K-Word Definitions

Kabuki. formal, stylized Japanese drama; 
Kabyle. North African Berber/ language
kachina. doll representing rain-bringing Hopi ancestors
Kaddish. Jewish prayer recited daily and by mourners
Kaffir. black South African; Bantu Xhosa; sorghum
kaffiyeh. Arab headband
Kafir. Iranians
Kafkaesque. surreal distortion, sense of impending danger
kain. tax or rent payments in kind
kainite. fertilizer
kaka. brownish-green New Zealand parrot
kakapo. ground-dwelling New Zealand parrot
kalaazar. fatal parasitic Asiatic disease
kaon unstable meson
kama. Hindu god of love
kamala. Asian tree with vermifugal powder
Kamasutra Sanscrit treatise setting forth rules for Hindu love and marriage
kana hiragana, katakana
kapellmeister choir or orchestra leader
karabiner piton ring
karyogamy the coming together and fusing of gamete nuclei
karyokinesis mitosis
karyolymph liquid portion of nuclear protoplasm
karyoplasm nucleoplasm
karyosome spherical aggregation of chromatin in a resting nucleus during mitosis
karyotype the chromosomal complement of an individual, species-peculiar
kasha buckwheat groats
katharevusa modern (demotic) Greek
kauri coniferous trees of New Zealand; resins used in enamels
kava. Australasian shrub, intoxicating brew
kea. New Zealand parrot that sometimes eats sheep
kedge. light anchor used to warp a vessel
kedgeree. baked fish, boiled rice, and eggs
keeshound. Netherlands dog, grayish-black coat
keelson. timber above and parallel to the keel
kefir. fermented cow's milk
kegler. bowler
keister. bottom
keloid surgical scars
kelpie. malevolent Scottish water spirit
kelpie. Australian sheep dog
kenning. a metaphorical, usually-compound expression used in a name
keno. game of chance, like lotto
kenosis. Christ's relinquishment of Godhood
kent. past tense of ken
kentledge. pig-iron used as permanent ballast
kepi. French military cap
keratectomy. surgical removal of the cornea
kerf. groove or notch made by a cutting tool
kermes. dried bugs used as red dye
kermis. fund-raising fair or carnival
kernite. source of borax and boron compounds
kerogen. in shale. Yields oil
khamsin. simoom
khedive. Turkish viceroy ruling Egypt
kiang. wild ass
klaugh. trouble, anxiety
kidderminster. an ingrain carpet
kiddush. traditional Jewish blessing recited over bread or a cup of wine
kieselguhr. zeolite
kieserite. MgSO4 mineral
kif. smoking material from hemp used in the Maghreb
kikuyu. Bantu people of Kenya
kilderkin. 18-gallon cask
kilim. Oriental-tapestry woven rug
killdeer. bird
killick. small stone anchor in wooden frame
killifish. cyprinodontidae
kinnikinnick. Amerind smoking material
kino. reddish resin
kip. untanned hide of young animal
kip. rooming house, bed, sleep
kip. 1,000-lb. Weight
kirigami. cutting and folding paper
kirach. cherry brandy
kirtle. knee-length tunic; woman's long dress or skirt
kishke. derma (beef casing filled with matzo, onion & suet)
kit small 3-stringed violin
kitsch pretentious bad taste
kiva. underground Navaho council room
klavern. Ku Klux Klan
klipspringer. small, hoofed African mammal
kloof. deep ravine in South Africa
knawel. low-growing Eurasian weedy plant
knesset. Israeli Parliament
knish. piece of dough stuffed with potato, meat or cheese and then baked or fried
knobkerrie. short South African knobbed-head club
knop. decorative knob
knout. a leather scourge for flogging criminals
knur. gnarl
koala. Australian marsupial
koan. a paradoxical riddle for gaining intuitive knowledge
kobold. mischievous household elf in German folklore
koksaghyz. rubber-bearing Asian dandelion
kola. African trees with nuts used for beverages
kola nuts. caffeine, theobromine
kolacky. pastry: rich, sweet bun with fruit or poppyseed filling
kolinsky. northern Eurasian minks
kolkhaz. Soviet collective farm
Kol Nidre. opening prayer on eve of Yom Kippur
kookaburra. large Australian kingfisher. Call sounds like raucous laugh
koto. Japanese musical instrument: 13 strings over rectangular box
kreutzer. low-value German coins
krimmer. Gray, curly fur from Crimean lambs
Kshatriya. Hindu Professional, governing, and military caste
kuchen. yeast-raised coffee cake
kümmel. caraway-flavored liqueur
kundalini. spiritual energy that lies dormant at base of spine until brain is enlightened
kurrajong. Australian evergreen
kuru. fatal New Guinea viral disease
kvass. made from rye or barley
kvetch. chronic complaint
kyphosis. rearward spinal curvature
kyrie. "Lord, have mercy."