F-Word Definitions

fabiau. medieval verse tale, comic and ribald
Farbry’s disease. hereditary, impaired kidney function
facete. funny, witty
facies. appearance rock distinguished from others
–facient. causing, bringing about
factitive. transitive verb that sometimes takes an objective complement to dir. object..
facula bright spots on sun’s photosphere
fado.. plaintive Portuguese folk song
Fafnir. guarded Nibelungs treasure, slain by Fafnir
fag. drudgery, a drudge
fagoting. pulling out horizontal threads and tying vertical threads into bunches
faience. Earthenware decorated with colorful, opaque glazes
faille. slightly-ribbed, woven fabric
fainéant. irresponsible idler
fairlead. rigging grommet
faitour. deceiver, imposter
felafel. fried ground chickpeas and fava beans
Falange. Falangists
falcate. sickle-shaped
falchion. short medieval broadsword
falciform. falcate
falcongentle. female peregrine falcon
faldstool. where worshipers kneel to pray, British monarch kneels at coronation
fallal. frippery
Fallot’s tetralogy. congenital heart condition
false keel. protective strip below main keel
Falstaffian. Ho, ho, ho!
faltboat. foldboat
falx. sickle-shaped
famulus. private attendant or servant
fandango. Spanish dance in triple time
fanfaronade. bragging or blustering
fanion. surveyor’s flag, military
fanlight. half-circle window with crossbars arranged like ribs of fan
fantoccini. animated puppets
fantod. state of nervous irritability
fan vaulting. ribs arch our like a fan
fanwort. aquatic
farandolé. spirited Provencal circle dance
farci. stuffed, as with ground meat
farcy.  chronic cutaneous glanders
fardel. pack, burden
farfel. noodles in shape of small pellets
farina. fine cereal meal
farinaceous. starchy; mealy or powdery
farinose. covered with mealy powder
farkleberry. hard, black berries
farnesol. used in perfumery
faroese. Faeroe Islands (Germanic)
farrago. salmagundi
farrier. blacksmith
farrow. litter of pigs
farthing. worth 1/4th cent
farthingale. skirt spreader
fascia. enclosing muscles; band of color; band between moldings; dashboard
fasciate. abnormally flattened
fascicle. one part of a book; cluster of stems, a small bundle
fasciulus. bundle of nerve fibers having common functions and connections
fascine. bundle of sticks tied together
fascioliasis. nematode infestation
fastigate. tapering to a point; erect and almost parallel (branches)
fastigium. period of maximum development of a disease
fata morgana. mirage
fatidic. mantic
faubourg. suburb; municipal district
fauces. space between mouth and pharynx, bounded by pallatine arches, soft
faugh!. derisive.
Faunus. Roman God of nature and fertility
fauvism. bold, often distorted forms and vivid colors
fava bean. broad bean
favus. chronic scalp, nail infection
fay. to join or fit closely
fay. fairy
fazenda. hacienda, coffee plantation
fayalite. yellowish to black olivene
Feast of Lights. Chanukah
featherbone. lightweight corset bone made from fowl quill
featheredge tapering edge of board
febrifacient. causes fever
feckless. ineffective; irresponsible
fecundate. to render fruitful
fee simple. unqualified ownership
fee tail. land estate limited to specific group of heirs
feeze. heavy impact; state of vexation
fell. inhumanly cruel nature; lethal; biting
fell. animal hide
felatio. oral stimulation of the penis
fellmonger. hide-maker
felly. the rim of a wheel supported by spokes
felsite. feldspar and quartz
femur. thighbone
felodese. act of committing suicide; death through unlawful and malicious act
fen. low, flat swampy land.. a bog
Fenian. legendary, heroic Irish warriors, 3rd C. A. D.
fennec. small North-African fox
fennel. flowers, seeds for flavoring
fenny. pertaining to fens
fentugreek. clover-like
feoffment. act of granting a feudal estate or fee
feral. having returned to its wild state
feria. a weekday on a church calendar when no feast is observed
ferine. feral
fermata. prolongation of a chord beyond its nominal value
fermi. 10-15 meters
ferret. narrow piece of tape used to edge fabric
ferriage business of ferrying
ferruginous. iron; rust-colored
ferrule. metal cap
ferule. baton used to punish children
fescinnine. licentious, obscene
fess. horizontal band forming mid-section of an escutcheon
fesspoint. center point of escutcheon
festinate. hasten
festschriff. von Braun’s 50th anniversary volume
feta. white cheese made from goat’s milk
fetation. fetal development
fète champètre. outdoor party
faterita. sorghum
feticide. murder of a fetus
fetlock. knob behind horse’s hoof, tuft of hair, fetlock joint
fetor. stench
fettle. to line the hearth of a reverberatory furnace with loose sand before pouring
fettling. material used to fettle
fettucini. narrow strips of pasta
feud. a fee
feudatory. vassal holding a fee
feuilleton. European newspaper section containing light fiction, reviews and art
Feulgen reaction. stained DNA
feverfew. aromatic plant
fevertree. eucalyptus
fey. soon to die; under a spell; visionary powers
fiacre. small hackney coach
fiat money. not backed by gold or silver
fibula. with tibula. outer, smaller shank-bone
fichu. woman’s triangular scarf of lightweight fabric, tied in loose knot in front
fictile. plastic, moldable
fictive. pertaining to the creation of fiction
fido. coin containing a minting error
field capacity. water capacity of a field
field fare. Old World thrush
fiere facias. writ to seize goods of a debtor
fife rail. rail around ship’s mast to which belaying pins for rigging are secured
fig. dress array (in full fig); physical condition
figural. pictorial composition of human, animal figures
figurant. stage performer without a speaking part; corps de ballet who doesn’t solo
filar. pertaining to threads; reticle
filaree. alfilaria (flower)
filaria. nematodes transmitted by biting insects
filature. spinning, reeling raw silk from cocoons
filet. net or lace with simple pattern of squares
filiate. to assign paternity to a bastard child
filiation. line of descent
fillip. a snap of your thumb
filoplume. hair-like feather with few or no barbs
filose. having a threadlike part
filter feeder. feeds on particulates in water
fimbriate. fringed, like the edge of a petal
fin de siècle. end of 19th C.: effete artistic sophistication
fines herbes. finely chopped herbs
finial. screw on top of lampshade, top ornament
finnan haddie. smoked haddock
finochio. fennel
fipple. the wooden block that forms a flue in wind instrument mouthpieces
fire beetle. luminous spots
fire blight. destructive fruit tree disease
firebird. birds with bright plumage (Baltimore oriole)
firedamp. combustible gas in mines
firebrat. windless destructive insect
firedrake. fiery dragon (German)
firelock. flintlock
fire pink. flower
fireflood. injecting compressed air into petroleum reservoir and burning some
firkin. small wooden barrel.. about 9 gallons
firmer chisel. fine-blade chisel for finishing work
firn. snow that has been partially consolidated but not yet converted to glacial ice
firstling. first of a kind; firstborn
firth. fjord
fisc. treasury of a kingdom
fish hawk. osprey
fish plate. plates that hold beams or railroad rails in place
fish joint. fish-plate joint
fissi-. split, cleft
fishipalmate. having lobed or partially-webbed toes (birds)
fissiparous. reproducing by fission
fissiped. separated toes
fistula. abnormal duct to the body surface or to another cavity
fistulous. reed-like
fitch. fur of the Old World polecat (ferret?)
fixed oil. non-volatile( fatty) oil as distinguished from an essential oil
fjeld. high, barren Scandinavian plateau
flabellate. fan-shaped
flabellum. fan-shaped anatomical structure
flack. press agent
flacon. small decorative flagon with tight-fitting stopper
flagellum. one who whips
flageliform. whip-shaped
flageolet. small flute-like instrument. 4 finger holes, 2 thumbholes
flagitious. extremely brutal or cruel crimes
flake. fish-drying platform
flamen. priest of a Roman deity
flan. tart filled with custard, fruit, or cheese; a coin blank
flanerie. aimless idling, dawdling
flaneur. An aimless idler
flannel cake. pancake
flannel leaf. a mullein (plant)
flapdoodle. nonsense
flareback. backflash in breach of gun
flashboard. board raising the top of a dam
flatlet. an efficiency apartment
flatus. gas in stomach
flavescent. turning yellow or yellowish
flavone. number of important yellow pigments
fleche. slender spire above nave-transept intersection
fleer smirk or laugh
fleiship. prepared with meat (Yiddish)
fleshings. flesh-colored tights; bits of flesh removed from a hide
flews. pendulous corners of a hound’s lips
flexagon. folded paper: reveals different features on folding
flexuous. binding or winding alternatively from side to side
fley. frighten
flinders. bits
flinkite. brownish-green manganese arsenate
flint disease. pneumonoconiosis
flint head. the wood ibis
flitch. salted, cured side of bacon; several beams fastened together
flitter. to flutter
floc. flocculent mass
flocculent. fluffy-looking; woolly masses; woolly, waxy insect secretion
flocculus. two small cerebellar lobes
Flora. Goddess of flowers
florentine. dull chased or rubbed surface; served with spinach
florescence. condition, time of blossoming
floret. small flower, esp. of a composite plant
floribunda. houseplant
florin. British coin worth two shillings
floristics. study of the numerical distributions of plants
flotage. floatation
flubdub. pretentious nonsense
flue. one of several kinds of fishing nets
flugelhorn. bugle with valves
flummery. custard; meaningless flattery, nonsense
flummox. to confuse
fluorosis. excessive flouride intake, mottling of teeth
flourspar. a flourite
fluvial. river
fluviomarine. joint deposits near ocean
fly agaric. poisonous mushroom
flyblow. blowfly egg
flying fox. fruit-eating bats of Africa
flying frog. gliding frog (S. E. Asia)
flying gurnard. flying fishes
flying jib. a light sail attached to a jib extension
flying lemur. A lemur with a patagium
flying lizard. A lizard with a patagium
flying mare. wrestling throw
fly poison. plant
foehn. a warm, dry wind coming off the leeward side of mountain range
fog bow. often seen opposite the sun in a fog back
fogdog. bright or clear spot in a fog bank
fotate. folic acid
foliaceous. leaf of a plant
folie a deux. same delusional ideas shared by two
folicolous. parasitic to leaves
foliose. leafy
foliuk. thin layer of rock; loop asymptotic to straight line
folkmote. general assembly in medieval England of a town, shire, etc.
Folsom. east of Rockies, leaf-shaped stone implements
fomite. inanimate object that transfer infections
fondant. sweet, creamy sugar paste
fondle. pamper; stroke
fontanelle. soft membranous intervals in infants’ incompletely ossified skulls
fontina. ripened cheese
foofaraw. flashy ornamentation; much ado about nothing
fool’s parsley. poisonous plant
footfault. tennis
footle. waste time, talk nonsense
footling. trifling
footpace. raised platform
footrope. rope attached to sail’s lower portion; rope rigged below a yard to stand on during the reefing or furling of a sail
footwall. mass of rock lying underneath a mineral deposit in a mine
foramen. opening through a bone or membrane
foramen magnum. spinal cord
foraminifer. unicellular microorganisms with calcareous shells through which pseudopods project
forb. a herbaceous plant other than a grass, esp., growing in a meadow.
force majeure. unexpected, uncontrollable event
forcemeat. finely-ground meat used in stuffing
forcipate. forceps-shaped
foredo. to utterly exhaust
forebrain. anterior region of embryonic brain
forecastle. front deck
forelock. cotter pin, linch pin
foremast. forward mast
forepeak. at the bow
forereach. to gain ground (sailing)
foresheet. rope used for trimming the foresail; the space near bow of open boat
foresail. principal square sail; principal triangular sail (hung to forestay, sloop & cutter.
foreshore. part covered by high tide
forestay. stay from head of foremast to bowsprit
fore-to-ken. foreshow, presage
foretop. platform at top of ship’s foremast
foretopgallant. mast directly above the foremast
foretopmast. mast above the foretop platform
foretopsail. sail hung from the foretopmast
foreyard. lowest yard on a foremest
forficate. deeply forked or notched (bird’s tail)
forgetive. inventive
formicary. ant nest
formcivorous. feeding on ants
fornix. pair of bands of white fibers beneath corpus callosum
foreswear. renounce
fortalice. small fort
fortis. pronounced with tension and strong articulation (fortis consonants: f, p)
Fortuna. Roman goddess of fortune
forzando. storzando
fosse. ditch or moat
fossa . hollow or depression
fossick. to search for gold (among tailings); to rummage (for profit)
fossorial. adapted for burrowing or digging
foudroyant. dazzling or stunning
foulard. lightweight twill or plain woven; silk
fourchette. forked reinforcement on backs of gloves
fourdrinier. continuous paper roll machine
fourgon. baggage wagon
fourragére. ornamental braided cord looped around left shoulder (awarded to military)
fovea. cup-like depression in bone or other organ
fovea centralis. eye
fowling piece. light shotgun
foxfire. produced by fungi
foxglove. source of digitalis
foy. farewell feast, drink, or gift
fracted. broken
frae. from fraise: defense of pointed stakes; 16th C. ruff
fraktur. old German letter style
frambesia. yaws (spirochete skin disease)
francolin. bird (quail or partridge)
frangipani. showy, fragrant shrub, perfume; almond-filled pastry
franklin. rich medieval English freeholder
franklinite. zinc, iron, and manganese source of zinc
frankpledge. Old English law: tithings of 10 households, held responsible for one another’s conduct
franseria. herbs and shrubs
frap. lash together; take up slack
frappè. icees; frozen fruit; milk shake (with ice cream)
fraxinela. gas plant (ash tree)
free alongside ship. free at no extra charge
freemartin. sexually deficient female calf born as bull café’s twin
freemasonry. spontaneous fellowship and sympathy among a number of people
fremitus. palpable vibration felt on chest during coughing or speaking
frena. plural of frenum
French chalk. tailors’ chalk
French seam. seam turned wrong-side out
frenum. membranous structure like fold under tongue that supports or restrains
fresco. painting on fresh, moist plaster with earth colors dissolved in water
freshet. a sudden overflow of a stream; fresh water stream meeting salt water
fresh gale. 49 to 46 miles an hour
fret. Medieval women’s interlaced wire headdress
Frey. Norse god of good weather and bountiful crops
Freya. Frey’s sister: goddess of love and beauty
friable. brittle, easily crumbled
friar’s lantern. ignis fatuus
fribble. to waste time; a frivolity
fricandeau. larded and braised cut of veal
fricasee. pieces of meat stewed in a gravy
fricative. "f" forcing of air through a restricted passage
Friedlander’s bacteria. one of the pneumonia bacteria
Friedmanite. Milton Friedman: government should regulate the money supply
frieze. decorated strip between architrave and cornice
frieze. coarse shaggy woolen cloth with an uncut nap
frig. to have sex
frigate. high speed war vessel; intermediate between cruiser and destroyer
frigate bird. snatches food from other birds in flight
Frigga. Odin’s wife, goddess of the heavens
frigorific. chilling
frijole. bean
fringed polygala. reddish-purple flowers
friseur. hairdresser
Frisian. Frisian Islands (West Germanic)
frith. estuary
frisette. curled fringe of hair worn on forehead
frizz. to fry with a sizzling noise
frizzel. to fry (bacon?) until curled
frow. cleaving tool with blade at right angles to handle
froghopper . the spittle bug
frondescent. leafy, profusion of fronds
frondose. frond-like
frontal. drapery covering front of alter
frontenis. Latin-American tennis played on a 3-walled court
frontlet. forehead ornament worn as a phylactic; distinctively marked animal forehead; border of a frontal
front matter. front of a book
frore. extremely cold, frosty
frottage. made by rubbing over object with paper
frou-frou. rustling sound; showy ostentation
frowzy. slovenly
frugivorous. fruit-eater
frumentaceous. resembling grain, esp. wheat
frumenty. hulled wheat boiled in milk and flavored with sugar and spices
frump. dull, plain unfashionable girl
frustule. the hard siliceous shell of a diatom
frutescent. pertaining to a shrub
fruticose. shrub-like, esp. in form
fubsy. chubby
fuchsin. purple-red
fucus. brown algae
fugacious. evanescent; withering early
fugleman. a soldier who serves as a role model for his company
fugue. polyphonic: number of voices are developed contrapuntally
fugue. person is apparently aware of his actions but doesn’t remember them
fulgent. shining brilliantly
fulgurant. flashing like lightning
fulgurite. glassy rock formed by lightning strikes
fuliginous. sooty
fuller. one who fulls cloth (by shrinking, beating, and pressing)
fuller.  blacksmith’s hammer
fuller’s earth. highly absorbent, clay-like, used in fulling woolen cloth, as filter
fuller’s teasel. plant
full stop. period at end of sentence
fulmar. gull-like arctic bird
fulminant. happening suddenly, rapidly and with great intensity
fulsome. offensively flattering; offensive to taste
fumatorium. kills pests
fumatory. pertaining to smoke or fumigating
fumitory. European flower
fundus. inner basal surface farthest from the opening (as in the eye)
fungible. one part may be swapped for another in payment of a debt
fungiform. mushroom-shaped
fungo. a practice fly ball hit to a fielder with a special bat
funiculus. slender cord-like strand, esp., bundled of nerve fibers in nerve trunk, umbilical cord, stalk connecting the seed to the placenta
funk. fright; depression
furanose. a sugar—four carbon atoms and one oxygen
furbish. brighten by cleaning; renovate
furcula. forked process, esp., the wishbone of a bird
furfuraceous. covered with scaly particles; like bran
furcate. fork
furfural. solvent for nitrocellulose
furfuran. furan: used in synthesis of nylon
furlong. 1/8th mile, 660 feet
furring. strips of wood to provide level surface or air space
furuncle. carbuncle
furunculosis. has boils
furze. gorse
fusel oil. solvent from fermentation of plants
fusiform. tapering at each end, spindle-shaped
fusil. light flintlock musket
fusile. formed by melting or casting
fustian. pretentious or pompous language; coarse, sturdy cloth of cotton and flax
fustic. small tropical tree, yellow dyestuff
fustigate. to cudgel
fusty. old-fashioned; musty
futhark. the runic alphabet
futilitarian. resistance is futile
futtock. one of curved timbers in hull of ship
futtock shroud. one of the iron rods used brace the mast of a ship
futtock plate. One of the iron plates at the mast top to hold the ends of the futtock shrouds
fuxx. the coppers
fylfot. swastika