J-Word Vocabulary Definitions

jabiru. tropical American wading bird, white plumage, naked neck
jaborandi. shrubs
jabot. lace ruffles
jacal. thatch-roofed wattle and daub hut
jacamar. iridescent, tropical, long bill
jacan. walk-0n-water tropical marsh birds
jacaranda. tropical tree
jacklight. fishing lure
jacksnipe. Old World wading bird, long bill, brownish
jackstay. braces against gaff; top rope, rod or batten from which sail is hung
Jacobean. James I, coin
Jacobin. radical French revolutionary
Jacobit. James II
Jacob's ladder. rope, rigid rungs
jaconet. lightweight cotton lawn (gauze)
jacquerie. 1358: French peasant uprising against nobility
jactitation. false boasting at others' expense; pathological restlessness in bed
jaeger. sea birds that grab food from other birds; huntsman or attendant
jagger. unrefined sugar from palm sap
jaguarondi. long-tailed wild cat
jakes. a privy
jalap. Mexican plant used as cathartic
Jainism. India, denies existence of Supreme Being
Jansenism. predestination, human nature is incapable of good
Janissery. elite Turkish guard, 1300's to 1826
jambeau. armor for leg below knee, chausse
jardiniere. decorated stand or pot for plants, diced, cooked veggies as garnish
jarl. great medieval Scandinavian chief or nobleman
je ne sois quoi. difficult to say
jennet. small Spanish saddle horse
jenny. female donkey, wren, spinning jenny
jess. strap around the leg of a hawk or falcon
jetty. jet-colored
jeunesse doree. fashionable, wealthy young people
jib. to stop short and turn restively from side to side
jibe. to shift a fore-and-aft sail from side to side while sailing before the wind
jigger mast.  the fourth mast aft on a four-masted ship
jim-jams. jitters, DT's
jimmies. chocolate sprinkles on ice cream
jink. to make a quick, evasive turn
Job's comforter. one who discourages or saddens under the guise of support
John Dory. spiny-finned Atlantic fish
Johnny-jump-up. the heartsease
joinder. a joining of causes in a lawsuit
jones. heroin, an addiction to heroin
joss. a Chinese idol or image
Johunheim. Utgard
joyance. delight
joypop. intermittent use of narcotics
juba. West African group dance (in South in 18th & 19th centuries)
jubal. Cain's descendent who invented musical instruments
jugate. a pair of pairs
jugum.  a yoke-like structure such as a pair of opposite leaflets
juju. fetish, supernatural power
jujuba. tree, fruit of tree, candy
junta. military officers holding power
junto. small, usually secret conspiracy
jurat. certification of an affidavit certifying when, where, and before whom sworn
juris consult. a legal consultant
jus gentium. law of nations (international law)
jussive. word, mood, or form used to express command