A-Word Definitions

aba. tightly-woven camel-hair fabric or tunic, worn by Arabs ("Arabs hafta' have an aba.")
abaca. manila hemp plant (Hemp abaca)
abapical. away from the apex
abasia. loss of coordination
Abbevillian. Earliest Paleolithic
abducens. nerve controlling the eye
abele. the white poplar
abelmosk. hairy Asiatic plant used in perfumery
Abies. pine
abigail. A ladyís waiting-maid
ablative absolute. syntactically independent adverbial phrase containing two main ablative elements
ablaut. ring, rang, rung
Abnaki. Maine Indians
abomasum. 4th stomach of ruminant
aboral. end away from mouth
ab ovo. ab initio
abrachia. no arms
abranchiate. no gills
abrosia. no food. wasting away (marescent)
abscissic acid inhibits plant growth
abulia. loss of will
abutilon. flowering maple
abuttals. property boundaries
acajou. mahogany ("The carcajou chased the kinkajou up the acajou.")
acanthocephalan . mean worm
acanthoid. thorny
acanthus. Corinthian
acapnia. no CO2
acarid. mites and ticks
acarology. study of same
acarus. mite
acatalectic. complete
accaulescent. stemless
acciacatura. dissonant note
accommodation paper.† co-signature
accouchement. parturition
accumbent. resting against another part
acedia. ennui
acequia. irrigation canal (barranca, nullah)
acetabulum. hip socket
achalasia. inability of a sphincter to relax
Achates. Aeneasí loyal friend
achene. thin, dry-walled fruit (dandelion, buttercup)
acervate. Heaped or growing in heaps
achlamydeous. no calyx or corolla
achilia. no bile
achondroplasia. improper cartilage at joints
acicula. needle-like bristle or spine
acidemia. pH below normal
acinus. raspberry seed-sac
acrasia. loss of self-control - a, not + krasia, strength.
acriflavine. antiseptic
acrocarpous. spore-bearer on top (mosses)
acromion. outer extremity of scapula
acrospire. first sprout
actin. muscle protein, with myosin
actinal. sea anemone body - Lat.: actus, motion from agere, to impel.
actinea. sea anemone - Gr.: aktis, ray.
actinolite. Greenish amphibole.
actinomere. part of radially-symmetric animalís body
actinometer. radiometer Ė e.g., pyrheliometer
actinomorphic. radially symmetric
actinomycete. filamentous micro-organism like both bacteria and fungi
actinomycosis. resulting disease
actinozoan. anthozoan (coral and sea anemone)
actomyosin. muscle fiber
acuate. pointed at one end - Lat.: acuatus, needle.
aculeate. having a sting or prickles -†
adamant. legendary impenetrable stone
adamantine. hardness or luster of diamond
Adamís needle. Spanish bayonet (plant)
adaptive radiation.† evolution
adaxial. toward axis
adderís mouth. orchid
adderís tongue. fern
Addisonís disease.† adrenal cortex
Adelie penguin. Antarctica
-adelphous. having one or more groups of stamens
ademption. - Testatorís disposal of his willed property in a way that invalidates the bequest.
ad hominem. appealing to emotions
adit. mine entrance
adjuration. plea
adnexa. accessory anatomical parts, such as ovaries
adnoun. adjective used as a noun: "The bold and the brave."
Adonai. Yahweh
adscititious. not essential. Derived from something outside.
adularia. an orthoclase
adumbrate. to foreshadow, predict
advect. to flow along a gradient
adventitia. outer covering of an organ
adventitious. acquired by accident
adversative. expressing antithesis or opposition
advert. call attention to†
adzuki bean. Oriental food plant
aeciospore. rust spore in a chainlike series in an aecium
aecium. cup-like structure
aedile. magistrate in charge of public works, police, granaries
Aegean. bronze-age Greece
Aegeus. Theseusí father
Aegir. Norse god of the sea
aepyornis. flightless birds of Madagascar
aequorin. jellyfish: chemoluminescense
aerophagia. swallowing air.. hyperventilation
aerophore. air generator
Aesclepius. Asclepius
affenpinscher. dark, wiry, shaggy doggie, tufted muzzle
afflatus. inspiration (breath)
affray. noisy brawl
affricate. tch in "clutch", j in "judge"
affusion. A pouring on of liquid, as in baptism
a fortiori. "all the more"
afterclap. unpleasant sequel to a "closed" matter
afterdamp. asphyxiating gases after a mine explosion
agalactia. loss of motherís milk
agama. lizard
agamete. asexual reproductive cell that grows up
Agememnon. King of Mycenae, husband of Clytemnestra, father of Electra
agapanthus. African lily
agaric. mushroom family
agate. banded
agave. century plant
agenesis. failure of an organ to develop
ageretum. common flower
aggiornamento.† updating
Aglaia. one of the three Graces
aglet. shoelace tip
agminate. clustered
agnail. sore spot around a nail
agnate. related on fatherís side
agnomen. honorary title
agnosia - Loss of sensory comprehension
Agnus Dei. "Lamb of God"
agonic. having no angle
agonic line. line of constant magnetic declination
agonist. muscle (vs. antagonist)
agonistic. 1. Striving to out-argue 2. Straining to achieve effect 3. pertaining to contests
agouti . burrowing S.A. rodent
agraffe. hook-and-loop arrangement for armor and clothing/cramp iron for holding stones together
agranulocytis . low granulocyte count
Agrapha. un-Biblical words of Jesus
agrestal. 1. growing wild in cultivated areas†
agrestic. rustic; crude†
agria. skin eruption
agrimony. plant: hemp agrimony
agriology. study of peoples at early cultural stages
agrobiology. plant and animal nutrition related to soil variation and crop yield
agrology. soils vs. crops
agronomy. scientific agriculture
agrostology. grasses
agrypnia. insomnia
agueweed. boneset
ahimsa. Buddhist & Hindu non-violence. Sacredness of all living creatures.
aide-memoire. mnemonic
aigrette. tuft of egret feathers
aiguille. needle drill/mountain peak
aiguillette. military braid (fourragere)
allanthus. tree
ailurophile. cat-lover
alforja. saddlebag (alparejo)
aloli. spicy mayonnaise
air layering. plant twig is wrapped in sphagnum moss and polyethylene so that it will sprout roots
airl. cardinal point on a compass
aitchbone. rump bone in cattle
akaryocyte. cell without a nucleus
akee. African food tree
ala/alae. wing-like structure such as earlobe
alameda. shaded walkway
alar. wing-shaped/armpit
alary. wing-shaped
alaska. overshoe/fabric/yarn
Alastor. personification of Nemesis
alate. winged
alb. long white robe worn at mass over surplice
albite. white feldspar
alburnum. sapwood
Alcaic. verse form consisting of strophes with four tetrametric lines
alcalde. mayor or judge or fortress commander
alcazar. fortress or palace
Alcestis. agreed to die in her husbandís place; was rescued from Hades by Hercules
aleatory. depending on chance
alfresco. outdoors
algarroba. mesquite, carob
algid. cold
algolagnia. sexual pleasure from inflicting pain
algophobia. fear of pain
alible. nourishing
alidade. surveying instrument
alienable. transferrable ownership
alienist. court psychiatrist
aliform. wing-shaped
aliment. food
aliquot.† factorable
aliyah. immigration of Jews to Israel
alkahest. the universal solvent
alkalosis. pathologically high alkaline blood levels
alkanet. henna family
alla brave. in duple or quadruple meter (music)
allamande. woody vines
allemand. lively late-18th century dance
allantoid. sausage-shaped
allantois. embryonic sac
Allegheny vine. the climbing fumitory
allegretto. adagio, andante, allegretto, allegro, presto
allele. any of the possible mutational forms of a gene
alliaceous. onions, garlic, leeks, chives and shallot
allium. same
allo-.: different, other, isomeric
allocution. authoritative speech that advises or informs
allogamy. cross-fertilization
allograft. a homograft
allograph. shape of a character/ letter combination for one phoneme/ one signing anotherís signature
allomerism. same crystalline form, chemically different†
allometry. study of changes in proportion during growth
allomorph. s of cats, z of dogs, and iz of horses are allomorphs of "s"
allonym. "Adam Smith" - assumed name of historical figure
allopathy. A therapy whose remedies produce effects differing from those of the disease being treated.
allopatric. occurring in widely separated geographical areas
allophane. translucent, colored aluminum silicate
allophone. any of the variant forms of a phoneme
almandine. deep violet-red garnet
aloin. laxative
alpestrine. growing at high altitudes
althea. Rose of Sharon
altiplano. high plateau in Andes
alto relievo. high relief
altricial. helpless and naked when hatched
alula. feathers attached to birdís "thumb"
alunite. alum and fertilizer
alveolar. lung alveoli/upper jaw/"t", "d", "s", pronounced with the tongue touching the alveolus
alveolate. deeply pitted, honeycombed
alveolus. honeycomb cell/tooth socket/air sac
amah. Oriental maidservant, wet nurse
amanita. poisonous mushrooms
amaranth. reddish-purple flower that never fades
amaranthine. beautiful, flowery
amative. amorous
amatol. ammonium nitrate and TNT
amaurosis. blindness
ambages. roundabout ways, winding passageway
ambagiousness.† circumlocuitousness
amblygonite. lithium ore
amblyopia. dim vision without apparent cause
ambo. one of two pulpits from which early Christian services were sung or read
amboyna. reddish-brown, curly-grained Moluccan wood
ambrotype. early glass photograph
ambry. cupboard, storage near alter for church vessels
ambsace. snake eyes/bad luck/most worthless thing possible
amenorrhea. suppression of menstruation
ament. mentally deficient/ament
amentaceous. having aments or catkins
amentiferous. same thing
Amesian. American sign language
ametropia. eye abnormality
Amharic. Ethiopian language
amice. liturgical neckpiece
amitosis. simple nuclear cleavage without chromosomes
amoebocyte. cell, like leukocyte, having amoeboid form
amour propre. self-respect
ampelopsis. woody vine (grapevine?)
amphiarthritis. relatively immobile, bony joint connected by ligaments
amphibole. hydrated double-silicate minerals
amphibolous. ambiguity
amphibrach. trisyllabic metrical foot with middle accent, flanked by 2 unstressed syllables: "remember"
amphictyony. group of states sharing common shrine (Delphi)
amphimacer. short-long-short: "prodomo"
amphimixia. true sexual reproduction
Amphion. Zeusí son, who built Thebesí wall by charming the stones into place with his lyre
amphioxus. lancelet marine organisms
amphipod. beach fleas
amphiprostyle. Columns along ends but not sides - Gr.: amphi (on both sides) + pro (front) + stylus (pillar).
amphistylar. front and back or on each side
amphisbaena. serpent with head on both ends - Gr.: amphi, (on both sides) + bainen, (to go).
amphithecium. moss Outer layer of the cells of a the spore-bearing capsule of a moss. - Gr.: amphi, (on both sides) + theke, (case).
Amphitrite. Poseidonís wife, nereid
amphitropous. point of attachment in the middle
Amphitryon. Alcmeneís husband
amphoteric. can be base or acid
amplexicaul. base encircles the stem
ampulla. round wine bottle for wine, oil, or perfume. Used for consecrated wine. Dilation in ear canal
amrita. ambrosia that bestows immortality
amygdala. almond-shaped, in temporal lobe
amygdula. gas bubble in lava
amylaceous. starchy
amyloid. starchy; hard substance resulting from tissue degeneration
amylum. starch
amyotonia. no muscle tone
ana. collection of personal artifacts
ana. "both in the same quantity"
ana-. Upward, backward.
anabaena. bad-tasting bacteria in drinking water. (Yc-c-c-ch!)
anabas. fish (anabasis)
anabatic. rising wind currents ("an anabatic day.")
anabiosis. revivefication (analeptic)
anaclisis. psychological dependency on others
anacoluthon. Abrupt change in grammatical form: "I warned him if he continues to drink, what will become of him?"
Anacreontic. convivial or amatory.
anacrusis. unstressed syllable(s) at the beginning of a verse line before the meter kicks in
anadem. wreath or garland for the head (diadem)
anadiplosis. rhetorical repetition of one phrase at the beginning of another phrase. ("For want of a nailÖ")
anadromous. swimming upstream
anaglyph. 3-D pictures; ornament carved in low relief
anagogic. mystical
analcime. light-colored light colored zeolite
analectics. miscellaneous excerpts (as in "How to Win Friends and Influence people.")
analemma. The figure-8 on a map showing the sunís seasonal course.
analeptic. restorative (cataleptic).
anamnesia. remembering
anamorphic. different magnifications along different axes
anandrous. no stamens
anapest. two short syllables followed by one long one
anaphase. stage of meiosis when daughter chromosomes move toward nuclear spindle
anaphora. repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of several successive verses
anaplasia. reversion of cells to a less differentiated form
anaplastic. surgical restoration of an absent part
anarthria. loss of ability to speak (aphonia)
anarthrous. unjointed
anasarca. accumulation of serum in various body cavities
anastomosis. union of branches
anatase. rare blue to brown titanium dioxide
anatropous. inverted, so that the micropile is next to the hilum
Anchises. father of Aeneus, rescued by his son from Troy
ancipital. two-edged
ancon. projecting cornice bracket
andalucite. aluminum silicate found in prisms
andantino. slightly faster than andante
andradite. green-to-black garnet
androecium. stamens of a flower considered collectively
anele. to anoint: extreme unction
anemophilous. wind-pollinated
anestrus. sexual dormancy between estrus
angary. right of a belligerent state to seize surrounding property if full compensation is made
angelica. white flower. Used in medicine
Angevin. Anjou: Plantagenet kings
angle-pod. plant
Anglian. an Angle
angostura bark .† tonic (Angostura Bitters)
anguilliform. eel-shaped
anguine. snake-like
anhinga. water turkey
ani. S.A. bird
anil. indigo or blue dye
anile. like and old woman
anilingus. oral stimulation of the anus
animadversion. hostility, strong criticism
animato. in animated or lively manner
anise. Aniseed
aniseikonia. image, shape, and size differ in each eye
anisette. anise-flavored liquor
anisogamy. union between markedly different gametes
anisomerous. floral whorls that have unequal numbers of parts
anisotropia difference in refractive power of the eyes
anlace. .two-edged Medieval dagger
anlage. primordium
anna. coppery Indian/Pakistani coin
annatto. S.A. tree, red dye
Annie Oakley. free ticket ("Tommie got us Annie Oakleys to the Big Spring Jam.")
annulate. rings or ring-like structure
annus mirabilis. year of wonders or disasters
anoa. small buffalo (tamereu)
anole. throat flap chameleon
anomie. social collapse; personal disorganization
anonym. anonymous
anorthite. rare igneous plagioclase
anorthosite. plutonic plagioclase
ansate. having a handle.
ansorine. geese
anta. thickening of projecting end of lateral wall of Greek temple
antechoir. place in front of choir reserved for clergy and choir members (iconostasis)
antefix. tiled roof ornaments concealing the eaves joints
antependium. pulpit/altar cloth
antepenult. next to next-to-last
anthelion. luminous white halo-like area opposite the sun on the parhelic circle
anthelmintic. acting to destroy intestinal worms
antheridium. produces male cells in mosses, ferns, algae and fungi
anthesis. the time of full bloom of a flower
anthodium. flower-head of goldenrod, aster, thistle
anthophore. stalk-like part supporting stamen and pistels
anthotaxy. arrangement of flower parts
anthozoans. coral and sea anemones
anthropometry . human body measurements
anthropophagus. cannibal; man-eater
anthurium. showy tropical flowers
anticlinal. sloping downward in both directions
anticline. fold with strata sloping downward on both sides
antimere. part or division corresponding to an opposite or similar part in a bilateral or radial animal
antinomian. Christian sect holding that faith alone is necessary for salvation
antinomy. opposition between principles
antiphlogistic. antipyretic
antiphon. choral response; responsive chant before a psalm or a canticle
antiphonary. bound collection of responsive readings
antirhinium. snapdragon
antistrophe. chorus moves in opposite direction to strophe
antonomasia. "Don Juan", "Peter Pan"
antre. cave
antrorse. "onward and upward"
antrum. sinus cavity
anuran. batrachian
anurous. acaudate
aorist. past action without indicating completion ("I was going to the store.")
aoudad. wild sheep of North Africa
aparejo. packsaddle made of a stuffed leather pad
arapaima. S.A. fish that can get 15í long (Wow! Letís go fishing! You go first.)
apatetic. camouflage colors
apatite. calcium fluoride phosphate (fertilizer)
aperient. mild laxative
aphaeresis. most for almost (see diaeresis)
aphagia. canít swallow
aphanite. canít see particles with naked eye
aphasia. speechlessness
aphesis. squire for esquire
aphonia. canít talk
Apis. . sacred bull
aplastic. unable to regenerate tissue
aplite. orthoclase & quartz
apocarp. fruitless
apocope. goiní
apodal. limbless
apodictic. necessarily true
apolaustic. devoted to enjoyment
aposiopesis. sentence left unfinished
apodosis. The clause stating the consequences of a conditional statement. (THEN)
apogamy. reproduces by budding
apologue. moral fable
apomixis. rare reproduction from an unfertilized ovum (apomict)
aponeurosis. sheet that connects muscle to tendon
apophyge. curvature at top and bottom of a column
apophysis. a swelling projection of an organ / a branch from a geological dike or vein
aposiopesis. having second thoughts
apothecium. Disk or cup-shaped fruiting body in fungi.
apotropaic. intended to ward off evil
appel. foot-stamp feint in fencing
apodictic. incontestable
appanage. appanage
natural attribute
appetency. craving
apres ski. after-skiing fun and games
apsis. syzygy
apraxia. coordination compromised (stroke)
aqua fortis. HNO3
apterous. wingless
aquarelle. painted in transparent water colors
aquilegia. columbine
aragonite. form of calcite (orthorhombic)
aroid. arum plants, whatever they are. (calla lily)
araroba. medicinal tree (S.A.)
araucaria. evergreen (Norfolk Pine)
arcboutant. flying buttress
Archean. oldest Pre-Cambrian
archigonium. female sex organ of a moss
archenteron. embryonic digestive tract
archespore. spore-bearing cells
archimage. Grand Wizard
archimandrite. Chief High Mucky-Monk
architrave. bottom of entablature just above the capitals; door molding
archivolt. decorative molding around an arch
archon. One of Athens nine principal magistrates
areca. palm
arenaceous. sandy
areole. around a nipple
Areopagus. Athensí ruling council
Arethusa. poor girl was turned into a fountain by Artemis; orchid
argil. white clay
argillaceous. pertaining to clay
argillite. between shale and slate
Argive. pertaining to Argos
argol. potassium bitartrate from winemaking
argonaut. 49er; paper nautilus
argufy. wrangle stubbornly
Argus-eyed. eternally watchful
arhat. has attained enlightenment
Ariadne. gave Theseus the thread
arietta. short aria
aril. seed covering
arioso. "as in an aria"
arista. bristle-like part or process
armet. light helmet
aroid. arums
arrant. being completely such
arriere ban. draft notice
arriere pensee. ulterior motive
arris. sharp ridge formed where two surfaces meet
arriviste. social climber, upstart
arroba. 25 lbs.
arrondissement. departmental subdivision. Found in cities
arsis. accented part of a foot of verse
Artemis. The virgin (Greek) goddess of the hunt and the moon; Apollo's twin.
artemisia. sagebrush, wormwood
arthralgia. joint pain
arthromere. arthropod body segment
arthroscopy. joint examination instrument
arthrosis. joint degeneration
artiodactyl. two-toed. hippo, camel, cattle, deer
arum. calla
aruspex. reads the entrails
arytenoid. two laryngeal cartilages or three muscles. Ladle-shaped
asarum. wild ginger roots
ascariasis. nematode invasion
ascarid. nematodes ("I'm ascarid of nematodes.")
ascidians. sac-like sea animals: sea squirt ("There squirts an ascidian.")
Asclepius. Apolloís son, god of medicine
ascocarp. spore sacs of fungi
ascogonium. female reproductive structure of fungi
ashlar. squared stone corner block
ashram. dwelling of a Hindu religious philosopher
Ashtoreth. goddess of sexual love and fertility
Ashur. Assyrian god of war and empire
aspertate. roughen ("My asperity aspertated them.")
asperges. short Catholic rite of sprinkling the altar, etc. with holy water
aspergillosis. fungus infection
aspidistra. house plant
assai. palm ("I palmed off my tres very assai tree as a palm.")
assai. (Mus.) very
assentation. Ill-considered agreement with anotherís position
Assiniboin. Montana Indians†
assize. legislative session; weights, measures, and prices; judicial request, jurorsí verdict
assoil. absolve or pardon; to atone for [as21]
assonance. partial rhyme: vowels rhyme but consonants donít: vain, brave
assumpsit. contract, legal action to recover damages for breach of assumpsit
Astarte. Phoenician Ashtoreth
astatine. accumulates in thyroid (like iodine)
asterism. pointing toward; star-like figure in crystals
asthenia. weakness
asthenic. weak
asthenopia. eyestrain
asthenosphere. under lithosphere - Gr.: a, (not)-thenic, (strong).
Astolat. town in King Arthurís tales, possibly in modern Surrey.
Astrachan. A tart red or yellow apple from Astrakhan.
Astrakhan. 1. Curly fur young Astrakhan lambs. 2. A cloth imitation.
Astraea. goddess of justice - Gr.: astraios, (starry).
astragal. 1. The astragalus (tarsus or anklebone). 2. A narrow convex molding, like beading (cavetto)
astragalus. Talus - a tarsal bone that articulates with the tibia and fibula to form the anklebone - thought to be the fusion of the united tibial and the intermedium - astragolos.
astraphobia. abnormal fear of thunder and lightning (Princess)
astrictive. astringent
astrobleme. asteroid strike - astron, (star) + blema, (to throw).
astrocycloma. malignancy of the astroglia cells.
Astyanax. Hector and Andromacheís son, killed by Greeks
asyndeton. omission of conjunctions - a, (not) + sun, (together) + dein, (to bind).
ataman. Cossack chief Pol.: hetman, (captain)
ataraxia. peace and calm - a, (not) + taraktos, (disturbed).
atavism. recessive gene - atta, (father) + avus, (grandfather)
ataxia. loss of muscular coordination - "a-/taktos/tassein" (not arranged).
atheling. Anglo-Saxon nobleman or prince Old Eng.: "aetheling" (prince).
athenium. scientific academy or library - "Athens".
atheroma. atherosclerosis - "athera-skleros" (hard gruel).
Atlas. A column in the shape of a man.
Atlantes. Plural of "Atlas".
Atlantean. like Atlas/Atlantis
atman. the universal soul from which all individual souls arise - breath, spirit:.
atmometer. water evaporation meter - Gr.: atmos, vapor.
atomy. skeleton or gaunt person - "anatomy"
atonic. unaccented - "a-tonos" (stretching, tone).
atony. lack of muscle tone
atrabilious. melancholy - Lat.: "atra bilis" (black bile), Gr.: "melankolia"
Atreus. father of Agamamnon and Menelaus
Atropis. carded the thread?
attainder. loss of all civil rights Old Fr.: "ataindre" (to convict).
Atticism. Emily Dickenson Ė elegant and concise
attorn. to acknowledge a new owner as landlord - Lat.: "torner" (to turn).
auctorial. pertaining to an author Lat.: "auctor" (author).
audient. listening
audile. Oriented toward auditory learning "audient"
auding. hearing and understanding language Lat.: "audire".
auditive. auditory
au fait. acknowledged expert "to the point". (compleat)
aubergine. eggplant Pers.: "badingan"
au gratin. covered with bread crumbs
auk. Northern sea bird
auklet. A small auk.
aulic. pertaining to royal court "aulicus" court.
auricle. ear, pinna; an atrium of the heart
auricula. primrose
auricular. Hearing. Ear-shaped. Pertaining to heart
auriculate. having ears
auriform. ear-shaped
Aurignacian. Cro-Magnon era, between Mousterian and Solutrean
ausform. deform, quench, and temper a metal (austenite-deform).
auspex. entrail-reader
auspicate. inaugurate with a good luck ceremony
austenite. solid solution of carbon in iron for corrosion-resistance (Sir William Roberts-Austen).
Auster. South Wind
autocoid. Hormone secreted into blood, lymph, or sap "auto-cure".
autarchy. total dictatorship -"autarkos" (self governing).
autarky. national self-sufficiency - "autos" + "arkein" (to suffice).
autecology. The ecology of a species in relation to the environment.
autochthon. earliest inhabitants of region - "self" + "earth".
autoecious. all stages of life cycle occur with host - "auto" + "oikos" (house).
auto-da-fe. public pronouncement of Inquisition sentences - "act of the faith".
autodidact. self-taught
autogenesis. abiogenesis
autolysate. end product of autolysis
autoplasty. grafts using bodyís own tissue
autosome. chromosome that is not a sex chromosome
autostrada. autobahn, " auto-street".
autotroph. green plant - auto (self) troph (nourishing).
autunite.† fluorescent minor ore of uranium (after Autun, France).
auxesis. cell size increase without fission - auxesis, to grow
auxin. Growth-stimulating hormone, like colchicine, after auxesis "to grow".
avens. evergreen: "avence".
aventurine. crystal/glass flecked with other particles "aventure" (Fr. accidental discovery).
Avesta. sacred Persian writings Pers.: "apastak" (text).
avidin. bacteriostasis in eggs "avid + in" (because of its affinity for biotin).
avocet . shore bird
avulsion. 1. Eviction; forcible separation 2. Law: Transfer of title: e. g., when a stream shifts its streambed. ("Avult thee, witch!")
awlwort. Aquatic, awl-shaped leaves.
axiology. study of values and value judgements
axilla. armpit or analogous part
axillar. feather in the axilla of a birdís wing
axenic. free of parasites "xeno-": alien.
ayah. native maid or nurse "avia": grandmother.
Aymara. Bolivia and Peru ("The Three Suns of Aymara.")
Ayrshire. dairy cattle (Ayrshire, Scotland).
Azazel. rebel angel leader who seduced mankind
Azilian. following Magdelenean and preceding neolithic
azotemia. uremia "nitrogen in the urine".
azoth. mercury
azotobacter. nitrogen-fixing bacteria
azoturia. increase in urinal nitrogen
Azrael. receives the soul from the body
azygous. occurring singly, unpaired.
arbiter eleganterium. arbiter of good taste
artemisia. sagebrush and wormwood "wormwood", after Artemis, to whom it was sacred.
au courante up to date (courante: 17th century dance)
autodidact self-taught