.: pyrum, (pear)
pyrogenic. Producing or produced by fever. Caused by or generating heat. Igneous.
pyrography. Producing designs with a hot iron.
pyrolusite. Black dark-gray manganese ore.
pyromorphite. Green, brown, or yellow lead ore. - "fire-formed".
prope. Deep-red garnet.
pyrophoric. Spontaneously igniting in air. Producing sparks by friction.
pyrophyllite. Silvery-white to pale-green aluminum silicate.
pyrosis. Cardialgia, heartburn.
pyroxene. Group of crystalline mineral silicates common in igneous and metamorphic rocks and containing two metallic oxides as of sodium, magnesium, iron, or calcium.
pyroxenite. Igneous rock consisting primarily of pyroxenes.
pyroxylin. highly flammable nitrocellulose used in plastics manufacture.
pyrrhic. Greek metrical foot consisting of two short syllables.
pyrrholite. Naturally-occurring brownish-bronze iron sulfide.
pyrhuloxia. Crested gray and red S. W. bird with short, thick bill.
pyruvic acid. Fundamental intermediate in protein and carbohydrate metabolism.
Pythgoreanism. syncretistic philosophy: description of reality in terms of mathematical relationships.
Pythian. Pertaining to oracle at Delphi.
Pythias. Offered his life as hostage for Damon.
pythonic. Pertaining to pythons
pyuria. Pus in urine.
pyx. Container in which wafers for Eucharist are kept.
pyxie. Creeping evergreen shrub
pyxidium. A pyxis.
pyxis. Seed with circular lid that falls off to release seeds.