C-Word Definitions

cabbala. Exotic medieval rabbinical theosophy
caber. Heavy wooden heaving pole (Sc.)
cabezon. Large edible NW fish
cablet. cable-laid rope less than 3" across
cabochon. Highly polished, uncut gem
cabotage. coastal navigation (Gr.: caboter, (to coast)
cabretta. Soft sheepskin
cabrilla. Sea bass
cabriole. Queen Anne table leg
cachalot. sperm whale
cachepot. ornamental flowerpot container
cachou. pastille to brush teeth
cachinnate. laugh
cacodyl. The arsenic group
cacoethes. compulsion, pernicious habit
cacography. Bad handwriting (the antithesis of calligraphy) or orthography
cacomistle. A small carnivorous N. A. mammal.
cacuminal. Articulated with tongue turned up and back
cadaverine. A deadly ptomaine
caddis. Coarse woolen cloth (See "baize").
cade. Left by its mother and reared by hand./ Mediterranean medicinal shrub.
cadelle. small black beetle
cadge. beg
Cadmus. Sowed the dragon’s teeth
caducity. senility, perishable
caducous. Dropping off or shedding
caecilian. Tropical burrowing, worm-like amphibians
caerphilly. A white Welsh cheese
caftan. tunic
cesura. A pause in a poem or a song
cahier. Loose-leafed notebook; report
cainotophobia. Fear of newness
caique. long, narrow Middle-Eastern rowboat
caird. Itinerant tinkerer or handyman
caitiff. Despicable and cowardly
Calabar bean. source of physiostigmine
calabash. Vine or tree, Gourd. Dish made from gourd
caladium. Like croton.
calamanco. A glossy woolen fabric with a checked pattern on one side.
calamander. Hard Asiatic wood.
calamari. Squid
calamite. Extinct ancestor of horsetails
calamondin. A Phillippine orange.
calamus. The sweet flag/rattan palm
calando. Gradually diminishing in tempo and volume.
calash. Carriage with low wheels and collapsible top.
calathus. Vase-shaped ancient Gr. Basket
calcanocubold .ligament Connects calcaneous and cuboid bones
calcar. A bone spur
calcarine sulcus. Occipital sulcus
calceiform. Slipper-shaped
calciferol. Vitamin D
calcifuge. Doesn’t grow well in lime.
calcicole. Does grow well in lime.
calcspar. calcite
calc tuff. spongy deposits at hot springs
calends. Day of new moon and first day of month (Roman)
calendula. Marigold family
calenture. A mild tropical fever
caliche. Sodium nitrate/Hard desert soil layer
caliginous. Dark, shadowy
calipash. Edible, beneath turtle’s upper shell
calipee. Lower shell
calisaya. Cinchona bark
calix. Cup
calk. Pointed extension to prevent slipping.
Calliope. Muse of epic poetry
callipygian. shapely fundament
caliopsis. coriopsis
callose. complex branched plant carbohydrate
callosity. calloused
calotte. Catholic skullcap
caloyer. Eastern monk
calpac. Turkish sheepskin hat
calque. Semantic borrowing. Word given special meaning by analogy with word in another language.
calumet. Indian pipe
calvados. French apple brandy
calvarium. Upper skull
calx. Left after calcination
calycle. An epicalyx
calyculus. A small cup-shaped structure.
Calypso. Delayed Ulysses for seven years
calyptra. Spore cover in mosses
calyx. Green flower cover (sepals)
camber. Slightly arched surface
camas. White flowers
camarilla. Secret advisors to the Spanish kings.
Cambium. gives rise to phloem and xylem
cambist. Currency exchange manuals/dealers
cambric tea. sweet tea for children
Camelopardalis. Constellation near the Big Dipper
cameral. Judge’s chamber/council
camerlingo. The cardinal who manages the Pope’s affairs
camion. Low sturdy wagon, truck
camisa. Shirt or chemise
camisado. Night attack (wore camisas)
camise. House shirt or tunic
camlet. Rich cloth of camel’s hair and silk
Camlan. Legendary battlefield where King Arthur was mortally wounded.
Camorra. Neopolitan secret society.
campanile. Bell tower
campanula. Bellflowers
campanulate. Bell-shaped
campestral. Pertaining to growing in open fields
campestrian. Great Northern plains
campion. Red, pink, or white flowers
campylotropous. Ovule partly inverted and curved
canaliculus. A small bodily channel, like a tear duct.
cancellous. (To make a lattice) Netlike structure (bone)
cancroid. Like a cancer or crab.
candent. White-hot
candleberry. Wax myrtle
candlepin. Slender bowling pin.
canescent. Turning white or grayish
canicular. Pertaining to Dog Star
canna. Tropical plant, showy red or yellow flowers.
cannula. Tubular bodily-fluid drain
canopic. Egyptian
canorous. Melodious
cant. Argot; also, whining, affected or sententious speech; tilted
Cantabrigian. Cambridge
cantabile. Smooth flowing style
cantillate. To sing or recite in a musical monotone.
cantle. Rear part of saddle; A cut-off corner.
canto. principal division of a long poem
cantrip. witch’s spell; trick
cantus firmus. plainsong base for polyphony
caoutchouc. rubber
capelin. Edible fish
caper. A spiny, trailing shrub
capias. warrant authorizing arrest
capitate. enlarged or globular (tentacles), afflorescence of flowers
capitellum. Where the humerus plugs into the acetabulum
capitular. belonging to a chapter
capitulary. chapter member; ecclesiastic ordinance
capitulum. see above
capo. guitar fret
caporal. strong, dark tobacco
capote. long coat
capreolate. having tendrils
caprification. wasps pollinate figs
capriole. standing horse jumps completely off ground
Capsian. Paleolithic culture of Southern Europe
capsicum. gastric stimulant and counterirritant
capsid. proteinaceous viral cover
capuche. cloak hood
capybara. S. A. rodent. can get 3 to 4 feet long. Wow! It’s Mighty Mouse!
carabao. water buffalo
carabid. black carnivorous beetle
caracal. wild cat
cara-cara. large S. A. hawks
caracole. half turn
caracul. loosely curled fur of Karakul lamb
carangid. jacks and pompanos
caravel. small, light 15th century sailing ship
carbineer. guy with carbine
carbonado. black diamond; broiled fish
carborane. boron compound
carbuncle. infection; deep-red garnet
carburize. treat with carbon
carcajou. wolverine
carcanet. jeweled necklace, collar, or headband
carcinoma. epithelioma
cardialgia. heartburn
cardinalate. College of Cardinals
cardoon. like artichoke
caribe. piranha
carina. keel-shaped breastbone (birds)
carinate. keel-shaped
carl. peasant; serf
cariole. two-wheeled cart
carline. (old) woman
carling. short fore and aft timbers that support the deck
carminitive. gets rid of gas
carnellite. potash rock
carnassial. carnivorous teeth
carnauba palm.  
carnelion. Red or reddish-brown chalcedony
carnet. international pass; book of postage stamps
carnitine. a betaine in meat
carnotite. yellow uranium ore
caroche. stately carriage
Carolean. Charles II
Caroline. Carlus Magnus
Carolingean. Pepin the Short
carotenoid. carotenes
carpal. pertaining to wrist
carpus. wrist, wrist bones
carpe diem. "Seize the day!"
carpel. part of pistil
carpogonium. produces seed cells in red algae
carpology. concerned with fruits and seeds
carpophagous. fruit eating
carrack. 14th century galleon
carrageen. Irish moss
carrefour. crossroads, plaza (See also "chiasma", "decussate"
carrick bend. knot tying two ropes together
carrick bits. two posts that support the ship’s windlass
carrion flower. smells like decaying flesh
Carthusian. 11th century contemplative order
chartulary. collection of deeds and titles to estate or monastery
caruncle. fowl’s wattles (fleshy protuberance)
carvacrol. liquid phenol
caryatid. column carved into woman’s shape
caryopsis. dry seed (wheat) fused to its husk
Casbah. native quarter; sovereign’s citadel
cascara buckthorn. shrub or tree. Source of cascara sagrada
cascarilla. aromatic shrub (oil)
caseation. necrotic degradation of tissue to cheesy state
caseous. cheesy
casern. military barracks
cassia. like cinnamon
casimere. twilled woolen cloth (See "caddis")
cassis. current bush
cassiterite. tin ore
castelan. chatelain
castellany. castle land
castor. bottle or cruet
casuarina. includes beefwoods
casuistry. application of general principles of ethics
catachresis. a deliberately paradoxical figure of speech; the use of a wrong word in a context
catadromous. opposite of anadromous
catalectic. dropping part of last foot
catamenia. menses
catamite. boy kept by pedarast
cataphoresis. electrophoresis
cataphyll. rudimentary leaf
cataplasia. Degenerative de-differentiation.
cataplexy. poultice
catastasis. drama - intensified action immediately preceding the catastrophe
catchfly. pitcher plant
catchpole. sheriff’s officer arresting debtors
cate. choice or dainty food
catachresis. Q&A instruction
catechism. book
catechu. tanning and dyeing extract (See "gambier")
catechumen. one who is being catechized
catena  closely linked series
catenulate. chainlike links
cateran. former robber of Scottish highlands
catercousin. very close friend
catholicon. panacea
cathexis. concentration of emotional energy on something
catkin. dense cluster of small, scale-like flowers (birch)
catoptric. pertaining to mirrors
cattleya. Orchid
caudad. tail-ward
caudate nucleus. motor control in brain’s lateral ventricle
caudex. pulvinate base or woody stem (of ferns)
caudle. wine, sugar, eggs, bread, for the ailing. 
caul. covers fetal head at birth
caulescent. stem above ground
caulicle. small stem
cauline. growing on a stem
causerie. short, conversational writing
cavalla. king mackerel
cavernicolous. trogdolyte
cavetto. concave quarter-round
cecropia moth. Red, white, and black wings.
cecum. cavity with only one opening (blind opening of large intestine)
cedilla. mark under French ç
ceiba. kapok tree
ceil. ship’s interior planking
celadon. very pale green or blue
celadonite. very pale green mica
celandine. has yellow-orange juice
celeriac. celery with turnip-like root
celesta. keyboard, bell-like tones
celestite. strontium ore
celiac. relating to abdomen
cella. inner room of Greek or Roman temple
cembalo. harpsichord
cemnetium. covers tooth root
cenacle. small upper-floor dining room
cenogenesis. environmentally-moderated developmental aspects
cenospecies. can interbreed
cental. hundredweight
centesimal. a hundredth
centesis. surgical puncture, usually diagnostically
centrism. philosophy of avoiding extremes
centrobaric. center of gravity.
centrum. major part of vertebra
ceorl. lowest-class freeman in Anglo-Saxon England
cephald. toward the head
cephalalgia. head pain
cephalin. cattle-derived hemostatic agent
cephalization. evolution - gradually increasing concentration of brain in head
cephalothorax. fused head and thorax
ceraceous. waxy
cerastes. horned viper
cerate. hard fat applied to skin
ceratodus. extinct lungfish
cercaria. trematode worm
cercopithecoid. baboons, mandrills, macaques and langurs
cerise. Deep to vivid purplish-red
cereus. cactus ("night-blooming cereus").
cernuous. drooping ("A cernuous flower")
cero. edible Atlantic fish
cerotype. preparing an electrotyping surface
certiorari. writ from higher court to lower court requesting a transcript
ceruse. white lead
cerussite. lead ore
cervine. deer
cespitose. matted, clumped
cessionary. assignee
cestode. tapeworm
cestus. belt or girdle
cestus. weighted Roman boxing "glove"
cesura. pause
cerumen. Earwax
chacma. baboon
chaconne. slow and stately 18th century dance
chaeta. A bristle or seta of sea-worms
chaetognath. sea-worms
chafer. beetle
chaffer. haggle, bargain with
chaffinch. small reddish-brown European songbird
Chagas Disease. typtansomiasis
chaise. two-wheeled carriage
chakra. One of the 7 centers of spiritual energy
chalcid. wasp (coppery-colored)
chalcosis. copper poisoning
chalicothere. extinct three-toed ungulates
challah. braided Jewish bread
challis. light fabric of wool, cotton, or synthetics
chalone. inhibitory hormone
chalybeate. iron-bearing
cham. Tarter or Mongol khan (See "atman")
chamaephyte. winter plant ("pansy").
chambray. gingham with white threads across a colored warp
chamfer. bevel; furrow or groove
chamfron armor for front of horse’s head
chamiso. white flowers, dense thickets, California
champaign. level and open country
champak. tree. camphor-like substance and oil
champerty. illegal sharing of lawsuit proceeds by an outside party who promoted the lawsuit
champignon. edible mushroom (like a chanterelle)
chancel. Space around the base of an altar.
chancery. Court dealing with property
chancre. Syphilitic lesion.
chancroid. cancerous
Chandler Wobble. 14-month wobble in Earth’s axis
channel . sail spreader that sticks out on the sides
chanson de geste. cycles of epic poem
chanterelle. champignon
chantry. endowment to cover cost of prayers and masses
chararejos. chaps
chapiter. capital of a column
chaplet. head circlet; mini-string of rosary beads
chapman. peddler
char. chore or odd job; charwoman
charabanc. large sightseeing bus
characid. aquarium fish
Charcot’s disease. Multiple sclerosis
charge d’affairs. temporary
charivari. Chivaree – for newlyweds
charkha. spinning wheel ("An antique charka.")
charlock. weedy plant
charlotte. sponge cake filled with fruits, whipped cream, or custard.
charlotte russe . Bavarian cream with lady fingers
charmonium. charm quark and anti-quark
charqui. jerky
Chartism. 1838-48 social reformers
chasse. dance movement
chassepot. breech-loading 1866 rifle
chausse. shin guard
chateubriand. Steak
chausseur. A uniformed footman. Light infantry
Chassid 1750 Jewish mystics
chasuble. Sleeveless vestment
chatelain. castellan
chatelaine. castellaine
chatoyent. cats-eye
chaudfroid. aspic
chausses. armor for legs and feet
chayote. squash-like vine
chazan. cantor ("He sang like a chazan.")
checkerbloom. California
cheeseparing. amsace
chef d’ouvre. masterpiece
chelosis. cracking of lip (lack of riboflavin)
chiroplasty. plastic surgery of hand
chela. pincer-like crustacean claw
chelicera. spider hands
cheliform. pincer-like
Chellean. Abbevillian
chelonian. turtles and tortoises
chelated. Clawed.
chemin de fer. baccarat takeoff
chemisette. short, sleeveless bodice, dickey ("chemise-ette")
chemoautotroph. tube worms
chemotaxis. orientation of an animalcule relative to a chemical substance
cherimoya. tropical fruit tree
chersonese. a peninsula
chervil. soup-herb plant
cheval de frise. horse barriers
chevalet. bridge of a stringed instrument
cheval glass. framed, mounted mirror
chevalure. A head of hair.
Cheviot. sheep
chevrotain. African-Asian goats
chewink. towhee
chiasma. crossing of nerves or ligaments ("decussate", "carrefour")
chiasmus. "He went to the store but home she went."
chiastolite. form of andalusite
chiaus. official Turkish messenger
Chibouk. Turkish water pipe
chicolote. prickly poppy
chico. greasewood
chignon. roll of hair at nape of neck
chigoe. tropical flea (chiggers?)
chiliad. contains a thousand
chiliasm. Christ will reign for 1,000 years
chilopods. millipedes
chimera. genetic chimera
chinch. bedbug
chinch bug. very destructive to grains
chincherinchee. African flower
chine backbone, spine
chinoiserie. Chinese influence
chinquapin. evergreen tree
chippy. chipping sparrow
chirography. penmanship
chiromancy. palmistry
chiropterean. bats
chirurgeon. surgeon
chiton. Greek tunic
chittamwood. smoke tree
chitterlings. pigs’ intestines
chivy. chase or harass; a hunting cry
chlamys. Greek cloak
chlorenchyma. plant stem tissue containing chlorophyll
chlorosis. pale from lack of sunlight
chokebore. narrows toward muzzle
chokedamp. blackdamp
cholangiography. bile duct x-rays
cholecyst. gall bladder
cholera morbus. bad stomach upset
cholinergic. Is or acts like acetylcholine.
cholla, cactus
condroitin. in cartilage
condroma. cartilaginous growth
chondromalacia. abnormal softening of cartilage
chop. swerve (ship)
chop. official stamp in Far East ("Fix you up chop-chop!")
choragus. leader of a Greek chorus
chorana. funnel-shaped opening into internal nares
choriamb. trochee followed by iamb (iambic)
choric. pertaining to a chorus
chorioallantois. highly vascularized fetal membrane
chorion. fetal outer membrane
chorizo. spicy pork sausage
choroid. dark brown vascular coat of the eye
chott. depression surrounding/dried salt marsh (See also "schott", "salina").
chough. crow-like bird
chow-chow. chopped vegetables in mustard
chresard. water table
chrestomathy. selection of literary passages used in studying literature
chrisom. baptismal robe
chromatid. daughter chromosomal strands still joined by a centromere
chromatopore. chameleon cell
chromodynamics. strong interaction, color, and exchange of gluons
chromophore. light absorber
chronaxy. nerve/muscle relaxation time constant "chron-axion".
chrysalis. pupa (3rd stage)
chrysarobin. araroba.. treats chronic skin disease
chryselephantine. gold and ivory
chrysoberal. green to yellow gem
chhrysolite. olivene
chrysoprace. apple-green chalcedony gemstone
chrysotherapy.  treatment with gold compounds
chrysolite. fibrous serpentine (asbestos)
chuck-a-luck. combinations of three throws of dice
chuckwalla. lizard (cousin to iguana)
chuck-wills’ widow. like whippoorwill
chufa. sedge ("Riders of the Purple Chufa").
chuff. rude, insensitive person
chukar. Old World partridge
chyle. emulsified fat
chyme. goes from stomach to small intestine
chymotrypsin.  rennin
ciborium. vaulted canopy over alter; covered receptacle for Eucharist wafers
cicerone. guide
cilantro. fresh coriander leaves
cillary body. thickened part of vascular tunic of eye connecting choroid with iris
cilice. hair-cloth (from Sicilian goat)
cimex. bedbugs
Cimmeria. land of perpetual darkness
cinchonism. from overdose of cinchona
cineraria. house plant
cinerous. consisting of ashes
cinema verite. realistic films
cingulum. girdle-like band or marking
cinquain. 5-line stanza
cinquecento. 16th century
circinate. ring-shaped; rolled up from the tip like a fern
circumduction. swinging your arm in a circle
circumflex. 1. A punctuation mark indicating the quality of pronunciation. ô. 2. To curve around.
circumnutate. spiral motion
circumscissile. splitting along a transverse circular line
circumvallate. circular defensive barrier
cirque. Hollow with a small lake
cisterna. fluid-containing sac in an organism
cistron. genetic sub-unit that is complementary to another sub-unit so that they act in concert
cirriped. barnacles
Cistercian. contemplative Benedictine order from 1100
cisco. whitefish
cithara. like a lyre
citrine. pale yellow quartz (citrus).
cittern. pear-shaped
16th century guitar  
clabber. curdle
Cladonism. lower Paleolithic
cladoceran. water fleas
cladophyll. twig that functions as leaf (See "phyllome")
cladode. cladophyll (See "phyllode")
clamant. clamorous
clapperclaw. berate, revile
clarence. 4-wheeled closed carriage
Claretian. Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
clary. herb
clasmatocyte. histiocyte
classis. pastors and elders having jurisdiction over local churches
clathrate. lattice-like (See "cancellous")
claudication. A limp caused by impairment of circulation.
clavate. claviform (club-shaped)
claver. gossip, talk idly (to haver and claver).
clavicorn. beetle
claviform. Club-shaped
claymore mine. focussed blast (Monroe effect?)
claytonia. spring beauty
clearweed. translucent stems and leaves
clearwing. moth
cleavers. prickly plants
cleek. golf #1 iron
clew. Lower corners of fore and aft sail. To clew (with clew lines)
cleistothecium. closed, spherical ascocarp
cleome. flower
clerestory. Church balcony. Upper part of nave, transepts, and choir loft.
clerihew. humorous quatrain
clerisy. literati
climbing fumitory. vine
clinandrium. part of orchid
cline. series of differing characteristics resulting from gradual changes in the environment
clingfish. adheres to rocks
clinkstone. phonolite volcanic rock
clinquant. tinseled. adorned with gold and silver (like chryselephantine)
clintonia. blue berries
Clia. Muse of history
cliometrics. mathematical history
clitellum. swollen area found in earthworms
cloche. bell glass covering cake dish
cloisonne. enamel separated by metal strips
clomophone. ovulation-stimulating drug
close hauled. sails trimmed flat for sailing into the wind
Clotho. spinner of the thread of destiny
cloze. reading test—missing words
clupeid. herring and menhaden
clypeate. scutate
clypeus. shield on head
clyster. enema
cnidoblast. modified interstitial cell in coelenterates that produces a nematocyst
coacervate. cluster of droplets separating out of a lyophilic colloid
coacervate. densely clustered, heaped up
coadunate. grown together
coaming. raised ridge around opening in ship’s deck (to keep water out)
coarctate. constricted separation between thorax and abdomen
coati-mundi. like a raccoon but longer tail and snout
cobia. big game fish
cobie. flat-bottomed boat with a lugsail on a raking mast (Cobies sailing out in the bay.")
coccid. scale insects and mealy bugs
coccygeal. pertaining to the coccyx
Cochin china. feathered-leg chicken
cockade. ribbon badge on hat
cock. haycock
cockahoop. boastful. excited askew
Cockaigne. Beulah
cockaleekle. cream soup w. leeks and chicken (cock, leek)
cockalorum. little man with unduly high opinion of himself; braggadocio
cockatrice. like basilisk: mythical serpent kills with glance
cockboat. ship-board tender 
cockchafer. beetle
cocker. cosset
cockle. heart-shaped, mollusks
cockle. wrinkle or pucker
cockleshell. as above, or small, light boat
cock-of-the-rock. S.A. birds
coco. coconut
cocobolo. dark wood used in cabinetry
cocotte. prostitute (See "demi-monde")
Cocytes. One of 6 river in Hades
cod. codpiece
codex. manuscript, especially of Scripture
codling moth. destructive to fruits
codswallop. nonsense
coelocanth. found in 1938
coelenterate. sea anemones, hydra, jellyfish, and coral
coelenteron. coelenterate’s saclike body cavity
coelom. body cavity in animals above coelenterates
coenocyte. multi-nucleate unicellular organism in slime molds, fungi and algae
coenarus. larval tapeworm
coetaneous. coeval
coffle. a file of animals, slaves chained together in transit
cog. cheat, swindle
cog. projecting tenon
cognitive dissonance conflict between one’s beliefs and one’s actions (e.g., eating meat)
cognovit. written confession to avoid trial
cogon. grass
Cogswell chair. easy chair
cohosh. baneberry
cohune. palm
coir. coconut fiber used for rope and cordage
colcannon. (Irish) mashed potatoes and cabbage
colchicum. autumn crocus source of colchicine
colcothar. iron rouge
cold duck. sparkling burgundy and champagne.
cole. cabbage or rape
colmanite. borax
coleoptera. beetles and weevils
coleoptile. first leaf in grasses and moncotyledons, protecting plumule
coleorhiza. protective sheath around embryonic grass roots
coleus. showy leaves
colewort. cole
colicin. protein lethal to other colonobacilli
colicroot. relieves colic
coliform. resembles colonic bacilli
collegium. executive council
collembolan. springtail
collenchyma. supportive tissue of plants
collenchyme. gelatinous layer in ctenophores and coelenterates
collotype. printing process
colluvium. talus
collyrium. eyewash
collywobbles. bellyache
coloboma. fissure of eye or eyelid
colophon. trademark on title page of book; inscription at end of book giving publication data
colostrum. first milk ("agalactia")
–colous. specified habitat
colporteur. devotional literature peddler
coposcopy. vaginal exam
colter. wheel(s) on plow
colubrid. garter, king snakes
columbarium. ash vault or niche; dovecote pigeonhole
columbite. niobium and tantalum ore
columniation. use, arrangement of columns
colsa. rape (cabbage).
comatulid. crinoidea
comfrey. pretty flowers
comma bacillus. cholera bacillus
commedia dell’arte. improvised comedy
commensal. eating at the same table
commensalism. two organisms, mutually beneficial (like crocodile birds)
comminute. levigate, triturate
commissure. Time or place at which two structures are joined. (Neurological)
compellation. clepe, yclept; appellation
compleat. proficient
complect. weave together
complice. bo
complin. last of the 7 canonical hours: final hour
compo. combined substances
compote. stewed fruit; dish
comprador. facient, dragoman in Orient
comstockery. overzealous censorship
Comtism. positivism
Comus. deity of revelry
con amore. (mus.) lovingly, tenderly
con brio. With vigor
conatus. natural impulse, tendency, or directed effort
concelebration. celebration of Eucharist by two or more ministers
concerto grosso. small group of soloists backed by full orchestra
concha. external ear orchestra shell
conchiolin. basis of mollusk shells
conchology. guess what?
conchoidal. Rocks, like flint or obsidian, that have shell-like surfaces when fractured.
concinnity. harmony
concision. conciseness
concrescence. growing together
concretism. reification
concupiscence. Lust.
condyle. bone knuckle
condyloma. wart-like growth in private parts
confabulate. chat; replace fact with fantasy
conferva. threadlike algae
Confiteor confession (peccavi)
confiture. confection
conge. permission to depart; abrupt dismissal; concave molding
congee. same thing
congener. same kind/genus
conger. eel (elver).
congeries. aggregation
congius. Roman. 0.84 gallons
conglobate. globe-shaped
congou. black Chinese tea
conidiophore. in fungi
conidium. asexual female spore
coniosis. from dust inhalation
conization. diagnostic excision of a cone of flesh
conjuncture. juncture
conk. de-kinked hair (lissotrichous?)
connate. inborn
connatural. innate
conquian. game resembling rummy
consecution. sequence; deduction, inference
consensual. reflex on opposite side of body from stimulus
constentaneous. accordant; unanimous
consistory. solemn papal gathering; governing ecclesiastical body; council or tribunal
consols. perpetual British securities
consolute. completely miscible
consomme. clear broth
conspectus. general survey; synopsis (pandect)
con spirito. with spirit
constantan. Ni and Cu, constant resistance
constringe. constrict
consubstantial.  same substance
consuetude. custom il comme faut
conte. adventure story
contingency table. statistics: observed frequencies
continuo keyboard accompaniment for solo instruments: #’s indicate chords, chords player-chosen
contrabass. double bass
contrabassoon. an octave below the bassoon
contravene. to act counter to
conurbation. Urban sprawl
conus arterious. pulmonary artery entry
conventicle. secret recusant meeting 
conventual. relating to a convent
conversazione. meeting, especially for art
convolulus. winding plants, bindweeds
Cooley’s anemia. inherited anemia
cooncan. see conquian
copalba. varnish and tracing-paper resin, expectorant, diuretic, and stimulant
copal. resin used in varnish
coparcenary. joint ownership of inherited property
cope . cloak or mantle worn over alb or surplice
copenhagen. grayish/purplish blue
copra. dried coconut meat from which coconut oil is extracted
copro-antibody. in lumen of intestine
coprology. pornography, scatology
Copt. Egyptian descended from ancient stock
Coptic. liturgical language of Coptic church
copula. a verb identifying predicate with subject
copulative. serving to connect coordinate words and clauses
coq au vin. chicken cooked in red wine
coquette. flirt
coquila nut. shell used for carving or turning
coquille. escalloped dish for browning and serving seafood
coquina. fossiliferous limestone used for building
coquito. Chilean palm with sweet syrup
araciiform. kingfisher
coracle. waterproof material stretched over frame
coracoid. bone stretching from scapulum toward stenum
coralline. coral-like
corban. Hebrew offering
corbel. Projecting support for an arch, as in stepped bricks
corbina. game fish
cordate. cockle-shaped
corderite. dichroic violet-blue to gray silicate
cordon bleu. master chef
cordon sanitaire. buffer states
corf. truck or basket used in mine
corgi. Welsh corgi
corium. layer of skin below epithelium
corkage. charge exacted when you BYOB
cork cambrium. phenogen
corn cockle. red flowers
corn crake. bird
corn dodger. corn cake
cornitis. corneal inflammation
cornel. dogwoods
cornet-a-pistons. cornet
corniculate. horned
corn snow. rough, refrozen snow
cornu. horn-shaped bony protuberance
cornute. horn-shaped
corolla. outer envelope of a flower
coronal. garland or circlet; coronal suture
coronal suture. union of the two parietal bones with the frontal bone
coronoid. crow-shaped
corporal. white linen cloth on which ecclesiastical elements are placed during Eucharist
composant. St. Elmo’s fire
corpulmonale. caused by pulmonary artery obstruction
corpus abdicans. white fibrous tissue in ovary after regression of corpus luteum
corpus callosum. connects two hemispheres at base of lateral fissure
corpus juris. collection of all laws of a nation
corpus luteum.  formed in Graafian follicle after release of ovum
corrade. erode by abrasion
corrie. round hollow in a hillside, cirque
corrigendum. printer’s error; errata (See "stel").
corrival. rival or opponent
corse. corpse
corselet. body armor, breastplate
corsetiere. corset maker
corticoid. adrenal steroids
corticolous. living or growing on tree bark
corticotropin. ACTH
Corybant. priest of Cybele (Phrygian) ecstatic dances
corydalis. flower
corynebacterium. e.g., dipththeria
coryneform. virgate
coryphaeus. chorus leader in Greek drama (See "choranus")
coryphee. dancer between soloists and corps de ballet
coseismal. line connecting points simultaneously affected by an earthquake
cosh. blackjack
cosher. to cocker
cosset. to cosher
costermonger. street-seller
costive. constipative, sluggish, stingy
costrel. flat, pear-shaped drinking vessel with loops for belt attachment
cote. small sheep or bird shelter; hut
cote. to go around the side of
cothurnus. buskin worn by tragedians; ancient Greek style
cotidal. co-tidal
cotneaster. flowering shrub
Cotswold. sheep
cotta. surplice
cottier. 1. Peasant renting land from owner through public competition. 2. Croft.
cotelydon. leaf of a plant embryo; lobule of ruminant’s placenta
couchant. lying down with head raised (see accumbent)
coulee. deep gulch formed by rainstorms; lava flow
coulisse. grooved timber in which something slides; side scenes in a theater
couloir. deep Alpine gorge
counterfoil. part of check retained by user
counterpane. bed coverlet
counter tenor. range above tenor
count noun. noun to which "many" can apply
county palatine. domain of a palace count
coup de main. surprise attack
coup de theatre. dramatic surprise in a play
courante. French dance; 2nd movement of a classical suite
courgette. zucchini
coulan. limpkin
coucous. North African dish of crushed grains, meats and vegetables
couvade. Husband goes to bed in sympathy with wife in labor
cove. cove molding (curved)
covelite. indigo-blue copper sulfide
covesine. distance between sine and arc
coverture. legal status of a married woman; concealment, disguise
cowbane. poisonous
cowberry. creeping evergreen
cowfish. small whales or porpoises; a fish with horns
coxa. hip joint
coxalgia. pain in hip
coxitis. inflammation of hip
Coxsackle virus. like polio but no paralysis
coyotillo. poisonous shrub
coypu. 1. Nutria. 2. Big, beaver-like rodent.
crack-brain. crazy
cracknel. fried pork fat
crane fly. looks like big mosquito
cranes-bill. geranium
craniology. study of skull, cranio-sacral system
crank. liable to capsize
crank. cheerful; overconfidant
cranky. liable to capsize
crapulence. sickness caused by drink
cravat. scarf or band worn as necktie
cream cups. plant
creeping Charlie. moneywort
cremains. cremation ashes
crenate. crenellated, but rounded
crenation. rounded projection
crenelated. merlons and crenels
crenulate. notched projections
creodont. Extinct mammal
crepitate. crackle
Creon. Oedipus’ successor
crepe. Crinkled surface
crepuscular. twilight
Cressida. Troilus (Trojan)
cresyl. tolyl (creosote)
cresset. cup with burning oil (Ouch!)
cretonne. heavy unglazed fabric used for drapes
crevalle. fish
cribiform. seived
cricetid. muskrats and gerbils
crocoid. ring-shaped cartilage of lower larynx
crimp. trickster who recruits soldiers or sailors
cringle. sail grommet
crinite. hairy, tufted
crinkleroot. plant
crinoid. sea lilies and feather stars
crinum. tropical plants
crispate. crimped, curled or tightly waved
crissum. feathers surrounding a bird’s cloacal opening
crista. crest or ridge (See "arista").
cristate. crested
criticaster. inferior critic
crocein. red or orange azo dyes
crocidolite blue or green asbestos (cats-eye - chatoyent)
crokc. dye rubbing off poorly dyed cloth
crocked. drunk
crocket. curling leaf along outer angles of pinnacles and gables
crocolite. lead chromate ore
crofter. tenant farmer
cromlech. dolmen
croquignole. permanent wave
crosse. lacrosse stick
crosshead. beam connecting piston rod to connecting rod
cross-ruff. whist.. alternately ruff suits
crosstree. one of the two upper shroud spreaders in a fore-and-aft rigged sail
croton. bush, houseplant, oil used as cathartic
croup. rump
croupier. attendant who collects and pays bets
crowberry. evergreen ("cryptomeria")
crowfoot. buttercups and spearworts; awning support
crown of thorns. desert plant
crown rot. degeneration of stem
croze. Annular groove accepting barrel head
crucifer. one who bears a cross in a religious procession; mustard plant
crudities. raw vegetable sticks
crummie. cow with crooked horns
crus. Shank
crural  Pertaining to leg, shank or thigh
crupper . leather strap holding horse’s tail in place
crux ansata. The ankh cross
cruziero. Portuguese coin (has cross)
cryolite. aluminum ore
cryptaesthsia. paranormal perception
cryptoclastic. microscopic fragments
cryptomeria. Evergreen tree
cryptorchism. testes fail to lower
cryptozoite. Malaria parasite
crystallite. crystalline inclusions in glassy igneous rocks
crystalloid. water-soluble crystal able to diffuse through semi-permeable membranes
crystal violet. biological stain
ctedidium. row of spines
ctenoid. Like the teeth of a comb
ctenophore. Marine animals with comb-like cilia
cubé. shrub whose roots yield rotenone.
cubeb. Woody vine acting as stimulant and diuretic.
cuboid. Rectangular parallelepiped; foot bone 
Cuchelain. Ulster
cucullate. Cowled or hooded.
cucurbit. alembic
cuesta. Gentle slope on one side, cliff on the other
cuirass. breastplate (cuisserier)
cuisse. thigh plate
culch. oyster bed, oyster spawn, trash
culet. Flat, brilliant-cut gem face; back armor
culex. mosquito
cullet. scraps of broken glass for remelting
cullis. gutter or groove in roof
cullus. a religious cult
culm. grass joint, shale
cultigen. like maize, not known to grow wild
cultrate. knife-like
culver. pigeon
culverin. crude 16th-century musket
cumshaw. gratuity
cuneal. wedge-shaped
cunnilingus. oral stimulation of clitoris or vulva
cupel. small shallow, porous vessel used to separate gold from baser metals
curculio. weevil
curcuma. source of turmeric
currier. leather tanner
curriery. currier’s shop or trade
currach. coracle
curicle. Light, open two-wheeled, two-horse carriage
curia Roman tribal tenth. Roman civil service and buildings. Catholic administration.
curiosa. books with pornographic topics.
curassow. quail-like birds of Curacao
cursorial. adapted for running
curtal axe. cutlass
curtate. abbreviated (curt)
curtesy. lifetime right of husband to deceased wife’s property
curtilage. The enclosed land surrounding a dwelling
curvet. standing leap off the ground
cuscus. Marsupial phalangers with prehensile tails (New Guinea)
cushaw. Squash
Cushing’s Disease.  (pituitary)
cuspid. Having a cusp
curule chair. Chair for highest Roman officials
Cushitic. Ethiopian language
cusk. fish (codfish?)
custard apple. Tree
cutin. Wax-like water-repellent skin secretion
cutis. corium
cutwater. ship’s prow, pier designed to break up ice floes
cuvette. small tubular laboratory vessel
cyesis. pregnancy
Cybele. Goddess of nature in Asia Minor
cyclamen. plant
cycloplegia. loss of visual accommodation because of ciliary muscle paralysis
cyclostome. Lamprey: sucking mouth
cyclosis. streaming motion of protoplasm in certain cells.
cyclothymia. A form of manic-depressive psychosis
cymatium. Topmost molding of a cornice
cyma. A cornice molding
cymbidium. Orchids
cyme. Type of flower
cymene. Plant oil
cymling. Squash
cymogene. Petroleum gas
cymophane. Having a shimmering luster
Cymric. Welsh, Cornish, and Bretons
cyprinid. Minnows, carps and shiners
cyprinoid. Resembling a carp
cypripedium. Orchid
cyproterene. Hormone antagonistic to androgens
cypseia An achene that does not separate from its calyx
Cyrenaic. Gr.: hedonistic
cysticercus. Larval stage of many tapeworms
cystolith. Urinary calculus (or formed in plant cell walls)
Cytherea. Aphrodite
cytomegalic. greatly enlarged cells
czardas. Intricate Hungarian dance
czarevitch. Czar’s son
czarevna. Czar’s daughter