E-Word Definitions

eagre. bore
ealdorman. chief magistrate in Anglo-Saxon England
ear. small box in upper corner of newspaper containing ad or weather
earl. above viscount, below marquis
ear shell. abalone shell
earwig. bugs having rear pincers; to try to influence with secret communications
easting. distance sailed on eastward course; easterly direction
eau de vie. brandy
Eblis. principal devil of Moslem mythology
ebonite. hard rubber
ebractate. no bracts
ebullition. sudden outpouring of emotion; boiling
ecce homo. picture of Christ wearing crown of thorns
ecchymosis. bruising
ecclesia. Greek citizens’ assembly; church or congregation
ecclesiology. study of church ornamentation and architecture
eccrine gland. sweat gland
cdysone. molting hormone
ecesis. establishment of organisms in new environment
echard. soil water not available for plants
echeveria. tropical plant
echidna. anteater
echino-. prickly
echinococcus. parasitic tapeworm
echinoderm. starfishes, sand dollars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers
echinus. a carved molding just below the abacus of a Doric capital
echolalia. involuntary repetition of others’ words or phrases
eclat. great brilliance, acclamation; conspicuous success
eclogue. pastoral dialogue poem
eclosion. emergence of an adult from an egg or pupa
ecocide. deliberate environment-ocide
ecotone. mixed vegetation formed by the overlapping of adjoining communities
ecotype. the smallest taxonomic subdivision of an ecospecies
ecru. grayish to pale yellow or light grayish yellow-brown
ecto-. outer, external
ectyocommensal. lives on outer body of other organism
ectoderm. outermost "skin" of an embryo
ectogenous. parasite can live outside host
ectomere. blastoderm that develops into ectoderm
ectomorph. asthenic (lean and slightly muscular)
ectopia. congenital positional abnormality of an organ
ectopic pregnancy. in Fallopian tubes
ectoplasm. ghost stuff; layer of gelatinous protoplasm just under the cell wall
ectosarc. clear outermost layer of protoplasm, e.g., in an amoeba
ectype. copy
écu. five-franc piece
edacious. lupine
edaphic.. pertaining to soil as it affects living organisms
Elder Edda. 13th C. Norse poems
Younger Edda. Icelandic
eddo. taro
edentate. anteaters, armadillos, and sloths
edentulous. toothless
edh/eth. the, with
EDTA. chelating agent
Edwardian. opulent, elegant, ornate, refined
eelpout. fish
eelworm. nematode
efface. erase
effloresce. to flower; to give up water of crystallization (powder)
effulgence. brilliance
eft. newt
eftsoons. soon afterward; once again
egesta. egested matter, excrement
eggs benedict. poached eggs on toast with ham and Hollendaise sauce
eglantine. sweetbriar
Egyptian clover. berseem
eider. duck
eidolon. apparition; image of ideal
eisteddfod. annual assembly of Welsh poets and musicians
ejecta. from volcano
eke. with great effort
ekistics. science of human settlements, including city planning
Elaine. Lancelot’s unrequited love; Mother of Sir Galahad
elapid. cobras and coral snakes
elasmobranch. sharks, rays, and skates
elaterid. click beetles
elaterite. hydrocarbon resin
Eleatic. Parmenides: immutable being is the only reality and change is mere opinion
elecampane. flower
Electra. avenges father’s death by killing mother and her lover
electroanalysis . electrochemical analysis
electrodialysis. uses electric field to speed up membranal diffusion
electrologist. removes body hair
electrophoresis.  uses electric field to move chemicals.
electrophorus. disk and metal plate to demonstrate static electricity
electrotonus. excitability and conductivity in a nerve
electrum. silver and gold alloy
electuary. drug mixed with sugar and water
eleemosynary. charitable; alms
elegiac. sorrow, mournful; couplets, with 1st line iambic hexameter and 2nd pent.
elegit. writ delivering debtor’s property to plaintiff until payment of debt
elegy. melancholy or pensive
elemi. oily resins
Eleusinian mysteries. Demeter cult (at Eleusis)
elevon. elevator and aileron
elf-lock. tangled lock of hair
elide. omit or slur over; to suppress
ell. 45 inches
elodea. aquatic beetle
Elohim. God
eloign. to remove to a distance ( as in one’s self)
eluant. solvent (with diluent)
elute. to extract one material from another
elutriate. wash, decant, and settle
eluvium. residual deposits of soil, rock, etc.
elver. young eel
elytron. chitinous or leathery forewings of a beetle
em. the square of the body size of any type
emarginate. with a notched tip
emblements. crops of a tenant farmer legally belonging to him
emblectomy. removal of an embolus
embolus. anything that clogs a blood vessel
emboly. development of a gastrula from a blastula by invagination
embonpoint. plumpness
embouchure. river mouth; mouthpiece of wind instr.; manner in which tongue and lips
embracery. attempt to bribe a jury
embrangle. entangle
embrasure. flared opening for a gun
embrocate. to rub back with lotion
embryectomy. surgical removal of an extra-uterine embryo
emend. critically amend
emersed. rising above the surface of a liquid
emenogogue. hastens menstrual flow
emmer. Eurasian wheat
emmet. an ant
emmetropia. perfect vision
empennage. tail of airplane
empery. absolute sovereignty
emphasia. special emphasis
empressement. effusive cordiality
empyema. pus in a body cavity
emunctory. serving to carry waste out of the body
enantiomorph. mirror images (crystals)
enarthrosis. ball joint
enate. growing outward; related on Mom’s side
en brochette. on a skewer
encaustic. paint fixed with heat after its application
enceinte. with child; encircling fortification; structures thus protected
encephalomyelitis. leads to inflammation of the brain
encephalon. brain of a vertebrate
enchiridion. vade mecum
encina. evergreen oak
enclitic. "Give ‘em the works".. the particle em has no independent accent and forms an accentual and graphemic unit with "give"
endarterectomy. surgical removal of arterial plaque
endbrain. telencephalon
endermic. absorbed through the skin
endergonic. requiring energy
endobiotic. living within the tissues of the host
edocrine glands. ductless glands
endoderm. innermost germ layer of an embryo, developing into GI tract
endodontics. diseases of the tooth pulp
endogamy. marriage within one’s sept
endomorph. mineral inclusion, such as rutile or tourmaline in quartz
endomorphism .metamorphism of cooling igneous rock; mapping a set into itself
endosteum. membrane lining the medullary capillary of a bone
Endymion. loved by a moon goddess. Youth preserved by eternal sleep
enerecological. ecological energy balance
enface. to write on the face of
enfent terrible. startlingly unconventional ideas and behavior are a source of embarrassment
enfeoff. invest with; surrender or give up.. a feudal estate
enfilade. to rake lengthwise with gunfire
enfleurage. perfumery: odorless fats are exposed to open flowers
enfleurane. non-explosive anesthetic
engrailed. indented along the edge with small curves or ring of dots
engram. hypothetical change in neural tissue due to memory
enharmonic. using C-sharp and D-flat for the same tone
enjambment. continuation of a sentence from one line of a couplet to the next
ennead. group of nine (like pleiad)
enolase. muscle enzyme
enormity. wicked beyond all bounds
enounce. pronounce clearly
en passant. "in passing"; chess: 
enphytotic. plant disease that does same amount of damage each year
ensanguine. to cover with blood
ensiform. sword-shaped
ensile. to store ensilage
enstatite. orthorhombic pyroxene (in igneous rocks)
entablature. upper section of classical order, on capital & incl. architrave, frieze, cornice
entelechy. fully realized condition, as distinguished from potential; force urging self-fulfillment
enteric. intestinal
enterobiasis. pinworm infestation
enterogastone. intestinal hormone
enthalpy. internal energy plus P X V
enthymeme. syllogism with one of the premises implicit
entomophilous. pollinated by insects
entozoan. parasite, e.g., tapeworms
entracte. intermission between acts; entertainment between acts
entrechet. foot-crossing ballet leap
entremets. side dish
entrepots warehouse; market center
entresol. mezzanine
envoy. closing stanza of forms such as ballads dedicating or summarizing
envoy. messenger; minister plenipotentiary, ranking just below ambassador
Eocene. Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene
eolith. crude stone artifact, such as a flint
epact. time necessary to bring solar calendar into harmony with lunar calendar
eparchy. administrative subdivision of Greece; Eastern Orthodox Diocese
epée. sharp sides, blunt tip
epeirogeny. continental drift, formation
epenthesis. insertion of sound or letter into word
epexegesis. additional explanatory material
ephah. Hebrew—slightly more than a bushel
ephebe. young adult Greek
ephebus. ephebe
ephedrine. vasoconstrictor
ephemeris. table giving positions of celestial body at different times
ephemeron. like May-flies
ephod. Hebrew ecclesiastical vest
ephor. one of 5 elected magistrates supervising King of Sparta
epiblast. ectoderm
epiboly. differential growth of one embryonic part over and around the other
epicalyx. bracts close to and resembling the calyx
epicene. Effeminate; sexless; hermaphroditic; one form of noun for male & f.
epicotyl. above cotyledons and below first leaves
epicritic. of sensory nerve enabling acute thermal and tactile sensitivity
epicure. refined tastes; sensuous living;
Epicureanism. freedom from pain; no afterlife; atomic theory of Democritus
epicuticle. outermost layer of cuticle of insect exoskeleton—mostly wax
epidiascope. viewgraph projector
epidote. rock
eepidural. on dura mater
epigastrium. upper middle of abdomen
epigeal. living near the surface of the ground
epigene. on or just below ground
epigenesis. organism is formed developmentally rather than by simple enlargement
epigenous. growing on upper surface
epiglottis. at base of tongue. folds over glottis keeps food out of windpipe
epigone. second rate imitator
epigram. short, witty poem; concise, clever and often paradoxical statement
epigraph. inscription; motto or quotation
epigraphy. study of inscriptions; decipherment of ancient inscriptions
epigynous. attached near top of ovary
epimorphosis. regeneration of an organ
epimysium. fibrous sheet enclosing a muscle
epinasty. downward tilt to leaves caused by excessive upper-side growth
epinephrine. stimulates autonomic nerve action; vasoconstrictor
epineurem. connective tissue nerve sheath. contains blood and lymph vessels
epipelagic. sunlit layer of sea
epiphany. sudden, intuitive comprehension of reality; celebration of Christ’s divinity 
epiphenomenon. secondary phenomenon that accompanies another; med. complication
epiphysis. end of long bone that is initially separate by cartilage
epiphyte. orchid—grows on another for support but not nourishment
epiphytotic. sudden outbreak of plant disease over extended geographical area
episcopal. bishop
epispastic. blistering agent, vesicant
epistasis. matter that rises to the surface of a bodily discharge
epistaxis. nosebleed
epistemic. relating to knowledge or act of knowing
epistolary. epistolary friendship
epistyle. architrave
epitasis. middle of play leading up to catastrophe
epithalamium. lyric ode in honor of a bride and bridegroom
epithelium. outer skin and cover for most internal organs
epizoic. living on the outside of an animal
epizootic. attacking a large number of animals simultaneously
epode. strophe that follows the strophe and apostrophe to complete the triad in a lyric ode; lyric poem: couplets: long line followed by shorter line
eponym. Romulus is the eponym of Rome
eponymy. derivation of the name of, e.g., a city, from that of a person
epopee. epic poetry; epic poem
epos. unwritten epic poetry
equipollance. equivalence
equisetum. horsetails
equitant. overlapping at base to form a fanlike arrangement
equity of redemption. right to your property after you pay off the mortgage
equivoke. double meaning
Erato. Muse of lyric poetry
Erebus. dark antechamber to Hades
eremit. recluse
eremurus. foxtail lily
erepsin.  peptidases in small intestine
erethism. abnormal irritability
ergot. grain fungus
ergotamine. vasoconstrictor.. treatment of migraine
Erinyes. The Furies
erne. sea eagles
Eros. sum of self-preservative, as opposed to self-destructive, instincts
erose. irregularly notched, indented
erotomania. excessive sexual desire
errant. in search of adventure; straying outside established limits
errantry. roaming around, looking for adventure
erratum. one errata
Erse. Gaelic
erubescence. a blush
erumpent. bursting through a surface
eryngo. sea holly (aphrodisiac)
erysipelas. step skin disease
erythorbic acid. antioxidant
erythrism. unusual redness (hair)
erythrite. reddish cobalt arsenate used in making glass
erythroblastosis.  fetalis Rh-negative disease
erythrocyte. contains hemoglobin and gives blood its color
erythropoiesis. erythrocyte production
erythropoietin. regulatory hormone
escadrille. European WWW I air command
escalade. scaling a fortified wall
escarole. used in salads
eschalot. shallot
eschar. burn scab
eschatology. concerned with last things, such as death
escheatage. the right of the state to condemn property
escolar. freshwater fish
esculent. edible escutcheon shield or shield-shaped emblem
eserine. physiostigmine
esker. long narrow ridge of gravel deposited by a glacial stream
espadrille. sandal with rope bottom and canvas top
espalier. tree trained to grow along a flat wall
esparto. a tough, wiry grass. fiber used for paper and cordage
esperance. hope
espial. act of observing; being seen or noticed
esplanade. promenade along the shore
Essene. 2nd C. B. C. to 3rd C. A. D.
essonite. brown garnet
estaminet. small café
estancia. Spanish cattle ranch
esthesis. ability to receive sense impressions
esthesiometer. instrument to measure tactile discrimination
estival. appearing in summer
Estonian. Finno-Ugric
estoppel. a bar against An allegation or denial contrary to previous allegation or fact
estrus. period of sexual excitement and ovulation in animals
esurient. edacious, voracious.
étagère. furniture with open knick-knack shelves
eta particle. neutral, 1074 electron masses
etesian. recurring naturally (Mediterranean summer winds)
etion. pesticide
ethmoid. light spongy bone between superior nasal cavity orbits
ethology. study of animal behavior
etiolate. whiten, as in a plant without sunlight
etiology. study of causes
etui. small ornamental case for holding, e.g., needles
etymon. earlier word form; morpheme from which derivatives are formed
eukaryotes. well-defined nuclei.
eudemon. benevolent spirit
eudemonism. ethics evaluating morality in terms of ability to promote happiness
eugenol. used in perfumes and germicides
euglena. photosynthesizing, motile protozoan
euhemerism. theory explaining origin of the gods to deification of heroes
eulachon. candle fish
Eumenides. The Furies
euonymous.  plants cultivated for their foliage or fruits
eupatrid. hereditary aristocracy of ancient Greece
euphenics. study of phenotypic development of humans after birth
euphonium. like tuba but somewhat higher pitch
euphorbia. spurges
Euphrosyne. one of the three Graces
euphemism. affected elegance of language
euplastic. healing readily
euploid. having a chromosome complement that is an exact multiple of the haploid
eupnea. normal, unlabored breathing
euripus. a sea channel with turbulent and unpredictable currents in either direction
Europa. Phoenician princess abducted to Crete by Zeus,: takes form of white bull
Eurus. god of the east/southeast
eury- wide, broad
eurybathic. bottom-dweller capable of wide range of depths
euryhalin. wide range of salinities
euryptarid. big extinct orthopods
eurythymics. rhythmic, free, graceful body movement to music’s rhythm
eurythymy. harmony of proportions in architecture
eutectic. formed at lowest possible temperature
Euterpe. Must of lyric poetry and music
euthenics.  improving human condition by improving environment
eutherian. all placental mammals
eutrophic. low oxygen in water, favoring plants over animals
euxenite. rare earth ore
evaginate. turn inside out
evaporite. sea water residue
evert. turn outward or inside out
evulsion. forcible extraction
examen. examination
exathemas. diseases that cause skin eruptions
exarch. East. Orthodox: Byzantine provincial ruler, bishop below a patriarch
excimer. dimer above the ground state
excipient. diluent
exciton. electrically neutral excited crystal state, bound state of electron and hole
excitonics. in semiconductors
exclave. enclave in alien territory
excursus. digression
exedra. curved, high-back outdoor bench; curved portico in Greece and Rome 
exegete. skilled at exegesis
extenterate. eviscerate
exemplum. parable
exergue. space on coin giving date and place of engraving
exuent. two or more actors should leave stage
exine. outer layer of spore or pollen grain
ex libris. a bookplate
ex nihilo. out of nothing
exocarp. outermost layer of fruit’s pericarp
exoderm. ectoderm
exodontia. pulling teeth
exogamy. marrying outside the tribe
exophthalmus. abnormal protrusion of the eyeball
exordium. beginning of speech
exostosis. bony tumor on bone surface
exoteric. not confined to inner circle
ex parte. one-sided argument
expiry. expiration; death
exsert. to thrust out or forth
exsiccate. to dry up
exstipuate. having no stipules
extensometer. measures minute deformations
extern. nonresident M.D.
externalism. excessive concern with externals
extrados. upper or exterior curve of an arch
extravagate. to wander or roam at will; to exceed reasonable limits
extravasate. to force blood flow into surrounding tissue; lava bursting forth
extrorse. facing outward, away from the axis
exudate. exuded substance
exurb. well-to-do beyond suburbs
exuviae. cast skins of insect larvae and nymphs
exuviate. molt
eyas. nestling hawk or falcon to be fledged
eyebright. flower
eye dialect. use of misspellings to represent dialect (spelling it the way they say it)
eye rhyme. looks rhyming but pronounced different
eyra. reddish-brown jaguarondi, (S. A. wildcat)
eyre. circuit, itineration; circuit court held by royal justices in medieval England