N-Word Vocabulary Definitions

NaDene. phylum of Amerind languages spoken from Alaska to Mexico
Nagana. often-fatal livestock disease transmitted by tse-tse fly
Nahuati. includes the Aztecs
Nahum. predicted fall of Babylon
Naiad. aquatic nymph of mayfly; freshwater mussel; aquatic plant
Nainook. light, soft cotton material with woven stripe
Nandin. evergreen Asiatic shrub
Nankeen. sturdy yellow or buff cotton cloth
Nansen bottle. brings up deepwater samples
Nansen passport. issued to stateless persons after WW1
Napier's bones. log tables
napiform. turnip-shaped
napolean. custard-filled, flaky, rectangular pastry; gold coin
nappe. 1. Sheet of water flowing over a dam; 2. recumbent anticline mass of rock moved by anticline; 3. either of two parts into which a cone is divided by the vertex
nappy. round, shallow cooking dish with flat bottom, sloping sides; infant's diaper
narcosynthesis. narco-analysis directed toward unearthing repressed memories
nard. spikenard; balm; medical roots
nargilhe. hookah
narwhal.. arctic, spotted pelt, spiral horn
naseberry. sapodilla
nastic. growing because of internal cell pressures rather than environmentally
natant. floating or swimming in water
natation. swimming
nates. buttocks
natheless. nonetheless
natrolite. colorless zeolite
natron. hydrous sodium carbonate
naupilus. microscopic free-swimming larvae of certain crustaceans
nautch. dance form of northern India, accompanied by musicians, &, maybe, singer
nautiloid. nautiluses and fossils
navvy. construction laborer
nawab. governor of India under British
neanthropic. members of the extant species
Nearctic. near-Arctic
neatherd. cowherd
neb. beak of bird; nose; projecting part
nebbish. weak-willed, timid person
necking. molding between column and entablature
nectary. gland-like organ that secretes nectar
negatron. electron
Negrillo. Bantus and Pygmies
Negus. Emperor of Ethiopia
negus. beverage of wine, hot water, lemon juice, sugar and nutmeg
nekton. The total free-swimming, marine-animal population
nelly. fairy
nematocyst. stinging organ in coelenterates like jellyfish
nemertean. brightly colored, flattened marine worms
nene. Hawaiian
neocortex. back of cortex
NeoDarwinism. acquired characteristics can't be inherited
NeoFreudian. emphasizes role of social and cultural influences
NeoGaea. coextensive with Neotropical region (tropic of cancer south to S.A.)
neology. neologism; use of a newly coined word
neomorph. has not evolved from a similar structure in an ancestor
neon tetra. bright fish
neoorthodoxy. reactionary
neaoplasm. abnormal new growth
neoteric. of recent origin, modern
nepenthe. legendary drug used for grief; Something that induces forgetfulness of sorrow or relieves pain
nepheline. mineral found in igneous rocks and used for ceramics and enamels
nephelinite. pyroxene and nepheline
nephridium excretory organ in many invertebrates
nephrite. white to dark green jade
nephrosis. degenerative lesions of the renal tubules
Nereid. Sea nymph, daughter of Nereus; one of Neptune's two moons (Triton)
Nereus. sea god, father of the Nereids
neritic. pertaining to the waters of a shoreline
nervure. one of the vascular ridges that form the framework of a leaf
nescience. ignorance
Nesselrode. mixture of chestnuts, cherries, candied fruits and liqueur used in puddings, ice cream and pies
Nestor. known for age and wisdom: venerable and wise old man
Nestorian. asserts that Christ had two natures: divine and Christian
netsuke. small Japanese toggle, decorated with inlays or carving, used to fasten purse to kimono
nettle rash. urticaria
Neufchafel. soft white cheese
neume. sign used in the notation of plainsong surviving in Gregorian chants
neurilemma. outer covering of a nerve fiber
neuroglia. network of branched cells and fibers that supports the CNS tissue
neutrophil. easily stained. Leukocytes
nevus. congenital growth or birthmark
Newburg. rich sauce of cream, egg yolks, butter, wine & nutmeg. Lobster Newburg
newel. banister post
Newgate. famous prison in London, demolished in 1901
newspeak. ambiguous and contradictory language (George Orwell)
newt. salamander
Nibbelung. subterranean dwarfs whose riches and magic ring were taken by Siegfried; one of the Burgundian kings in the Nibbelungenlied
Nibbelungenlied. epic 13th C. poem
niblick. nine iron
niccolite. nickel ore
nice nelly. priggish; marked by use of euphemisms
nickleodeon. early movie theater (cost a nickel)
nicker. to neigh softly
nicotiana. flowering tobacco plants
nictitate. To wink.
niddering.  cowardly wretch
nide. A nest or brood of pheasants.
nidify. To build a nest
nidus. a nest, particularly for insects or spiders; cavity where spores develop; seat of bacterial growth in a living organism
niello. black copper, silver, or lead sulfides used for decorative inlays
Nilihelm. the realm of the dead in Norse mythology
niggling. fussy, nagging, petty
nigresence. process of becoming dark or black; blackness as of complexion
nigorsine. blue to black dyes for inks, wood and textiles
nihil obstat. official Catholic approval of art or a book. (No obstacle?)
Nilotic. pertaining to the Nile Valley; group of people and languages
nim. steal, pilfer
nimiety. excess, redundancy
nimimy-piminy. affectedly delicate or refined
ninon. sheer fabric of silk, rayon or nylon
nipa. large Australasian palm; alcoholic beverage made from its sap
nipplewort. milky juice thought to cure breast tumors
nip-up. spring from supine to standing position
Nisan. first month of Hebrew religious year
Nisei. Japanese-American
nisi. taking effect at a specified date unless cause is shown otherwise
nissen hut. prefabricated hemicircular corrugated huts
nisus. an effort to realize an aim
nit. egg of parasitic insect (louse); one candle/meter2
niter. KNO3 mineral used in making gunpowder
nits-and-lice. plant
nival. growing under snow
niveous. snowy
nix. water sprite: half-human, half fish
nixie. mis-addressed piece of mail
Nizam. former rulers of Hyderabad
Noh. classical drama of Japan, highly stylized with elaborately dressed actors
nob. the head
nobble. to drug a racehorse
nobby. fashionable, stylish
noblesse oblige. obligation to be genteel
nocent. causing injury, harmful (innocent)
noctambulism. somnambulism
noctiluca. bioluminescent marine organisms
noctuid. night-flying moth
noctule. large, reddish-brown bat found in Eurasia
nocturn. any of the three canonical divisions of the matin
nocuous. harmful, noxious (innocuous)
nodding pogonia. North American orchid
noddle. the head
noddy. a dunce or fool, simpleton; tropical tern
nodus. difficult situation, complication
noesis. the cognitive process
noetic. of, pertaining to, originating in, or apprehended by the intellect
nog. 1. Eggnog 2. a wooden block built into masonry walls to hold nails that support joinery
noggin. 1. ¼ pint (½ gill). 2. A cup that size. 3. The head.
noil. short fibers combed from long fibers during textile preparation
noli metangere. Warning or prohibition against meddling, touching or interfering
noli prosequi. declaration that plaintiff or prosecutor will drop all or part of a suit or indict
nolo. nolo contendre (admission of guilt)
nol pros. dropping charges by submitting noli prosequi
nombril. the point on an escutcheon between the fess point and the base point
nom de guerre. fictitious name
nonce word. word invented or used just for the occasion
nondisjunction. failure of paired chromosomes to separate during mitosis
nonego. all that is not a part of the ego or conscious self
nonesuch. person or thing without equal (sui generis)
nonfeasance. failure to perform an act that is an official duty or legal requirement
nonjoinder. omission of a party that would have been included as part of a suit
non obstante. notwithstanding
non possumus. A statement indicating inability to do a particular thing
non prosequiter. the judgement rendered against a plaintiff who fails to appear in court to prosecute his suit
nonpros. to enter a judgement of non prosequiter against a plaintiff
nonsked. a nonscheduled airline or cargo plane
non troppo. in moderation (adagio non troppo)
noodle. stupid person; the head
noodle. to improvise music in an idle and haphazard way
nopar. without face value. Having no par value
noria. water wheel with buckets attached
norite. a gabbro
normoblast. immature red blood cell
Norn. one of the three Norse Fates
Northern spy. large, yellowish-red apple
northing. progress toward the north
Norway rat. the common brown rat
no-see-um. the punkie
nosh. a tidbit, snack
nosography. systemization and description of diseases
nosology. medical branch that deals with classification of diseases
nostoc. Algae forming a blue-green jelly
notabene. used to attract attention to something important
note of hand. promissory note
notornias. Rare, flightless, New Zealand bird
noumenon. object of purely intellectual intuition. A thing in itself, independent of sensory or intellectual perception
nouvelle cuisine. low-fat French cooking
nouvelle vague. New Wave
novaculite. very hard, dense, silica-based stone used in grindstones (buhrstone)
novena. prayer for nine days
novercal. pertaining to a stepmother
nub. small lump; essence or core
nubbin. imperfectly developed
nubble. small protuberance or lump
necellus. the center of the rudimentary seed of a plant containing the embryo sac
nucha. nape of the neck
nucleophile. donates electrons
nudibranch. sea slug
nudnik. dense, boring, or bothersome persons
nugatory. of little or no importance (minim), trifling; without force
nullah. a ravine or gully
numen. a presiding spirit or divinity
nummular. coin-shaped, oval or circular
numulite. marine protozoan with coin-shaped shell
Nunc DiMittis. canticle of Simeon "Nunc dimitis… (now lettest Thy servant depart")
nunciature. office or term of office of a nuncio
noncupative. oral rather than written will
nutria. the coypu
nux vomica. source of strychnine and brucine.
nyctatopia. night blindness
nyictitropism. tendency of some leaves to change their positions at night
nymphalid. butterflies
nymphet. sexually desirable pubescent girl
nympholepsy. frenzy thought to have been induced by nymphs
nympholept. one in state of nympholepsy
Nynorsk. Landsmäl (Spoken Norwegian).
nystgmus. Involuntary saccadic eye motions.