M-Word Vocabulary Definitions

macaronic involving a humorous mixture of two or more languages
macaboy a perfumed snuff from Martinique
mace. a spice made from the nutmeg
macédoine. finely-cut vegetables or fruit
macerate. to soften by soaking; to starve
mackle. a spot: blurring or double image caused by a wrinkle in the paper
macle. chiastolite; twin; spot or discoloration in a mineral
macrobiosis. longevity
macrobiotic. promoting longevity
macrocyte. abnormally large hematocyte (anemia)
macroglobulinea. too many macro globulins
macrograph. image at least as large as the object
macrography. abnormally large handwriting, sometimes indicating a nervous disorder
macromere. a large blastomere
macron. indicates a long sound
macrophyte. macroscopic plant in aquatic environment
macropterous. large fins or wings
macula. spot, e.g., skin spot
macula lutea. center of fovea
maculate. spotted, stained, impure (immaculate)
macushla. darling (Irish)
madding. frenzied
madelaine. small, rich cake in shell-shaped mold
madras. striped or checked fine cloth; large handkerchief used as turban
madrepore. tropical reef-building coral
madraporite. perforated water intake structure of echinoderms (resembles madrepore)
madrilene. tomato-flavored consomme
madrona. tree
mad tom. catfish
maduro. cigar
madwort. low-growing Eurasian plant
Maecenus. generous patron of the arts
masnad. frenzied woman; member of orgiastic Dionysian cult
maestoso. in a majestic and stately manner
maffick. to celebrate in a boisterous public celebration
magdalen. a reformed prostitute
Magdalenian. upper Paleolithic, following Aurignacian
Mogen David. star of David
Magisterium. authority to teach religious doctrine, as claimed by the Catholic Church
magistral. magisterial; prepared as specified in a physician's prescription
Maglmosian. Mesolithic forest culture of northern Europe
magneton. dipole moment of an electron
Magnifical. the canticle beginning, "My soul doth magnify the Lord"
magnus hitch. clove hitch with one extra turn
magot. Barbary ape; fanciful figure in Chinese or Japanese style
maguey. agave family; maguey fiber
maharishi. Hindu teacher of mysticism and spiritual knowledge
mahayana. Buddhist school teaching social concern and universal salvation
Mahdi. Islamic messiah who will establish reign of righteousness at world's end
mahueng. ephedrine-bearing plant
mahzor. Hebrew holiday-ritual prayer book
Maia. eldest of the Pleides (brightest star)
maidenhead. virginity; hymen
maiden over. cricket term
maieutic. Socratic method. Teaches by questioning.
main. more than four, less than 9, called by caster before throw; cockfights
main royalmast. above main topgallant mast
mainsheet. rope setting mainsail angle
mainstay. braces mainmast
mainmast. between lower mast and main topgallant mast
mattal. rum, curacao, and fruit juice
maitre d'hotel. butter and lemon sauce
majolica. richly colored tin-glazed earthenware
majoritarianism. majority rule
majuscule. large letter
makimono. Japanese scroll featuring pictures or calligraphy
mako shark. big shark
Malacca. stem of rattan palm, used for walking sticks
malachite. green to nearly black. Copper carbonate
malacology. study of mollusks
mala fide. in bad faith
Malaga. sweet wine from Malaga, Spain
Malagasy. from Madagascar
malagueña. dance, folk tune from Malaga, like fandango
malapert. saucy, impudent
mal de mer. sickness of the sea
malefic. evil, malicious
malentendu. misunderstanding
malahini. Hawaiian newcomer
malines. thin, stiff, hexagonal veiling
malison. a curse. (Opposite of a benison).
mallee. scrubby Australian evergreen tree
malemuck. fulmar, albatross, or shearwater
malleus. largest of 3 middle-ear bones (Lat.: hammer).
malm. soft limestone; used in making bricks
malmsey. sweet fortified white wine
Malpighian capsule. mass of blood vessels attached to a kidney tubule
Malpighian layer. dermatogen. Deepest layer of epidermis
Malpighian tube. excretory tube in insects
maltha. black natural bitumen
malvasia. grape used for wine
malversation. misprisionment, defalcation, 
malvoisie. malmsey wine
mamba. venomous African snake
Mameluke. former Turkish slaves that held the Egyptian throne from 1250 to 1517
mammilla. nipple
mana. impersonal supernatural force
manchineal. poisonous S.A. tree
mandala. Oriental various designs symbolic of the universe
mandamus. writ from superior court to lower court directing some action
mandean. Mesopotamian gnostics
mandragora. the mandrake
mandrel. shaft on which rotating bit is mounted
manege. 1. Classical training of horse; haute ecole. 2. Riding academy.
manes. spirits of deified as minor gods
mangabey. equatorial African monkey, long tail and muzzle
mangelwurzel. beet used for cattle feed
mangonel. medieval catapult
mangosteen. fruit tree
manioc. cassava
maniple. ecclesiastical silk band hung from left wrist; a subdivision of a Roman legion containing 60 to 120 men
mannitol. alcohol used as a dietary sweetener.
manque. Unfulfilled, frustrated. Lat.: mancus, (maimed).
mansuetude. gentleness of manner, mildness
manta. rough-textured cotton fabric
manteau. loose cloak or mantle
mantelet. short cape; mobile screen to protect besieging soldiers
manteletta. knee-length, sleeveless Roman Catholic vestment
manteltree. supports masonry above the mantel
mantic. prophetic
manticore. head of man, body lion, tail of dragon or scorpion
mantid. mantis
manubrium. upper part of breastbone (sternum)
mantilla. 1. Spanish lace scarf over head and shoulders, usually with a high comb. 2. A short cape.
mantlerock. Regolith.
Manteaux test. TB test.
manus. end of forelimb (hand, hoof, or claw)
manyplies. the omasum
maqul. evergreen shrub; Chilean wine
maquillage. makeup
maquis. dense growth of small trees and shrubs; French underground
marabou. storks; stork's down; soft silk garment
marabout. Moslem hermit or saint (N. Africa) or his tomb
maraca. gourd
maranta. arrowroot; arrowroot starch
marasmus. wasting away of the body
Maratha. Scytho-Dravidian
marcasite. like iron pyrite
marcescent. wasting away
Märchen. fairy tale
marchpane. marzipan
Marcionism. Gnostic movement that rejected the Old Testament
Marconi rig. Bermuda rig
Marduk. chief god of Babylon
mare clausium. a sea claimed by one nation that excludes all others
mare liberum. open to all
marengo. browned in oil and sauteed in mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and white wine
mare nostrum. claimed by one or a few nations
mare's nest. hoax; extraordinarily complicated
margeric. pearly
margarite. A pearl. Gr.: margeron, (pearl).
margarite. mineral like mica with pearly luster
margay. spotted wildcat, Texas to Brazil (like a painter)
marginalia. scholia
margraviate. Margrave's territory. Gr.: mark, (march) + grave, (count).
margravine. wife or widow of a margrave
marguerite. plant, Canary Islands, like daisy
maricolous. inhabiting the sea
mariculture. cultivating marine organisms in their natural habitat
marinade. used to soak meat, fowl or fish before cooking. Lat.: marinade, (sea).
Mariology. excessive worship of Mary
Mariology. body of belief in Mary
mariposa lily. self-explanatory
Marist. Society of Mary (1824)
mark. 8 ounces
marl. mixture of clays carbonates, and ground-up shells used as a fertilizer
marlinespike. used to separate rope strands while splicing
marlite. marl with 25% to 75% clay, plus chalk. Resists weathering
marmoreal. like marble. Lat.: marmor, (marble).
marmoset. small monkeys OFr.: marmouser, (to murmur).
marmot. rodents
marquee. a large tent with open sides for outdoor entertainment; roof over entrance
marquetry. a furniture inlay. OFr.: marqueter, (to checker).
marquise. marchionesse; a marquee; marquis cut. Ger.: marche, (border).
marquisette. sheer fabric of cotton, rayon, silk, or nylon
marram. beach grass
marron. Spanish chestnut
marrons glacês. glazed chestnuts
marseilles. heavy cotton with raised stripes or figures
marsupium. marsupial pouch
martagon. lily
Martello tower. circular fort for coastal defense
marten. carnivores found in North woods
martensite. chief constituent of hardened carbon tool steels
Mary Jane. marijuana
marzipan. ground almonds, egg whites, and sugar
mashie. golf club
masjid. mosque
Masorah. body of tradition regarding reading the Old Testament; critical notes
massasauga. Canadian rattlesnake
massé. billiards stroke
massiter. main maxillary muscle
massicot. lead monoxide
mast cell. connective tissue cell. Contains heparin
mastaba. Egyptian tomb with rectangular base, sloping sides & flat roof
mastic. mastic tree; mastic resin; liqueur; cement, with powdered lime and tar
mastic tree. small evergreen tree; pepper tree
mastigophoran . protozoans with more than one flagellum
mastitis. inflammation of the bubby
mastoid process. bottom of skull just behind the ear
mastoiditis. inflammation of the mastoid process
mastoid cell. one of the air-filled spaces in the mastoid process
Matabele. Zulu tribe driven out of the Transvaal by the Boers in 1837
matchboard. tongue-and-groove fit
match play. golf - counting number of holes rather than strokes
maté. mildly stimulating beverage made from the leaves of the maté
matins. office with lauds of first canonical hour
matriclinous. Predominantly maternal hereditary traits 
matriculate. Enroll. Lat.: matrix, (list).
maulstick. used by painters to support their brush hands
maund. Asia, 11.2 to 37.358 kg.
mavis. the song thrush
mavorneen. "My darling" Irish
maximalist. revolutionary
maxise. Brazilian dance like two-step
maya. origin of the world (Hindu)
maypop. fruit-bearing vine
mazaedium. Fruiting body of lichens: spores in powdery mass inside peridium. Gr.: maza, (lump) + aedes, (house).
mazel tov. "Congratulations!"
mazer. Large drinking vessel of hardwood or metal.
mazzard. Wild, sweet cherry.
mealie. ear of corn
mealy bug. Destructive to citrus; covered with white powder
meatus. body canal, like ear opening, or urethral canal - Lat.: meare, (to pass).
Mechlin. Lace. Pattern details defined by flat thread. - Mechlin, Belgium
meconium. fetal excrement discharged at birth.
mecopteran. elongated head with flat beak and chewing mouthparts. - Gr.: mekos, (length) + pteran, (wing).
medaka. ricefish, killifish. Much used in biological research
mediant. 3rd note in diatonic scale
mediastium. septum dividing pleural sac, containing all viscera except lungs
mediatize. friendly takeover. Small state ruler retains some powers
medic. plant - Gr.: medike < Medikas < Media < Medes.
medlar. fruit tree - Gr.: mespile.
medulla. Mentral tissue--e. g. bone marrow. Inner core, pith.
medullary sheath. surrounds pith in plant cells
medulated . myelinated
medusoid. jellyfish
meerschaum. tough, hard, white mineral. Used to make pipes
Megaera. one of the Furies
megapode. South Pacific birds
megaspore. female gametophyte.
megasporophyll. Leaf-like structure producing megaspores - Gr.: phylla, (leaf).
megatherium. extinct large ground sloth - mega + ther, (beast).
Megillah. tediously detailed & embroidered account; Judaic scroll: Book of Esther
megrim. Migraine; depression or unhappiness; caprice or fancy.
meiosis. rhetorical understatement
Meissen. delicate porcelain dish
melanite. Black garnet - Gr.: melas, (black).
melanoblastoma. malignant tumor consisting of melanoblasts
melanochroi. Caucasians: dark hair and light skin. - Gr,: melas, (dark) + okhros, (pale).
melanoid. Has melanosis.
melanosis. abnormally dark skin caused by sunburn, or dermatoses
melanous. swarthy (dark-complected) or black complexion
melaphyre. dark igneous porphyry, studded with feldspar crystals
Melchizeduk. high priest who blessed Abraham; higher Mormon priesthood
meld. a combination of cards to be declared for a score
melilot. honey lotus
melnite. picrate explosive
meliorate. ameliorate
meliorism. society evolves to better and better
melisma. passage sung to one syllable of text, as in Gregorian chant
mellophane. brass musical instrument, sometimes substitute for French horn
melodeon. small reed organ
meloid. blister beetle
Melpomene. Muse of tragedy
mellon. heavy woolen cloth for overcoats and hunting jackets
mem. 13th Hebrew letter
momento mori. a death's head; reminder of human failings
Memnon. Ethiopian king killed by Achilles, and immortalized by Zeus
Memsahib. lady sahib (ma'am?)
Menelaus. Helen's husband and Agamemnon's brother
menhir. tall, upright megalith (monument)
meninx. membrane enclosing brain and spinal cord (meninges)
menorrhagia. abnormally heavy menses
menstruum. solvent used in extracting drugs
mensural. having notes of fixed rhythmic value
mere. body of water
mere. boundary
merino. sheep with fine wool
meristem. growing point at tip of stem, root, or branch
meristic. segmented (worms); abrupt evolutionary modification of # of body parts
merle. blackbird
meroblastic. undergoing partial cleavage (egg with large yolk)
merocrine. opposite of eccrine. Cells remain intact.
meromyosin. protein sub-units of myosin molecule
Merope. 7th (invisible) star of Pleides. Hid her face in shame after marrying mortal.
meropia.. partial blindness
merryandrew. buffoon
merrybells. bellwort
merrythought. wishbone
mesalliance. morganitic marriage (inferior social status)
Mesdemoiselles. plural of mademoiselle
mesencephalon. middle section of embryonic brain
mesenchyme. The embryonic tissue from which circulatory, lymphatic, skeletal, and connective tissue develop.
mesentary. peritoneal folds connecting intestines to dorsal abdominal wall
mesenterium. same thing.
mesenteron. mid-gut
mesne. intermediate, intervening
mesne lord. between overlord and vassals
mesoglea. gelatinous substance between ectoderm and endoderm in coelenterates and ctenophores.
mesonephros. becomes functioning kidney
mesopause. upper limit of atmosphere
mesophyll. soft leaf tissue between top and bottom epidermis
mesophyte. land plant in environment with moderate moisture
mesosome. convoluted invagination of cell wall in some bacteria
mesosphere. 20 to 50 miles
mesothelium. squamous cells lining peritoneum, pericardium, and pleura
messuage. house, outbuildings, and land. OFr.: mesnage.
mestizo. European/Indian man - Sp.: mestizo, (mixed).
metacarpus. between phalanges and carpus. Gr.: meta-, (beside, after).
metagalaxy. the universe
metage. official measurement of weight or contents (weighing station); fee for same
metagenesis. alternating gametophyte (sexual) and sporophyte (asexual) repro. cycles
metagnathous. beak in which tips of mandibles cross
metalinguistics. study of interrelationships between linguistics and cultural phenomena
metamere. homologous body parts (worms and lobsters)
metanephrose. embryonic kidney (3rd stage)
metaphase. chromosome are aligned along equator of mitotic spindle
metaphrase. word-for-word translation; subtle manipulation of wording
metaphrast. reformulates text - e.g., prose to verse
metaplasia. change from one form to another (ossification); from normal to abnormal
metaplasm. changing of a word by adding, subtracting, or transposing letters or syllables; inert material in the protoplasm of a cell, such as the yolk of an egg.
metapsychology. speculation on the origin, structure and function of the mind, and its relationship to objective reality
metasomatism. chemical and physical metamorphosis as a result of external interactions
metatarsus. between toes and tarsus
metathesis. transposition of letters, sounds, or syllables (old to modern English), or confusion of revelant with relevant; double chemical decomposition
metathorax. hindmost of three thoracic elements
metazoan. all animals more complex than a unicellular protozoan
metempsychosis. transmigration of souls
metestrus. in between periods of estrus
metheglin. mead (fermented honey and water)
métis. mixed Indian and French-Canadian
metonic cycle. 19-year cycle of phases of the moon
metonymy. "The pen is mightier than the sword"
metope. space between two triglyphs on Doric frieze
metopic. pertaining to the forehead
mew. cage for hawks; secret place; street with stables converted into apartments
mew. a sea gull
mezereon. shrub, fruit
mezerium. used for arthritis
mazuzah. small piece of parchment with Deut. 6:4-9 & 11:13-21, "Shaddai" on it, rolled up in a container and placed on Jewish doors as a sign that Jews live there.
mezzo-piano. moderately soft (mezzo-pianissimo)
mezzo relievo. sculptural relief. Modeled forms project halfway from background
mezzotint. light-and-shadow printing method; resulting prints
micelle. submicroscopic structural unit of protoplasm; colloidal droplet
micronize. reduce to a few microns in diameter
micropyle. micropore in ovum for spermatozoon; minute pollen opening in plant ovule. Gr.: pule, (gate).
microvillus. microscopic projections from surface of cell wall
micturate. urinate
middle ear. contains auditory ossicles (hammer, anvil, and stirrup)
middie blouse. sailor's collar
Midrash. Jewish commentaries on Hebrew literature
milchig. made from milk
Milesian. Irishman
miliaria. inflammation of sweat glands
milium. hard mass caused by blockage of a sebaceous gland
milk fever. occurs at beginning of lactation, caused by infection
milk leg. painful swelling of leg after childbirth (clotting, phlebitis)
milk sickness. from cows that have eaten snakeroot
millboard. book cover board
millinary. hats
millepore. reef-building hydrocorals
millerite. nickel sulfide
miller's thumb. fish
milliard. one billion
milliary. pertaining to ancient Roman mile (1,000 paces)
millesimal. thousandth
milline. one agate line one column wide with a million copies; cost thereof
milo. drought-resistant grain sorghum like millet
milt. fish sperm; the spleen
Mimir. giant who guarded the well of wisdom by Yggdrasil's roots
mina. Greek, Asiatic coin
minatory. menacing, threatening
minacious. threatening
Minerva. goddess of wisdom
mingy. small portion; mean and stingy
minié ball. conical rifle ball . Base expanded after being fired. Inventor: Minie
minify. to make smaller; minimize
minim. coin; insignificantly small portion; downward stroke in handwriting
Minnan. Taiwanese dialect
minnesinger. German troubadors, 100's to 1300's.
Minorca. domestic fowl
Minorite. Franciscan friar
Minor prophets. Amos through Malachi
minster. monastery; large cathedral (Westminster Abbey)
miosis, myosis. pupil of the eye
miotic. Agent that excessively contracts the pupil. Ant.: mydriasis
mirabile dictu. wonderful to relate
mirky. murky
miscue. billiards
misericord. relaxation of monastic rules; misericordia room; bracket in church against which a standing person can lean; narrow dagger delivering the coup de grace
mishnah. 1st section of Talmud containing early oral interpretations of the Scriptures; a paragraph from the Mishnah; the teachings of a noted authority on Jewish laws
misjoinder. improper joinder of different causes or parties to a lawsuit
misology. hatred of reason, argument, or enlightenment
misoneism. hates change or innovation
misprision. maladministration in public office; neglect in preventing or reporting crime
misprize. undervalue; disparage
missa cantata. High Mass
missal. prayer book
missel thrush. European thrush
Mithras. Persian god of light
Mithridatism. tolerance for poison by taking slowly increasing doses
miticide. mite-killer
mitral valve. regulates flow from auricle to ventricle
mittimus. writ instructing a jailer to hold a prisoner
Mitzvah. commandment of Jewish law; fulfillment of such a commandment
mizzen. sail set on mizzenmast
mizzen mast. third mast aft
mizzle. misty rain
mizzle. to make a sudden departure
Mnemosyne. goddess of memory, mother of the muses
moa. ostrich-like, extinct for over a century (New Zealand)
mobcap. large high cap trimmed with frills and ribbons worn by 18th, 19th C. women
modality. state of being modal; conformist; classification of propositions on the basis of whether they assert or deny the possibility, impossibility, contingency, or necessity of their content; method of therapy
moderato. slower than allegretto but faster than andante
mediolus. central, bony conical shaft of the cochlea
mofette. hornito from which volcanic gases escape
mogul. a small mound on a ski slope
Mohigans. like Mohicans
Mohock. young aristocrats who vandalized London in the early 1700's.
Mohs scale. of hardness
mohur. Indian gold coin
moidure. former Portuguese or Brazilian gold coin
moil. to toil, slave; to churn about; confusion turmoil ("in a moil")
mojarra. fish with mouths that stick out
mole. tumor in the uterus caused by abortive development of an ovum
moleskin. short, silky fur of a mole
moll. cocotte
molly. tropical fish
Moloch. Babylonian: children were sacrificed
Momos. god of blame and ridicule
monachism. monasticism
monad. Leibnitz: an impenetrable and indivisible substance forming the basis of reality; a flagellate protozoan
monadelphous. united by filaments into a single stamen
monadnock. a mountain or rocky mass that has resisted erosion and now stands alone
monandry. one husband at a time
monarda. Oswego tea
monas. a monad
monaxon. a straight spicule in sponges
monazite. rare earth ore
Monagasque. citizen of Monaco
monestrous. one estrus cycle per year
moniliasis. candidiasis
moniliform. Like string of beads. Lat.: monile, (necklace).
Monoceros. one-horned fish, like swordfish; unicorn; Southern constellation
monochasium. cyme with single main stem
monochord. sounding box with one string used to study musical tones
monocline. all strata inclined in one direction
monoclinic. three unequal crystal axes, two of which intersect obliquely and are perpendicular to the third
monoclinous. pistils and stamens in same flower
monocoque. fuselage is supportive structure
monocracy. autocracy
monocyte. large white blood corpuscle
monodactyl. only one claw on each extremity
monogenesis. all life is descended from one cell
monogenetic. asexual; arising from a common formation process (mountain range)
monogenic. having common origin, e.g., rocks; of or regulated by one gene or of a pair of allelic; producing offspring mostly of one sex
monogenism. mankind stemmed from a common pair of ancestors
monogyny. only one wife at a time
monoicous. having archegonia and antheridia on the same plant
monomorphic. having one form, e.g., crystal; having a basic structure unchanged
monophthong. tow written vowels representing a single sound: oo, oa
monophytetic. in a single phylum; descended from one stock or source
monophysite. Christ had but a single divine nature
monoplegia. paralysis of a single area
monoploid. haploid set of chromosomes
monopodium. trunk of conifer, giving off branches
monoprotic. only one hydrogen ion to donate in and acid/base reaction
monopsony. several vendors, one buyer
monosepalous. sepals fused
monotreme. egg-laying mammals of Australia and New Guinea: echidna and platypus
monotrichous. only one flagellum at one pole
monotrophic. monophagous
mons. protuberance like pubic bones
Monseigneur. French title of respect given to princes and prelates
Monsignor. prelate having rank of chamberlain. Given by Pope
mons pubis. male mons
monstrance. receptacle in which the host (Eucharist wafer) is held
mons veria. female mons
montagnard. Southern Viet Nam on Cambodian border
montane. growing in mountainous regions
montan wax. hard, white wax obtained from lignite
monte. card game involving bets
montero. huntsman's cap with side flaps
montessori method. instruction that stresses child's own initiative
monticule. secondary volcanic cone
monzonite. igneous rock of plagioclase and orthoclase
moon blindness. recurrent inflammation of horse's eye; night blindness
moon-calf. a fool from birth; a freak
moon-seed. vine
moon shell. gastropod having smooth spherical shell
moonstone. pearly translucent feldspar (gem)
moony. moonlit; dreamy
moorhen. a gallinule
moorwort. bog rosemary (asphodel)
moot. hypothetical; meeting of freemen of shire; to discuss or debate; arguable; to plead or argue; of no practical importance
moquette. heavy fabric used for upholstery; carpet with deep, tufted pile
mora. in verse, the unit of metrical time equal to the short syllable
Moravian. Czech
mordacious. biting, caustic, sarcastic
mordant. a reagent serving to etch or fix colors
mordent. melodic trill with note below
moreen. ribbed fabric with embossed finish for clothing or upholstery
morello. sour cherry
morel. edible mushroom
moresque. Moorish
morganitic. marriage between royalty and a commoner
morganite. rosy pink semi-precious gem
Morgan le Fay. King Arthur's enemy
morgen. Dutch/South African land measure = 2.116 acres
morion. crested metal helmet worn by soldiers in the 1500's and 1600's.
morion. smoky quartz: almost black
morph. an allomorph; a phoneme assumed to be an allomorph although its assignment to a particular morpheme has not been established
morpheme. a meaningful linguistic unit, such as man, or a word element such as ed in walked, that cannot be divided into smaller meaningful parts
morphallxis. The regeneration of a part by structural reorganization rather than the production of new cells - Gr.: morph, (form) + allaxis, (change).
morphogenesis. evolutionary development of the structure of an organism
morphophonemics. linguistic structure in terms of the phonological patterning of morphemes.
morphology. biological study of the form and structure of living organisms; the structure and form of an organism; geomorphology; study of word formation in a language, including inflection, derivation, and construction of compounds - morphe + logo, (word).
morphosis. the manner or order in which an organism or one of its parts changes
morris. English folk dance in which story is enacted by costumed dancers
mort. the note sounded on a hunting horn when an animal is killed
mort. a great number or quantity; dummy whist
mortmain. "dead hand", perpetual ownership of church lands; oppression of the past
morula. spherical embryonic mass of blastomeres before complete blastulation
mosaicism. tissues of genetically different types appear in same organism
moschatel. musky plant
moshav. Israeli cooperative settlement of small farms
mosso. with motion or animation
mosstroopers. 17th C. bog raiders
mostaccioli. pasta: short tubes with slanted ends
mot. incisive or witty remark
motet. polyphonic, based on sacred text and sung a capella
Mother Carey's chicken. petrel
mot juste. most exact or suitable word or expression
motmot. S.A. tropical birds with green and blue plumage
motta. copse or stand of trees on prairie
mottled enamel. fluoride-mottled tooth enamel
mouillé. To soften by soaking, to ret or macerate.
moulage. making a mold in criminal investigations
moulin. vertical shaft in glacier kept open by falling water (Moulin Rouge).
moussaka. Greek: layers of sliced beef and sliced eggplant topped w. cheese sauce
mousse. jello with whipped cream; meat or fish with whipped cream
Mousterian. followed Acheulian
mouthbreeder. fish that carry eggs and young in their mouths
moutonnée. rounded by glacial action to a shape like a sheep's back
Mozareb. Spanish Christians who retained their religion under Moslems
mozetta. short hooded cape worn by bishops
mozo. helps with pack train or is porter
Mr. Charlie.. honky
Mrs. Grundy. extremely conventional or priggish woman
mucin. produced by mucous membranes
mucoids. like mucin. Found in connective tissue
mucopolysaccharide. hydrophilic polysaccharides that produce lubricating, mucilaginous
mucopurulent. mucous and pus
mucro. a sharp tip of some plant and animal organs
mudra. body postures and hand movements with which a dancer enacts a narrative
mudstone. stone turns to mud when wet
mufti. judge interpreting Islamic law
mukluk. soft Eskimo boot
mulct. fine
muleta. red cape on staff used by matador - Lat.: mule, (she-mule).
muley. hornless
muliebrity. femininity
mullein. plant
mulligattawny. curry-flavored meat soup
multifid. having many clefts forming lobes -(bifida) multi + finere (to cleave).
multifold. manyfold
multiparous. having borne more than one child
multiple allele. a set of three or more alleles or alternative states of a gene which can be present in a somatic cell at one time
multiversity. major university
multure. fee paid for grinding grain at a mill - Lat.: molere, (to grind).
mungo. reclaimed wool of low quality
muntjac. small deer
mure. to immure
murein. a peptidoglycan found in cell walls
murex. gastropod yielding royal purple
muricate. roughened surface because of many short spines
murphy. a potato
murraine. pestilence or dire disease, e.g., anthrax
murphy bed. bed that folds into closet
murre. sea birds, temperate and arctic
muscadet. dry white wine
muscadine. woody vine with musky grape
muscarine. highly toxic compound found in mushrooms
muscae volitantes. motes caused by cell fragments
muscat. sweet white grapes used for raisins and wine (muscatel)
muscovite. mica; insulator
Muse. daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus
musette. small French bagpipe with soft sound
music of the spheres. naudible music that Pythagoras thought was produced by planets
musique concrête. heterogeneous musical sounds randomly modified and arranged
musksquash. muskrat
Musselman. Moslem
must. fermenting juice from, e.g., grapes
musteline. pertaining to the badger, mink, otter, and weasel
mutatis mutandis. the necessary changes have been made
mutchkin.. 0.9 cents
mycelium.. A vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branching threadlike filaments called hyphae. Lat.: huphe, (web).
mycenean. Aegean from 1400 B. C. to 1150 B. C.
mycetoma. chronic fungus infection leading to nodules that discharge oily pus
mycetozoan. slime mold
mycorrhiza. Symbiotic association of mycelium of fungus with the roots of conifers, beeches, orchids.
mydriasis. Prolonged dilation of the pupil of the eye.
mydriatic. belladonna.. dilates pupils
myelitis. inflammation of spinal column or bone marrow
myeloma. malignant tumor of the bone marrow
mylasis. infestation of human tissue by fly maggots or flies - Gr.: mua, (fly).
mylonite. fine-grained rock layers formed by shifting of rock layers - Gr.: mulon, (mill).
myocardium. heart muscle
myology. scientific study of muscles
myoma. a muscle tumor
myope. myopic - Lat.: mulops, (myopia).
myosin. muscle protein. With actin, it forms myosoactin
myosotis. forget-me-not
myotonia. muscle spasm
myrmecophile. organism that shares an ant colony (aphid?) (inquiline).
Myrmidon. followed Achilles against Troy
myrobatan. Indian almond - Gr.: muron, (perfume) + batanos, (fruit shaped like an acorn).
mysophilia. pathological interest in excreta Gr.: musos, (filth).
mysophobia. pathological fear of contamination
mystagogue. one who prepared initiates for initiation into a mystery cult; anagoge
mysticate. whales w. symmetrical skulls, paired blowholes, whalebone for teeth - Lat.: mysticutus < Gr.: ho mus to ketos, (the whale called "the mouse").
mythomania. compulsion to embroider the truth
mythopoeic. myth-making - Gr.: poien, (to make) + muthos, (story).
myxedema. decreased thyroid activity, swelling around lips & nose, mental deterioration.
myxoma. A benign tumor consisting of mucus + connective tissue - Gr.: muxa, (mucus) + soma
myxocyte. large cell found in mucous tissue
myxomatosis. growth of many myxomas (connective tissue with mucous elements) highly infectious, usually fatal disease of rabbits with similar tumors
myxomycete. slime mold
myxocyte. large cell found in mucous tissue
myxomatosis. growth of many myxomas (connective tissue with mucous elements) highly infectious, usually fatal disease of rabbits with similar tumors
myxomycete. slime mold