I-Word Vocabulary Definitions

ibex. Mountain goat.
Iceland spar. A doubly refracting calcite used in laboratory instruments.
ice needle. high in atmosphere
ice-out. thawing
ich. contagious fish disease
ichneumon. mongoose
ichneumon fly. wasp-like - larvae eat other larvae
ichnite. fossilized footprint
ichthyornis. Cretaceous fish-eating bird.
ichthyosaurus. Gigantic fish-like dinosaur.
ichthyosis. congenital skin disease
iconology. Branch of art history dealing with iconic representations.
iconostasis. screen
ictarus. jaundice
ictus. a sudden attack
ideate . imagine, conceive
idee fixe. obsession
identic. diplomacy. Agree upon using same forms
ideomotor. A motor response to an ideational rather than a sensory stimulus.
ides. 15th of March, May, July, October; 13th of other months
idiolect. speech patterns unique to his language or dialect
idiomorphic. having a characteristic shape (used of well-crystallized minerals)
idiopathy. disease of unknown cause
idiocrase. green, brown, yellow, or blue mineral
ignis fatuus. mirage; con
iguanodon. dinosaur
ihram. Moslem sacred dress, sacred state
ikebana. Japanese flower arranging
ileum. small intestine between jejunum and cecum
ileus. intestinal obstruction
ilex.. holly, holm oak
ilium.. uppermost and widest pelvic bone
ilka.. each
illation. drawing/inferring conclusions
illuviation. depositing in underlying soil
ilmenite. brownish-black titanium ore
Ilocana. Malays in the Philippines
imago. sexually mature insect - e.g., butterfly
imaret. inn for pilgrims
imbibition. absorption with swelling
imbricate. overlapping
imbrue. stain or saturate
imbrute. to make brutal
imipramine. antidepressant
immanentism. God is immanent in the world
immaterialism. Guess!
immerge. opposite of emerge
immortelle. plant with flowers that retain their color when dried
immunoglobulin. immune protein
impaste. make into paste; apply paint or pigment thickly
impasto. to apply paint thickly
impendent. impending
impetate. to obtain by petition; to beseech
implead. to sue
impone. to wager
importunate. stubbornly or unreasonably persistent
impost. the weight a horse must carry as a handicap; something levied
impost. the uppermost part of a column, supporting an arch
imprest. an advance loan of government funds for some service to the government
imprimis "in the first place"
impudicity. immodesty, shamelessness
inanation. exhaustion
incommode. discommode
incommodity. same thing
incondite. crudely constructed
increate. existing without having been created
increscent. the waxing moon
incult. uncultured
incunabulum. book printed before 1500; early artifact
incus. anvil-shaped bone in the middle ear (incus, malleus & stapes)
incuse. formed by hammering, stamping, or pressing
indaba. tribal conference in southern Africa
indehiscent. not splitting open at maturity
indiaman. a large merchant ship
Indic. pertaining to India
Indican. K salt found in sweat and urine
indifferentism. all religions are of like validity
indign. unworthy
Indra. Vedic deity of rain and thunder
indult. usually temporary Catholic indulgence
indusium. enclosing membrane e.g., enclosing sorus of a fern
infante. son of Hispanic king ineligible for the throne
infauna. aquatic animals living on the substrate of a body of water
inflect. bend; alter tone or pitch, to modulate; to alter a word by inflection
inflorescence. flower arrangement; to flower
infundibuliform. funnel-shaped
infundibulum. funnel-shaped body parts (the nares)
inlier. an older rock formation completely surrounded by newer strata
inly. inwardly
in media res. in the middle of things
inoperculate. no operculum (lid or flap covering e.g., gill or erupting tooth)
inosculate. to open into one another; to unite by small openings
inpersonam. against a person
impetto. in secret, when the Pope would secretly appoint a new cardinal
inquiline. an animal that lives commensally in the burrow of another animal
in rem. against a thing (property, status, or a right)
insectary. insect breeder
insensible. imperceptible
insessorial. adapted for perching
insipience. lack of wisdom
instancy. immediacy
instar. an insect between molts
instauration. renovation; establishment
instroke. up-stroke of piston
instrumentalism. ideas are guides to action, with validity determined by success
insufflate. to blow or breathe into
insufflation. a ritual act of breathing on baptismal water or applicant
intendent. district administrator in some Latin American countries
intension. Logic: properties connoted by a term; intensity
inter alia. among other things
inter alios. among other persons
intercrop. planting a second crop between the rows of the first
intercurrent. interruption in a process; occurring during an existing disease
intergrade. to merge into each other in a series of steps, forms or types
intermit. to suspend temporarily
interneuron. internuncial neuron
internuncial. linking two neurons in a neuronal pathway
internuncio. just below a nuncio
interpellate. to formally question a government official about personal behavior
interrobang. ?!
intertexture. to complect; complected
intervate. tract of low-lying land, esp. along a river
intrados. inner curve of an arch
intravasation. introduction of foreign material into a blood vessel
intravenation. Guess!
intragent. one who intrigues
intromit. to cause or permit to enter; to introduce or admit
introrse. turned inward toward the axis
intumesce. to swell or enlarge
insusseptation. invagination (appendix)
inunction. anointing; rubbing in ointment
inutile. lacking in utility
inverness. a loose overcoat with detachable cape
inverted comma. quotation mark
inverted mordant. pralltriller (a mordent - trill- using auxiliary note above principal note)
involucel. little secondary bracts (Queen Anne's lace)
involucure. primary bracts
involucrum. enveloping sheath or envelope
involution. involvement; intricate, complex; raising to a power; formation of gastrula 
iodophore. free iodine releaser
iodopsin. light sensitive pigment in retinal cones
iomoth. large. yellowish moth with eye-spots
ionone. odor of violets
iotacism. conversion of other vowel sounds in Greek to iota
Iphegenia. daughter of Clymenestra and Agamemnon
ipse dixit. unsupported claims
ipsissima verba the very words
ipso jure. .by the law itself
irenic. promoting peace, conciliatory
iradaceous. pertaining to iris family
iridectomy. removal of part of the iris of the eye
iridic. iridaceous
iridosmine. osmium iridium
iritis. inflammation of the iris
irradicable. cannot be eradicated
irrecusable. not subject to challenge or objection
irredentist. wants to get back land
irremissible. unpardonable
irrupt. to break into; used with populations
isallobar. equal changes in barometric pressure within a given time
ischeum. the lowest of the three pelvic bones
Iseult. Isolde, Irish princess who had hopeless affair with Tristan (Arthurian)
Ishmael. Abraham and Hagar's son
Ismaili. Shiah Moslem
isoagglutination. serum of agglutination by serum of same species
isoantigen. occurs only in some individuals
isochronal. same time intervals
isocline.  cline with strata so tightly folded, they have the same dip
isoclinic line. equal magnetic dip
isogloss. geo-boundary line for same linguistic feature
isogram. connecting points of equal value
isohel. equal sunlight
isohemolysin. hemolysin when injected with blood from same species
isohyet. same rainfall
isomer. same composition and molecular weight but different properties.
isometric. crystal:: orthogonal axes; of equal measure
isomorphism. similar in form; mapping of G into H such that abj* = a*jb* for all a ,b in G
isopod. crustaceans, including sow bugs and gribbles
Issel. Nissei
istle, ixtle. a plant, pita, or its fiber
itacolumite. sandstone flexible when cut into thin slabs
ithyphallic. erect penis; phallus carried in ancient festival of Bacchus
iwis. certainly, assuredly
izar. long cotton outer garment (usually white) worn by Moslem women